Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Instagram catch-up

Raved about this moisturiser

Sold a lot of that moisturiser at this event

Ran out of this lushness. Every last drop.

A little light metal reading.

Cleansed with all 3 of these at the same time.  (One after the other!) Just for fun. :)

Used these a LOT

Captured something new (Shard) behind something very, very old (The Tower)

Drove past Stonehenge on the way home from Devon. Not a bad view...

Added these to the bathroom to make sure I never run out.

THIS! Always this!

Showed how FABULOUS you can look if you use Perricone's New Mask. You're welcome.

Shouted at Perricone for discontinuing this

*in Country heaven with the Dixie Chicks*

Trialled this new SPF from Dr Lens that is bloody amazing.

Had some statement necklace addiction issues

Stopped the cat eating Karl's doll

Celebrated 10 years of this wonder product

Met Zoe Newlove - who is lovely - go read her blog.

Behaved like schoolgirls with Ree at the launch of Viktor & Rolf's beautiful new fragrance #Bonbon - Yes we took a shameless selfie with them behind us.

Screamed like a girl (appropriately) when I saw this monogrammed bottle just pour moi! (Although it does mean I can't EVER use it!)

Cried 5 times waiting for Sheila at the airport - the Grandmother meeting her grandkids for the first time literally had all of us sobbing *cries thinking about it*

Took my Babygirl to the Tower. Didn't leave her there though. Also - I should really wear different clothes occasionally.


  1. Love the monogrammed bottle! Looks like I Need to figure out how to get on Instagram it seems all the fun with my favorite bloggers is over there now. Are you going to review the Sunday Riley Artemis oil? Very curious to hear your thoughts on it.


  2. Sounds like you had an interesting couple of times aha! Love your blog caroline :) xxx

    BerrieBlogs| {beauty blog}

  3. Love your little updates :) and so nice to see Zoe's little face on your blog - she really is a gem <3 xxx

  4. Love your blog :) would you recommend the REN cleansing balm and the clarifying toner?

  5. You came to Devon and you didn't pop in for a cuppa?!! ;)

  6. Love Peter Thomas Roth's UnWrinkle Pads! I've used them every other morning for two years, but with more and more brands offering acid products, I do get confused sometimes regarding how to tell the frequency with which I should use them. Is there a general guide based on the percentage of acid in a product?

  7. Ooooo there is me :) I was totally starstruck that night... thank god Laura was with me haha. *Acts cool* xxxxx

  8. hellooo caroline
    first of all thank you for all your helpful advice and recomondations
    i heard that you can use both oil base and water base serums in the same time but i would like to know witch one goes first? and some affordable recommendation for acne scars
    thank youuuuu

  9. Hi Caroline! I need to know where you got the necklace you're wearing in the photo with Zoe Newlove, please :) xx

    1. Thank you!! xx

    2. And I need to know where you got the blue necklace in the statement pic please? Love it.

      I also did C2C. It rocked (in a country rock kinda way).

  10. I really want that new Perricone mask. The reviews on the US site are amazing. Any idea when it'll be coming to the UK website?

  11. I've read the REN balm cleanser has shea in it. Not so good for us oily/combo skin ladies?

  12. The REN balm cleanser has shea in it. Not good for the oily/combo skin ladies?

  13. Dear Caroline :) all brilliant as ever :) I looked at the Perficone mask and I'm a real stickler for ingredients these days . I'd like to ask your opinion on this mask if possible . The chlorella is at the bottom of the list and it actually has a colour ant in the mask to make it go that greeny blue . There are a few ok ish ingredients dotted around but the majority of this maks ingredients just seem so absolutely crap full of fillers and rubbish . I was so disappointed I actually emailed Perricone USA to ask why when so many of your products are so good with great ingredients suddenly bring out a mask made with such rubbish with the star ingredients at the very end of the list . No answer as yet :( I did mix a tsp of chlorella into another great mask and my face went natural well like the bottom of a pond green and it made a wonderful treatment . Did you think this mask is worth it's hype ? Thanks so much xxxx Daniel

  14. Hi Caroline. Please can you tell me where your yellow necklace came from? Thanks!

  15. Hi Caroline, could you please tell me do you wash your face after using Peter Thomas Roth Un - Wrinkle Peel Pads?
    I both this pads after reading your blog but I am not sure how to use them Thanks!.