Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Things I will never be without again. Part One. Illamasqua VOW Pencil - Hall of Fame

My first ever Illamasqua post. Yes, yes I know, outside it's 2013, in my head it's 1982.

THIS. You NEED this. 

Ignore the 'eye' part. This is one of those perfectly coloured pencils that cover a multitude of sins. 
I use it around the sides of my nose, under my brow - and most often, around my lips before reapplying my lip gloss/stick.

It's beyond genius and I won't be without it. Ever.

Go get one. £14.00

As an aside: has anyone ever had bad service at an Illamasqua counter? Not me. And a special shout out to the team in Selfridges Trafford who repeatedly take amazing care of my Mum - and she's a tough cookie to please.

*PR Sample - although I've already bought one for Mum.


  1. Hello can you please help me
    I'm 17
    Really oily t zone
    Less oily on cheeks
    Pink cheeks
    Forehead full of tiny bumps which are colorless

    I live in AUS so I can't access a lot of products

    1. try tea tree oil either straight or diluted with water on your forehead overnight, it will clear up the acne/blackheads so fast. Also try apple cider vinegar either straight or diluted with water and use as a toner over your oily t zone, be sure to rinse off, it changes the ph level of your skin and helps prolong makeup wearing time. All of these products are easy to find, super cheap, natural and actually work. Always be gentle with your skin, so if you have sensitive skin, definately dilute them as they do give a good tingle. Good luck. I have same skin as you and have tried so many products, but these are my holy grails

  2. Thanks for the rec, Caroline. But I actually did have very poor (rather, non existent) service at Illamasqua Selfridges, London a few years back. I was interested to check out the brand and products (we don't get them here where I live) and although there were no customers and there were 3 assistants, no one would attend to me. I did ask and got a perfunctory wave of the hand. Needless to say, I was disappointed in the brand and it remains so till today.

    1. Oh that's such a shame. I've only ever had good experiences. Maybe try again? :)

  3. Thank you so much Caroline. We are THRILLED to have made the Hirons Hall of Fame! Rose xxx

  4. Hello how are you?
    I'm 17 and live in Australia
    Can you recommend some advice
    My skin is sensitive, oily all over especially my t zone and have pink cheeks. I have mostly whiteheads and blackheads but now am getting red bumps on my cheeks. Please help if you have time

  5. I love this pencil, and appropriately I wore it on my wedding day


  6. I <3 Illamasqua, best customer service ever.

  7. I have only ever had amazing service. As a 'counter girl' myself, I am always blown away with their service. I always end up spending with them because of it!

  8. I will have to try this pencil out! Like you I have only ever had good service at the Illamasqua counter in Selfridges, the assistants are friendly and helpful without being overbearing! I recently bought the Reflection eye palette because the lovely lady showed me how to apply the colours in 30 seconds flat - I had to buy it after that! x

  9. I love this pencil too! It's absolutely brilliant for those days when your eyes are a little red :P


  10. Do you use concealer over it or let it stand alone? I've only ever tried illamasqua nail polishes but they're great.


  11. Dear Caroline,

    I'm an avid follower of your blog and the information and knwoledge you share with us. I had a similar pencil that was discontinued and have been searching something similar for ages.....now I definitely have to shop Illamasqua,

    wishing you a happy and peaceful Christmas Season,


  12. I love the idea of using something in other ways than it was intended. I need to get better at this! Definitely will have to check it out!

    Shani x

  13. I totally agree with you i use Vow all the time! its such a great pencil i love the new formulation too


  14. I had excellent experience at the Illamasqua counter in Selfridges, London a few months back when I visited the UK last.Like ParisB, I don't get the brand where I live, so I was excited to try things out. The assistant was not only very helpful with information, but when I paid her a compliment about her eye makeup, she re-did my look the same way and popped all the used products on a note for me to keep if I didn't want to buy them on the day. I am delighted with them and would pay another visit the next time I go there!

  15. On my shopping list for the next visit in London. Thank you Caroline!

  16. Yes, I've had trouble at the Illamasqua counter. One of the sales assistants was helping me swatch some of the brow powders and she asked the Italian guy who works there for one of his brow brushes from his kit. He was not happy and had a face like thunder and pouted and stomped around and looked daggers at me. The girl with me just ignored that fact he was so rude. I didn't purchase of course.

  17. i have this pencil, used it in my waterline a couple of times then kind of forgot about it (not a big fan of lining the waterline in general). thank you for reigniting my interest - i'm going to try it around the nose and lips as you suggest.

  18. That pencil sounds great, love those all rounder products!

    Greetings from London,


  19. Ooh, this looks interesting. Have made a note!

    Unfortunately, I've had issues at an Illamasqua counter (Selfridges, Birmingham). Like the MAC counter at the same store, they'll only apply foundation to half of your face if you want to try it out. And then you usually have to ask for something to remove it (a wipe, most often). I did complain to Selfridges who were most apologetic, but I haven't been back to the counter because they're usually playing music full of curse words and thus I can't take my daughter in (something else I've complained about, to little result).