Friday, 7 February 2014

Tube Strike - Appointments!

Just a quick one to all of you lovely Ladies coming to see me next week. There is currently another tube strike proposed for Tues - Thurs inclusively. If this means you will be ridiculously inconvenienced trying to get to me please don't worry - I am more than happy to reschedule you as a priority.

If you think you will be affected and want to discuss rescheduling please email us at the usual address used to make your booking and we'll get straight back to you.



  1. At least in Paris they have Paris

  2. Anon, I think I love you a little bit.

  3. Hi Caroline would you by any chance be willing to do a phone consultation? I am desperately needing advice, I developed rosacea through pregnancy nearly 2 years ago and the creams and antibiotics from the doctor are not working, im getting to the end of my tether with it as everything I put on it just seems to make it worse, I know there are no miracle cures but I would like to at least help it a bit but don't know how. thanks.

  4. Hi Caroline! It's great to have you back. I've been thinking quite hard about whether Asian skin different to Caucasian skin? I use a combination of Sothys Hydradvance products and medicated creams like Brevoxyl, Tretinoin but have been reading your blog and wondering if I can also follow your steps. I tried the Emma Hardy balm but that was not super. If you have a second to respond, I'd be so grateful. Take care! xx

  5. Hi caroline can you talk about sensitive skin and how to treat it in any of your blogs?

  6. Hi Caroline, where do you announce your visits & available appointments?? It's probably too late now but I hope I can catch you next time! x

  7. Hi Caroline! I hardly ever do this, but I'm compelled to get in touch with you after reading virtually every single word you've written on this blog. I know you're booked solid until June, however is there any way possible to nab cancelled appointments, or even a phone consultation as another reader has asked? I'm 27, and have some very unfortunate melasma (I've never been pregnant, and I do not take any hormones in the form of oral contraception or what have you). I would love to hear your thoughts on a hydroquinone cream (like Pigmanorm) vs LED therapy. Thank you, Emily

  8. Hi Caroline,
    I have some under this skin breakouts on my forehead and between my eyebrows.
    I have been going back through all yor posts trying to find one that mentions how to deal with it ( any one know what one it is feel free to let me know ).
    You have never led me astray with product recomendations before , anything that might help me?
    Your blog has changed my skin , it is now referred to as bc/ac skin before Caroline and after Caroline it has changed so much.

  9. Hi Caroline!

    As La Roche Posay don't sell the Serozinc in the UK, is there an alternative which is just as good? Also which moisturiser would you recommend for combination/blemish-prone skin? And how often should you acid tone?

    Thank you x