Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Chris Pine for Armani Code

A couple of weeks ago I attended the Press Conference for the launch of Armani Code Ice and the introduction of Chris Pine as the 'Face' of the line. I don't attend a lot of these events as they always seem to be style over substance. Not in this case.

There are now 3 versions of Armani Code and all 3 are actually really lovely. I'm not big on spiel but each of the men in the house prefers a different version of the fragrance. Ultimate is the favourite of Mr Hirons - which suits as its the more intense version and is so nice that I wear it myself. Lush.
Code (the original) belongs to Son No.1 - strong personality, confident etc -  and the new Ice is Son No.2 - it's younger, fresher and crisp. Just like Dan - who spends longer getting ready than anyone else in the house, including me. Seriously.

So job well done Armani. And as for Mr Pine or 'OOOH CAPTAIN KIRK!!' as Ruth called him (I'm not a Trekkie), he was perfectly charming. Down to earth, didn't take himself too seriously and talk about his 'craft' and yes, is that handsome in the flesh.

Armani Code Ice is available now at all stockists.


  1. I wish my Tuesday had been this glamorous!!

  2. that picture almost gave me a heart attack. Too gorgeous.

  3. Well this brightened up my Wednesday isn't he just gorgeous ;) x


  4. *saves picture for future reference*

  5. Can anyone point me to Caroline's post in which she showed a picture of the cheat sheet she pins to her mirror? If I remember correctly it said something like: cleanse (you've been on the tube), exfoliate (don't be lazy), moisturize (slap it on and you're done)...or something to that effect.

    I saw it once but cannot find it a second time. Does anyone know where this would be found? Thanks so much for your help.


  6. What a gorgeous pic....xoxoxo.....:)

  7. Totally gratuitous post me thinks.

    Brightened my day- and all the girls in the office

  8. Hello. Here is a totally unrelated question, was wondering if you could do a post on psoriasis. I suffer from it and was wondering what are your recommendations? Thank you.

  9. Let's just say... he's not unattractive , haha.