Friday, 27 June 2014

The Experts. Marie Reynolds

The lovely Marie Reynolds is one of the best facialists in the world. Without question. Amazing hands, amazing knowledge and spooky intuition. No really - spooky - she literally reads your face - and body. Marie has taken a lot of advanced courses - what she doesn't know isn't worth knowing. I'm thrilled she offered to share her knowledge with my readers. Her advice is SO worth reading...
  • One always has to have the belief that they can achieve exceedingly, abundantly all they can think and imagine. That in itself is a powerful tool, once that is in place everything else will become clear. 
  • Knowledge is power but only if you use that knowledge as part of your work ethic. Many therapists enter training courses and get spoon fed information expecting them to learn the technique or trade instantly. This is something as a therapist you have to apply. An example is when I teach my Advanced Consultation classes, therapists think that coming on a two day intense course will automatically give them the experience I have gained over 25 years . A tutor can only give the student the seeds, it is up to the student to water and nurture, to allow fruition this means adapt in practice at all times.
  • Think outside the box, getting back to the spoon feeding analogy, how many times have you gone into a treatment room and you can literally map out each step the therapist does? Look at the client as a whole. Watch the body language from the moment they walk in, how they hold themselves, how they speak? Is it fast? Are they nervous? Look at lifestyle diet etc - this all makes up the character before you. Your clients are not a 2D description on a consultation card, they are living beings that have changes in emotions, thought patterns, posture and environments.. take this into consideration.
  • Never give the client a consultation card to fill in. The client will only tell you what they want you to hear. Many skip through ticking off things without any thought. Sitting with the client builds trust and also allows you to properly consult, building a relationship to find out things your client may not otherwise put down on a card. 
  • Always research and read up on as much as possible in your chosen field. The fact that clients have the internet at their fingertips mean they can be pretty educated in this field themselves, always have faith in yourself and if you don't know the answer then find out for next time.
  • Learn about cosmetic ingredients in skin care and understand why certain ingredients are not great to use, you have to back up your what you advise. Learn about your own tools, especially when advising your clients home care for specific skin conditions, think about what you need to be using the moment you consult and don't look as retailing as a chore it is an important part and an extension of the professional treatment so the client can back up and boost at home.
  • Have confidence in what you do and also with your clients. Clients know when a therapist is nervous which will affect the outcome of the treatment. This comes with lack of experience, have faith in yourself. The training you have undergone and your knowledge is your testament so put it into practice.
  • Learn as much as you can, go on as many training courses as possible and look at how you can adapt and integrate to the ultimate experience for your client. If you have had nutrition training make sure you integrate it within your after care - don't wait for someone to book in for nutrition advice! Be an all rounder, have the triple threat!
  • You never get a second chance at a first impression, something my father has always told me. Make sure the environment you work in is clean, comforting and professional. Dont forget some clients may have had a gift certificate bought for them and may feel anxious about coming into the salon environment so always be ready to greet them with a smile, make them feel at ease and ALWAYS ask what their perception of the treatment is. Some clients have no idea what they are expecting and some have a completely different perception of what their skin care needs are also. I used to work in a salon years ago where a colleague had a client who believed if she had an acneic facial then she would not get acne, my colleague was too frightened to query the client and did what she was booked in for. Where is the sense in that? You are the professional and it is your role to educate and treat accordingly.
  • Be passionate in your chosen profession, in whatever you do apply yourself 100%. There are many individuals that can have the same profession as you but they are not you.. they will never have your touch, intuitive nature, your personality or they way you apply yourself in your treatment. So believe in yourself and your work.
  • Have professional ethics - now some like to use the terminology that I am a celebrity facialist, I believe every one of my clients are celebrities - treat people how you wish to be treated. Trust and believe in the products and tools you use and don't deviate if a product is the latest fad but is riddled with nasties, stick to your principals as a professional therapist. What may seem great opportunities at the time may tarnish your principals.. remember all that glitters is not gold, stay true to your own ethics.

Finally: paddle your own canoe, although it is so important to keep up with industry, don't get swept away with what other therapists or facialists are doing, focus on you and your practice. All the time you are worrying about others your energies are not being applied where it matters.

Massive, massive thanks to Marie. For more information on Marie including her treatments now available at Fortnum & Mason - have a look here:


Oh Ireland. You sure know how to make a girl feel special.

