Thursday, 21 November 2013

The Experts. The Makeup Artists. Wayne Goss

Ah Mr Goss. Such loveliness.

Wayne Goss is that rare thing in the industry, a true pro who keeps his feet planted firmly on the ground. No airs and graces, just years of hard work and a true appreciation of his clients and readers/subscribers. His 16 years of work have paid off with Wayne launching his beautiful brush range this year - only for it to sell out almost immediately. What you get in the flesh is exactly what you see on screen, Wayne is honest, funny and genuinely passionate about what he does.

I grabbed him by the collar and shoved a microphone into his face to ask him how he came to be where he is...

How did you end up as a MUA? Was it something you always wanted to do and therefore a straightforward path? Or something you discovered you loved almost by accident?

It was both my accident and design. I had a love of makeup from an early age. But it wasn't until I was 20 and covered in acne that it became my full time mission to get clear flawless skin! That kick-started my love of makeup again.

I receive a lot of queries about training – some of them seem to be asking for the quickest route to a qualification. Where did you train and how important do you think the basic level of training is?

I think training is important but not the most essential step. Firstly, there is not a real recognised makeup artistry. It's not regulated. It's not to say it can’t help. It can. The pricing sadly is horrendous. Anything from £3000 to £12,000 depending on where you go (in London). 
I was classically trained in London and self taught. 

Which do you think is more valuable? Experience or training?

Experience. The training is useful but hands on experience is the best way to go. Working behind a counter is very good experience. 

What is your favourite part of what you do?

Just doing something I love. Creating flawless skin. It's joy. 

What would you recommend to anyone trying to break into the industry?

Work hard. You cannot expect it to come to you. I did just about everything wrong!

What are your favourite 3 items of makeup – ever? 

Foundation. Under eye brighteners. Eyeshadow. 

What are you proudest of in your career?

Training with one of the world's best makeup artists. It's been the biggest help to my career to date. And of course the release of my brush line. It was such a personal thing. I funded the entire project myself, so I’m proud of that. 

So he should be. Congrats Wayne - and thanks. :)

Wayne Goss can be found on:
And the brushes are here:


  1. Hi Caroline! Just want to say I love your blog!! And I Iove Wayne Goss! And I love that you love him lol :)

  2. Hi Caroline! Just want to say I love your blog! And I love Wayne Goss! And I love that you love him lol :)

  3. I love wayne. his youtube videos are just delightful and always make me smile. his reviews are honest and usually right! . . .well unless its to do with skincare and then Caroline is always right!!

  4. I love Wayne! I've been following him on YouTube for quite some time and it's always a pleasure to learn from him.

    I was wondering when the next Clinic will be? I'm having the most atrocious time with my skin, to the point where I look in the mirror and want to cry a bit. I used to only have problem areas of my face and now even those areas are being affected. Sigh.

    Have a fantastic day, love the blog. Hopefully some of what I've read will help me to figure out what the hell is going on with my skin.

  5. I love that wayne feels completely comfortable with admitting he had a love for makeup from an early age! I love your interviews :)

  6. I love him, because he has one of the most honest reviews and just says it how it is:).

  7. Love him so much! His wink at the end of his videos melt my heart every time :)

  8. He, a man in all it's glory, is a great man! I remember I started watching him a couple of years ago! His videos are short and to-the-point which is different to the 10-15 minute beauty videos explaining exactly the same thing!
    This picture reminds me a lot of James Bond, too! He's doing so well and kudos to him.

    I agree with the fact that breaking into the industry is about working hard and persevering. I started a beauty/fashion/life blog quite recently and have been posting consistently and although I have some followers, I wish there were more. I feel incredibly selfish for asking for even this much but sometimes I wish the hard work can be appreciated some more.
    Anyway, enough of that rant!

    I'm incredibly happy for Wayne and know he will go far!
    Congrats on a great interview with him!


  9. Comment gods are really challenging me today. Go number 2:

    I really love Wayne Goss. I came across his videos by chance a while ago and immediately loved how he actually explained makeup techniques. His videos could be a course unto themselves. I have great appreciation for experts like you both who share your knowledge with the rest of us.

  10. He's fab! A regular customer of ours at the NARS counter in Cardiff, such a lovely guy! Is work is great!
    Love the interview!

    Phaze x

  11. I follow him on YouTube and I love how easy he breaks everything down. Great interview :)

  12. Two of my favorite onliners! Caroline and Wayne. <3

  13. Wayne's brilliant, by far my favourite youtube make-up artist.

  14. I love Wayne Goss ever since two years ago! However, I need your help Mrs. Hiron and unfortunately take away some of Mr. Goss's thunder (Forgive me Mr. Goss but my skin needs help!) I have extremely oily skin with so many comedones on my face. In the morning I use nothing to cleanse my face, then a facial toner by p50v, and Clinique's CC cream as my moisturizer and spf.

    At night I use sheisiedo ultimate cleansing oil, then p50v toner, Paula's choice resist ultra light weight oxidant serum, and Nigella oil as moisturizer. I'm 23 btw, Please advice me. Tq!

    1. You should read carolines post on how it is essential to cleanse in the morning, absolutely essential.

  15. Caroline, so glad that you respect and admire Wayne as much as I do! You're not so bad yourself! XXX

  16. Oh Wayne! How do I love thee... Awesome interview x

  17. Wayne Goss is a real expert to trust for me. I absolutely love him. Thanks for the interview!

  18. Love Wayne and love this experts section of your blog :)

  19. I love Wayne he's awesome :)

  20. Hi Caroline, I would really like to get in contact with you to ask you a few quick questions about my skin type, I was wondering if you possibly had a email address that I can direct these questions to you? I completely understand if you do not answer questions/have time/would prefer not too. Thankyou in advanced, loved this post.

  21. It does feel great to get your or someone else's skin to look picture perfect :-)

  22. Wayne is lovely... but I wonder if it takes a man to NOT name mascara under your three fav makeup product? ;)

  23. This comment is in no way related to this particular blog post - and for that I sincerely apologise - but as there are no other means of asking questions I had to go here (sorry! I know it must be really annoying). Anyroad, I wanted to ask how you feel about the Boots No 7 skincare range. There are some fantastic offers on some giftsets at the moment that seem great value and relatively ok (no mineral oils but parabens). I am an Emma Hardie/Lancome user, but it's Christmas and these sets are temptingly purse friendly. Any experience of them?

  24. Goss is always telling me what i did wrong for many many years..similary to you though....
    I have a really unrelated question.:..with sooo many products ..HOW DO YOU KNOW WHICH TO USE TODAY!??!!
    like...for example which kate somerville moisturizer...? Does it is to get many different ingredients or.. does your face feel like it needs a different cleanser today f.e.? Mine is everyday the same -_- But I am just 18..maybe it comes with the age??(wow this totally sounds mean.. sorry, it´s not meant to english is just not really good....

  25. love wayne! and that picture of him is amazing!!
    rara from RepeatPiece

  26. what a nice thing to discover that he thinks foundation is the most important step of makeup. me too. lots of mua or beauty bloggers say is blush but flawless skin will always be my dream.