Thursday, 20 March 2014

Nude Advanced Renewal Serum

Nude's Advanced Renewal Serum has just gone on sale in Space NK and is worth checking out. 
An updated version of their original Advanced Cellular Repair Serum, it's suitable for all skin types but if you have combination/oily skin in particular, this is a water based 'light-lotion' textured serum and might be more comfortable for you if you feel unsure about/are put off by oil based serums. It's perfectly comfortable for drier/sensitised skins also.

It's too early to give feedback about the results with only a few uses under my belt, but it absorbs easily, is very light in texture and works with all moisturisers. Ingredients include probiotics (obviously), polypeptides, omega 6/9 and hyaluromnic acid and sea kelp to aid hydration. 

Skin is definitely glowing and comfortable after application and it's not in the crazy-priced area of £200+ for a serum - it's £68.00 for 30ml.

Available from all Space stores and online at 


  1. Please update about the results...

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  3. This wreaked havoc on my sensitive skin... definitely patch test if you are sensitized to many products. :( Wanted to love it.

    1. Thanks for that! I'll be sure to patch test this one...

  4. i've heard its bad to use a serum and moisturiser on the eye area like on the rest of your it true??
    p.s. your blog is a life saver xx

  5. Must try, love progenius oil

  6. Hey Caroline, have you used the pro genius oil? Care to review it briefly (or reply here) if you have? I tried the tiny sample jar sephora gave me, i loved the way it felt on my face, but didnt have enough to make a sound judgment on its long-term results. I usually go to Paula's Choice website for reviews, she trashed this one, i was surprised. I feel like i need some kind of ~expertise~ backing this up before i invest in it :/

    Thanks! p.s. love your blog :) bought the kate sommerville face cream per your blog, and no regrets :D

  7. Hmmmm.......Interesting!!!! I wanna know what the results are with this serum. Kinda curious on how it works.

  8. Secoding the 'have you tried their pro-genius oil' question. Be interested to know if you think it's worth the price, or there are better options for that dosh.

    Looking forward to you-tube Fun with Caroline! X

  9. Deciding between Nude and Ren Omega 3 serum. Sephora rep highly recommended the Nude product. Would love to hear your thoughts Caroline. I've become a faithful fan in the U.S.!