This week I popped over to Dublin to train the brilliant staff in Space NK and while I was there I thought it would be fun to do a quick meet'n'greet later in the afternoon. Little did I know that literally hundreds of you would turn up and queue in the rain to talk to me about your blackheads. 

Thank you for coming - and thank you for the presents galore. Please don't buy me presents - spend your money on lovely skincare for yourself! However, I did receive goodies so some special mentions.....

Helen - for the cake and tea
Emer - for the scones 
Michelle - for the product - you shouldn't have!

And lovely Daisy and her Mum who travelled from Cork to see me. You're so beautiful Daisy.
Suzanne and Emily and baby Jamie who was an angel while his Mum queued for ages...
The girls from Wexford whose names I didn't get - I'm sorry!


PinkWink1 whose name I didn't get!

Photo - Caroline Egan @cazaegan - she has a great name! :)

Aisling - who I literally accused of nicking my phone. I'm nice like that. (She hadn't - obvs!) @aislingfarrell

Gorgeous Naomi who came from Belfast and barely got to speak to me! I crushed her with a mama boob hug instead. Next time I PROMISE.

Lovely Catherine - who was gorgeous and petite - showing how I am NOT *channels Big Bird*

The completely beautiful Laura who interviewed me for @loorakennedy 
Aideen who interviewed me for Dublin's 98FM

You can see the full interview with Aideen here:

And finally the wonderful team at Space NK in Grafton Street. Thank you for your help, for keeping order so brilliantly, for keeping me topped up with fizzy booze water and food - just everything. Thank you thank you.

Dublin you absolutely rock. And I'll be back. Soon.

New videos up on YouTube

The part where I make rambling excuses....

So it's been weeks since I filmed with the gorgeous Ruth. In that time I've finished my skin consults for the summer, closed up my office and set up shop again at home. This should be interesting.....

So yes, anyway - thank you for waiting.

There are 2 new videos up on YouTube - and they are on one of my most requested topics: budget skincare.

I hope you like them!

Clinique Smart Custom Serum Campaign

So: a couple of weeks ago I filmed a video to support the brilliant new Clinique Smart Serum. Even though I've done a few videos recently, nothing - nothing prepares you for seeing yourself on screen in this fashion.

The serum itself is brilliant (I wouldn't have done this otherwise) and warrants a full review so for now I'll just leave you with this and go and hide behind the sofa.

Clinique Smart Custom Serum starts at £48.00 and is available here:

Monday, 23 June 2014

Office closing, posting address and Give and Makeup

Sadly I had to move out of my office this month. The building has been sold and the knock-on effect is that I have nowhere to do skin consultations and obviously my posting address has changed.
My new posting details are available from Diary Directory. Any PR's that don't have access to DD can email me here (this is no good for skin questions!!).

Thank you to all of the hundreds (literally!) of people that came to see me for skin consults while I was based in W11. I hope you enjoyed them as much as I did. No news on dates for this year yet - and to be completely honest I'm not planning any until the Autumn - I'm working, blogging and hanging out with my kids over summer. (Well, I'm always hanging out with my kids but you know what I mean...)

Please note that the old office address will be a building site (kinda) from this weekend so please don't send anything for Give and Makeup there. The Manchester and Cardiff addresses are still accepting parcels. No such luck on a large space to accept parcels in London yet. If only I knew literally hundreds of brands and retailers with spare space that they could offer up?! Oh. Wait. I do. Nothing yet, regardless. Will keep you posted.

Here's to a wonderful summer (unless you're Australian)!

Pregnancy, Breasts, Dummies and everything in-between.

I know. 

I have four children. They are without doubt, the best thing about my life. Without doubt. Would die for all of them. Any time, any day. I went to see a play last week which included the line 'Having a child is like a piece of your heart leaving your body - it's just out there - walking around.' I couldn't have put it better. I love my kids. A lot.
Just to get that out in case it appears otherwise once you start reading.
The parenting 'Guidelines' given out by the government were different with each and every child. After the second I stopped listening to official 'guidelines' and went solely on my instinct. Best thing I ever did. A few of my friends have given birth recently and listening to their stories over recent weeks has literally filled me with rage. Some people have the lovely birth, no complications and are literally the walking embodiment of 'earth mother' - whatever the hell that means. Yay for them. The rest of us may have had a slightly harder time. This is for you Ladies.

