Tuesday, 26 November 2013


That's a LOT of THREELETTERWORDS in a post title I know - but for fans of HER haircare - just a heads up that the TSV of the above products goes live at Midnight tomorrow evening - 27th.(UK time).

HER has the utter joy of being co-founded and fronted by John Barrowman and the man himself will be on air showcasing their first TSV for QVC. 

The kit contains:

250ml Volumising Shampoo
250ml Volumising Conditioner
20g Volumising Powder 
75ml Trecento Treatment                                                                                             

and will retail for under £30 with a value of £68.

More info on HER can be found at thisisher.co.uk and on QVCUK.com  


  1. I like the styling of the products, very understated and simple :-)

  2. Hi there Caroline,
    have you tried the HER products yourself? If so what did you think of them? I'm toying with the idea of trying the TSV but don't really know much about the range.

    1. Politely butting in, but seriously - why would she give you an "honest" opinion? They are being advertised on her site, of course if you were Caroline and what you said was tied to your prosperity, the future of your children and so on - how "honest" would you be? Reality check needed here. I read the blog but I know she needs to make her money. end.of.story.

    2. Hi Anon.

      I'm not entirely sure how long you've been reading the blog but it's really simple. If I don't think something works, it doesn't make it to the blog. End of.
      I don't feed my kids or make a living from this blog. I'm not a pro-blogger - but even if I was, you'd get the truth.

    3. SSB my reply is below. Sorry! X

  3. Mascara, GWP, candles, etc. . ..why so much marketing "buy this!!" shill, shill, shill related posts lately? I am surrounded by advertisements every moment and this blog is no exception. I know you get paid & get freebies to say you love "such and such skincare", and that's fine - but sometimes, please realise it's a bit much.


    1. Hi Minh,

      Firstly, I absolutely do not get paid to say how much I love something. Ever.
      Freebies: of course I receive 'freebies', but if I don't rate them they don't get on here. And I don't ask for anything. They get sent because brands want them on here. I'm very very aware of not 'pushing' something to my readers that I don't think works. Freebies are not why I started this blog.
      Secondly, this is my blog. I'll put whatever I bloody well like on it. I love Neom candles and if they want to give one to readers as part of my piece on Nicola, I'm perfectly happy with that. I love the CODE VLM mascara and I'm a huge supporter of good, new, start-up businesses - so if they want to offer 5 to readers and get their product out there, that's fine by me too. You know why? Because it's my blog.
      Ads: I decided to take ads earlier this year after almost 2+1/2 years with none. You don't have to click on the site. You can subscribe by email or blog lovin. No ads there.

      I appreciate that you read the blog, but sometimes, please realise it's a bit much when people tell you how to run something that's yours.



  4. Hi SSB,

    I don't use the shampoo because it contains sulfates - but the other 3 products are lovely. Especially the Trecento. Sorry it took me so long to respond! X

    1. No worries, thanks for replying! Do you have any specific shampoo recommendations?

    2. I'm obsessed with Paul Mitchell Awapuhi and I use L'Oreal Ever range for budget. Xx

    3. Thanks, I think I'll check those out!