Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Winter Skin - Black Chicken Balm of Ages

Once upon a time there were some bloggers who went on a hen night to see Rock of Ages and almost got into a fight with the row of drunken girls behind them. Wait. Wrong 'Ages'.

It's cold people. As my Mother keeps telling me - 'it's going to be like SIBERIA this week!'. Mother has never, to my knowledge, visited Siberia, so I'm not sure this is reliable information. Nonetheless, it is indeed December - and I have the tell-tale red cheeks to prove it. Should you be in the category of flushing red cheeks/eczema/psoriasis or just plain dry patches that won't budge....this may be for you.

Black Chicken is a lovely, niche Australian brand that extol the virtues of less chemicals, more natural - and this balm is 100% organic (excluding the added vitamin e).

You can never have too many balms. This can be used everywhere and anywhere: baby bottoms, faces, elbows, feet, cuticles, lips... (although I personally wouldn't cleanse with it).

Black Chicken Balm of Ages is available from Beauty Works West and is £32.00 for 75g.


  1. I got sent a sample of this in the post. It seems ok, with a nice texture. A little over priced though!

    What I don't like however is the name! Black Chicken Balm Of Ages? Not sure if you've ever been to Benidorm, but there is a bar called the Black Chicken there.....they sell pints for one euro, men throw up, fight's not pleasant. Anyway, every time I use this balm on my lips I think of that place!

    I'd rather use the Balmology Beauty Balm x

  2. Now I rather like the name - reminds me of the Ram Jam song "Whoa Black Betty (bam ba lam), but the price is a bit steep for 75g

  3. Love Aussies doing good things...go us!

  4. Hmmmm. Caroline - Not sure I'd recommend this for eczema - which I have. I found this to be almost corrosive and irritating. Burned my skin, hurt like hell, had to wash of IMMEDIATELY.I haven't had a flare up or issues with my skin in years till trying this one out. Just a warning for those with any skin conditions/sensitivities. Sometimes bland is better and just because it's natural - doesn't make it safe, soothing or even good (poison oak is natural after all...) Depends on your skin.


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