Let's have a baby!
If you want a boy: eat red meat, salt and potassium (bananas), absolutely no dairy.
If you want a girl: no red meat, no/low salt, no bananas/potassium and tons of dairy, TONS.
Boy sex: Sporadically when you are ovulating, none during the time immediately after your period.
Girl sex: Basically a lot, from the minute your period finishes. A lot. You'll find men give little resistance to this guideline.
Fair to say this is not based on scientific testing - more on old wives tales that have worked for myself and friends. I traditionally eat a very 'boy' diet. I'm a salt addict. I'm not big on dairy. 3 sons.
When I was trying to have a girl, I changed my diet completely, stayed away from salty food and basically ate my weight in yoghurt. I also had Mr Hirons on a schedule. The poor man was exhausted. Happy, but exhausted.
Lo and behold we go for the scan and: NO PENIS. Ava.
Coincidence? Maybe. I think not.
When we went for number four, I didn't change a thing about my diet. I even said to the family 'I'm going to get pregnant, have a baby boy in the Summer and his name is Max.'
To be fair, I've always taken planning to the extreme.

If you're tired, sleep. There's a special kind of tiredness that comes with pregnancy. I like to call it 'sudden coma'.  Even if it means leaving visitors to go to bed. Do it. Sleep. The people that mind don’t matter and the people that matter don’t mind.
If you're hungry, eat. You're not eating for two though, you're eating for a hungry pregnant woman. There's a difference. One is sensible, one is the little enabling devil in your head that says 'eat ALL of the ice cream'.

If you are in pain, have the drugs. It's painful. There is no getting around it. A large obnoxious watermelon is literally trying to tear you in half. There is nothing to be gained from 'going through the pain'. It's a powerful experience with or without the drugs. Trust me. I've done both. Mind-blowing experience either way. I personally have no time for 'breath through it!' and people shouting 'You can do it! COME ON!'. I'm not a racehorse at the Grand National thank you very much. Stop putting unnecessary pressure on women to have no drugs. If you're in pain, unbearable 'kill me now' pain, have the drugs. My preferred drug was a mobile epidural. I had 4 extremely large babies. I felt no need to 'breath through' anything. I AM breathing. You however, won't be, if you keep yelling at me to 'BREATHE!'
I did, however, threaten to punch the midwife who told me the anaesthetist was on his break. 'He can have 'A BREAK' when I am not IN PAIN.'.
Equally, if you gave birth at home, in a birthing pool with candles and a doula, very happy for you. I really, genuinely, am. I hate you a little bit. That's not everyone's journey.

Breastfeeding. We all KNOW that breast is best for babies, we're not MORONS. That's what they're FOR.
Breast, however, is not always best for Mum. And I'm sorry (not sorry), Mum comes first, not the baby. Mum, not baby.
Yes, disagree all you want, but a new Mum that is in bits because she cannot feed/doesn't have enough milk/simply doesn't want to breastfeed should not have the breastfeeding mafioso giving her a hard time and trying to make her feel like a failure. We do that to ourselves constantly when we have children, we don't need your help thank you very much. 
Breastfeeding, while undoubtedly being a beautiful thing, is also the most exhausting thing you can do while still 'technically' being awake. Your boobs feel like they are going to explode, your nipples look and feel as if they are going to fall off and frankly, sometimes you're in so much discomfort you wish they would. And guess what!? When you have subsequent children and breastfeed them - the uterus knows what to do as soon as that baby latches on - these are called 'after pains' - and no-one - NO-ONE tells you about them. By the time you get to child 3 and God Help Us - 4 - you are literally begging for pain relief to knock you out. And you know what's coming. You can't have any. Worse than labour. No really.

I have even more disdain for formula companies encouraging African women to buy formula instead of feeding their babies themselves. I know what Nestle are up to. This is not what I am talking about.
I'm talking specifically about the Western World and making women feel bad. It's not cool. That is all.
For the record, I breastfed all of my children, for varying degrees of time. When it was too much for me (depending on how many other children I had, let's be honest), I switched to formula. No guilt here. 
I love my breasts. They did a wonderful job.
I love formula. It helped me out when I was at my wit's end.
My offspring are intelligent, strapping men and children. Breastfeeding is a wonderful, unique thing that we girls can do - but not breastfeeding is absolutely not the end of the world. Please don’t give yourself a hard time. Your baby will be fine.

