Tuesday, 7 January 2014

2013 in Pictures. Blog/Workscapades.

It is so, so easy to whiz through life and forget key moments or things that you experienced. My long-term memory is horrible, horrible - short-term is amazing - but as time goes on things seem to fade into the background and all too often someone will say 'Remember when...?' and the answer is too often 'No'. However, if you need to know where you left your keys, homework or wallet - I'm your woman. I'm trying to remedy that - so for the New Year there will be a few more photo-led posts, if only so that I can read them myself and say 'That was so much fun.' and take a minute to remember.

Ava and Lucia meet JLS at their fragrance launch

Backstage at QVC with Poppy King
The Skincare sessions at Liberty! 
What's in My Handbag came and hung out in my office.
Dinner with Ole Henriksen - and Ree! :)

The PA at Selfridges complete with a smash'n'grab.
Hung out with Charlotte Tilbury at her House of Rock'n'Kohl.

Went to IMATS with this lovely lot.
Gave skin consultations in Fortnum & Mason.
Was introduced to Mr Kors' beauty line. LOVE.
Went to Kensington Palace with Estee Lauder.
Compered a talk for Space NK.
Worked backstage at Stella McCartney in Paris.

I'm so grateful to the opportunities that arise both through my work and this blog - and that is partly down to you for reading it. So thank you. Here's to more adventures in 2014!


  1. clearly you are amazing at your work and you are lovable, funny, smart person, so all good things will come to you!

  2. Some gorgeous photos!
    And the Micheal Kors make up collection looks amazing! I only have a lip gloss at the moment!


  3. Thank you for sharing photos of your work life and your lovely children, as well as for the amazing advice you take the time to share with us. xx

  4. Love the pictures.. Hope 2014 is as good to you & that we get to see the pictures! X

  5. Oh Livin' the Dream Caroline! I hope 2014 brings you much more joy.

  6. My memory is exactly the same... One of my friends will often tell stories about me that I don't remember... But what's worse is she wasn't even there!
    Something funny will happen one day when she's not there, I will tell her about it, and then years later she will retell the story... And I will enjoy it as I would have forgotten!

  7. OK, I think we can build a team and help each other out!!! My short term memory has been rubbish for the last few years, but my long term is pretty amazing.
    But I agree about how easy it is, in our busy lives, to sometimes forget the positive and the beautiful things. I actually put all the photos of stuff that I love/ made me fell good etc etc on Instagram, exactly for that reason.

  8. Hi Caroline. Could you please tell me how I can contact you with regards to booking an appointment. I have send an email about 5 days ago with no avail :( Thank you. Milena

  9. Even for the various makeup and its course, you can visit Zens Bridal...

  10. What a year! Happy 2014 Caroline, may it bring you even more joy! x

  11. What a year :-) Happy 2014 Caroline, may it bring you even more joy! Best wishes, x

  12. What an amazing year you've had - even I feel quite emotional reading that! You look stunning in that last pic btw.

    Nic x