Friday, 14 March 2014

Instagram Friday

So clearly this is more than a week's worth of photos but a little catch-up never hurt anyone....!

Had a meeting with YouTube and saw my faves on the wall :)
Enjoying this

Prepping the review of these 

Lush new lens

Always with the skincare.....

Ridiculously good yoghurt

Weekend face

Lectured at UCL

Don't do Valentine's so texted him this. :) 

*says nothing*

Hydrangeas - still my fave

Filmed in LA

My fellow Chili Pepper fans will know why I took this picture


How's that for clouds.

Gained a large amount of followers when I posted pictures of my new shoes on Instagram. Eeew. 

Blog post coming

Kirsten Wigg as Harry Styles :)

Bloody love this cleanser


Sarah Jessica Parker on trolls. Word.

Dressed as a Refresher.
Loved a lot of Lauder newness.

See above!


Went jam crazy in Paris

Worked backstage at the Stella McCartney show 

The big 5 used on the day

Just your average fellow passenger on Piccadilly

Loving this Camellia Cleansing Oil

Myself and gorgeous Ruthie from Model Recommends outside Liberty before my PA

Beautiful packaging from Jo Loves. Seriously beautiful.

RIP Tony Benn

Ready for Country2Country Festival tomorrow!!! 

See you next week all. Have a great weekend!


  1. I'm such a devotee follower but a recap of Caroline Hirons Instagram doesn't hurt (Y)
    Looking forward to reading more reviews!

  2. Do you would also recommend other products by tatcha?? like their moisturizers? their soo pretty, guess I would buy them just cuz of the packaging *get shot by caroline*

  3. Such a lovely week! I love to see Aerin products because that is my name aha :) That cleansing oil looks lovely :)

    Berrie-Blogs | Beauty Blog x

  4. When it comes to the Black Chicken Remedies cleanser, I'm not sure if I like the brand name or the ingredients list more…;)

  5. What is Liquid Gold if not a toner I have been using it as such, my face hasn't fallen off, but now i'm scared. Can you please elaborate?

    1. It's a TREATMENT toner that contains a high percentage of glycolic're supposed to use it max 1-2 times a week. It works a lot harder to help resurface the skin, minimise pigmentation and stimulate collagen production and is basically like an in-home chemical peel (a very gentle one though). However, you will make your skin very sensitive if you use it too much

    2. Thank you Cassie. I am going to ease out the everyday use and use it less often now. I dont think there has been any damage done but i'd rather be safe than sorry.

  6. When is that Gel Cream by Sunday Riley coming out?! Oh god, I need it. Or I don't need - I want it. Now.

  7. Hi Caroline, you've said you get your SPF protection from makeup products but not your moisturizer. I'm finding it difficult to find foundations/powders (besides mineral powder I haven’t found one yet) with a UVA/UVB protection. A lot of the makeup says "SPF 30" for instance but it doesn't specify that it is UVA/UVB protection. I’m just wondering what your opinion is on this? Thank you

    1. If you find it hard finding makeup with UVA/UVB protection or SPF in general, just go for an actual sunscreen. It doesn't hurt! :)

  8. I just got back from C2C. Absolutely brilliant and The Dixie Chicks were immense! Hope you enjoyed it!

  9. Uh, those models at the show are lucky to have your hands on them.

  10. I must find that yoghurt!!

    I have been a vegetarian since I was little, so about 24 years. I just hate the texture, taste and smell of meat and I would never eat it, but I'd happily sit and scoff a plateful of veg! Recently I decided that I'd cut out the milk (semi skimmed) to see what difference it would have on my skin. Over the last month I've been using soya milk in tea and on cereal and mixing things up with hazelnut milk with is like liquid nutella! I've also gone on to soya based butter and there has been a massive difference in my skin, especially around my chin area and mainly my face just looks and feels different, I think the routine and cutting out the dairy has done something! I just need to find some good dairy free yoghurt and some of those yoghurt drinks with all the good stuff in them!

  11. You have such lovely hands and feet...and those nail beds <3 So spacious, could paint them forever

  12. Can't wait to read your thoughts on the Chanel products.
    Anyway I've booked an appointment with you, so see you in May :)