Health Visitors.
Can we take a minute to talk about Health Visitors? Let me start by saying I've had 4 children and numerous health visitors. The first one was lovely, I was lucky.
The next three, I told them not to come back, I knew what I was doing and I was fine thank you.
Remember this is your house, your baby, your body, your family. If you are not happy, tell them to leave. Don't ask them, tell them.
If you are a health visitor and you know that you do a good, supportive job, we thank you, really.
I have too many friends though, that had bad experiences - mostly linked to breastfeeding if I'm honest (see previous) and the worst kind, the kind that turns up and hasn't read your file, doesn't know that you had the labour from hell and ended up in ICU (Max) and is wondering 'why Mum is in bed - she should get up and move around! *insert smiley face* Get out of my house.
Their job is to help you and offer advice, if you aren't getting that, they can leave.
In fact, anyone around you that is being anything other than supportive - can leave. Buh BYE.

The Pyjama and Shower Rule.
People are strange creatures. A pregnant woman is the centre of attention for 9 months. As soon as you birth the Baby Jesus from your loins, he/she gets ALL the attention. Rude.
To remind people that YOU went through an 'experience/ordeal' (delete where appropriate) stay in your pyjamas for about 6 weeks afterwards. Especially if you had a c-section or are breastfeeding.
I'm not advocating becoming a sloth.
Get up, shower. I cannot stress how important it is to shower every day unless you are completely bedridden. One day rolls into the other if you don't. You need that two minutes to yourself to stand in the shower and think/cry if necessary – and it is so easy to put yourself last when you should put yourself first.  Trust me on this. The sooner a new mother puts herself first everything else falls into place. Why? Because she can cope.
Shower, then change into fresh pyjamas for as long as you need to until you feel 100%.
If that takes months, it takes months.
BUT: even the most ignorant visitor has to be completely insane to ask a woman holding a newborn baby wearing her pyjamas to make the tea.
If you're in jeans and a t-shirt, I promise you - you are the one in the kitchen making the tea while the Baby Jesus is passed around the family. Stay in your pyjamas.

And finally:
If you have no-one to hold the baby while you shower/bath, stick them in their chair. They may fuss, it won't kill them.
If you have a fussy baby, get a dummy. Yes, I know, even more divisive than breastfeeding, the dummy.
Used appropriately, the dummy will soothe the baby for FIVEGODDAMNMINUTES while you dry off and get dressed.
The problems only happen when it is used as a crutch for you to shut the baby up every five seconds. No. That's not what I'm talking about. Five minutes while you shower, make food, take care of your other children? Yes.

When it doesn't work out the way you planned.
I have four children. I've had more than four pregnancies. If you have also suffered numerous miscarriages, please don't give up. There is hope. And help available. And I send you all my love. And virtual hugs.

You don't have to listen to me.
I've only done it four times over a 23 year period. What the hell do I know?

N.B. Gina Ford and The Supernanny - whilst undoubtedly having moments of genius between them, also have zero children between them. Zero.

Sorry, that's like taking advice for your car from a bike manufacturer. They share similar componetry but don't really understand the mechanics.

Monday, 16 June 2014


Hi Everyone,

This evening I found the long lost 'other' private message inbox on my Facebook. As I usually access Facebook through my phone I had never noticed this option before.

I had hundreds of messages from people I have never met asking me for skin advice. Hundreds. I also have hundreds of people sitting in the 'friend request' file. I was a tad shocked.

While I'm very grateful (really really grateful) for the success the blog has brought, I literally, physically, cannot possibly reply to everyone. I really don't want to turn off the ability to message me as it may mean I miss out on people I know IRL. My Facebook is the only thing I keep completely private - and for obvious reasons. It's full of pictures of my family/friends etc - people who have a right to privacy as much as I do. It's set to completely private and I really don't want to have to make it a blind find. I don't have a blog Facebook page either - just to save confusion (also - I've never understood how people have the time to have a page about a blog...? I digress.).

Please don't expect an answer if you sent me a message - some of them are over 3 years old so I imagine you've already assumed that's the case, but just to clarify!

I am still receiving countless emails weekly as well as comments/questions on here, YouTube, Instagram, twitter - anywhere really - and I'm only one person. Most of them start with 'I know you say you don't have time to answer but...' and then I immediately feel guilty and stressed, because I don't. If I see it and I'm stuck on the tube etc or have a few mins I will always answer whatever/whenever I can.

If you need advice the best thing to do is grab me at an event, or in a car park if need be (waves to PPP) or in a department store, or Whole Foods *waves* - or in a loo (please let me wash my hands first?). All of these have happened this last month. :)

Please don't think I'm complaining - like I said - I'm very grateful - I love meeting readers - love it - but this is not my job - yet - and my time is limited.

Thank you for reading and for your continuing support.

Jo Malone London Tuberose Angelica and Velvet Rose & Oud Candle

When I was in California in February I approached what appeared to be, from a distance and without my glasses, a bunch of white stocks from a flower stall outside Whole Foods. As I got closer, my favourite smell in the world literally rose up to smack me in the nose. I had never seen huge bunches of tuberose before (not much call for them in Fulham sadly) - but here, there were bunches of them everywhere - and for $5.00. FIVE dollars. I was borderline hyperventilating I kid you not. 
White flowers have always, effortlessly, been my favourite flowers. They smell so much stronger than coloured flowers because they have to work that much harder to attract the bees - and in that, they become heady, lush and borderline overpowering for some..
Gardenias, frangipane, white delphiniums, roses, hydrangeas and tuberose - the Queen of the white florals. 
It was only in my later years that I realised that most of my favourite fragrances were based around tuberose and gardenia - Fracas, Petit Fracas, Estee Lauder's Tuberose Gardenia, Diptyque's Doson, Anick Goutal's Gardenia Passion - It's also the reason why I didn't mind saying I liked Madonna's Truth or Dare and Kim Kardashian's fragrance. 
So, I was most displeased (fuming) when Jo Malone discontinued Vintage Gardenia. They have though, redeemed themselves in style. Tuberose Angelica is a welcome new addition to the Cologne Intense Collection - and brings my tally to 5 that I love and wear on a regular basis. (I am always, always stopped when I wear Rose Water and Vanilla - in a good way!)

Tuberose Angelica is pretty simple in its formulation being angelica as a top note, tuberose at the heart and amberwood on the drydown. It's a really beautiful fragrance - so much so that when I was walking down Sloane Street last Thursday I was drawn into the store by the beautiful window display - and doused myself in it again just for good measure. You could literally smell me before you saw me after that. Ne'ermind.

And being the beast that is Jo Malone - I feasted my eyes on this beauty while I was there...

Having seen this picture on Instagram from Laura I had the 'black candles' in my head all week and so gave in and treated myself. It's all her fault. Damn you Jo Malone. Damn. You.

The fantabulous Tuberose Angelica is £100.00 and the excruciatingly sexy Velvet Rose & Oud Candle is £45.00 - both are available at all Jo Malone stockists and at

Friday, 13 June 2014

Exclusive Merumaya sampling offer for readers

Regular readers will have seen this post about the brilliant Melting Cleansing Balm back in January. Merumaya is the brainchild of Maleka Dattu and the lovely Maleka has offered UK readers of this blog a sample of both the cleansing balm and this....

brilliant Iconic Youth Serum. Both products are regular recommendations during my skin consults for both affordability and efficacy.

To have the opportunity to try both of these products simply fill in this form on the Merumaya Facebook page and type 'HIRONS' in the 'Where did you hear about us?' section.

There are lots of samples available so don't be shy - it's a great opportunity to try something that you may not yet have seen.

UK only please.


Lipstick Queen Silver Screen Collection

Virus/illness be gone - I am finally back on the scene *YAY* and this week I attended events hosted by two of my favourite ladies in the industry - Charlotte Tilbury - more of which later - and Poppy King aka Lipstick Queen. It makes such a huge difference when a brand is driven by the passion of the name on the box rather than an excel spreadsheet reporting into shareholders. It really comes across with both Poppy and Charlotte.

After the launch of the beautiful Velvet Rope Collection - you must check out Brat Pack if you're a true red girl like me - comes the Silver Screen Collection. As with Velvet Rope, this collection has the same magnetised, heavy, packaging, reminiscent of vintage lipsticks.

Taking inspiration from the particles of real silver used in the film process during the early days of the motion picture industry - the collection is designed to mimic the extremely flattering, highly reflective surface used in the golden era of movies...

All seven shades are named after the infamous lines from the movie that inspired the colour.

As always with Poppy, the room captured the feel of the collection and I came away completely in love with all of the colours. I may have to buy more Muji storage as this obsession shows no signs of subsiding.


STELLA! - purple with a shimmer of turquoise (surprisingly wearable!)
YOU KID - a warm nude

COME UP - vibrant baby rose
SEE ME - soft peach
MADE IT - a deep wine - the subtle shimmer really works with this colour
PLAY IT -  a hot pink as shown below with one of my industry husbands Luke Stephens

I originally showed this pic on Instagram - this is the no filter version so you can see the colour. Also - I need that lighting installed at home please! The pair of us are flawless!

HAVE PARIS - pillar box red - and stunning

So the Lipstick Queen remains appropriately named - the Silver Screen Collection is available from September and is £35.00 from all Lipstick Queen stockists.

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Red Lippy Project and Cervical Screening Awareness

OK listen up. A cause extremely close to my heart - and my Lady Garden.

This week - 8th to 14th June - is Cervical Screening Awareness week. 

I lost my Grandmother to cervical cancer in the 1980's and I myself have to have smear tests every 6 months due to 'abnormalities' found during a routine smear test a few years ago. It's not pleasant. No-one, no-one enjoys having a smear test. Equally, it's not an 'attractive' issue to the beauty industry. That spot has been filled by breasts for far too long - but awareness of it saves lives.

The Red Lippy Project is a charity dedicated to raising awareness of cervical screening and this week will collaborate with Top Shop to launch the Limited Edition Red Lippy Lipstick, £8, in their best selling Pillar Box Red. 

Top Shop are donating 30% of the sale of the gorgeous lipstick and makeup bag above to the Red Lippy Project and  both the charity and Top Shop are encouraging celebrities and customers alike to share pictures of their red lips across social media, along with scarlet pucker prints on mugs, cheeks, anything really.. to #makeamark for cervical cancer awareness.
  • Cervical cancer is the third most common malignancy to affect women, with over half a million cases occurring worldwide each year. It is the most common cancer in women under 35 years of age.
  • There were 2,900 new cases of cervical cancer diagnosed in 2010, that is around 8 women every day.
  • Cervical screening is not a test for cancer. Cervical screening is unique, as it allows signs of changes to be identified at an early stage when treatment – which can be carried out on an outpatient basis – effectively preventing the vast majority of cases progressing to cervical cancer.
  • The NHS Cervical Screening Programme was set up in 1988 by the Department of Health. The programme screens over three million women in England each year.
  • Scientists estimate that cervical screening saves around 5000 lives each year in the UK.
  • Cervical screening can prevent at least:
    • 75% of cervical cancers in women in their 50s and 60s,
      60% of cervical cancers in women in their 40s
      45% of cervical cancers in women in their 30s.
Since the introduction of cervical screening in the 1980's, rates of cervical cancer have almost halved. 

For more information on cervical cancer, screening and the Red Lippy Project go to

Other ways to get involved:
  • Post your Red Lippy Project selfie on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter along with the hashtags #redlippyproject #makeamark 
  • Follow them on Instagram and Twitter, find us at @redlippyproject 
  • Donate Funds: Text RLIP14 £2 to 70070 or make an online donation.
  • Visit Topshop in-store or online to purchase their Red Lippy Project lipstick and make up bag, and 30% of the profit will be donated to Red Lippy Project. 
  • Go to Facebook and like/share them
  • Inspire your friends to get involved in the crusade by tagging them in selfies or by sending them a virtual kiss

#makeamark #redlippyproject

Beautique Perfect 10 GWP

Just a quick one - I do love a GWP. 

Beautique are offering the above gift with all purchases over £150.00 for the month of June.

The gift is worth £148.00 and includes their choice of the Perfect 10 across all departments..

Guam Seaweed Mud Tummy and Waist 90ml
NARS Satin Lip Pencil Rikugien 2.2g
Leonor Greyl Huile Secret De Beaute 25ml
Laura Mercier Foundation Primer Hydrating 30ml
Urban Retreat The Moisturiser 7ml
Urban Retreat The Exfoliator 7ml
Revive Moisturising Renewal Cream 15ml
Valmont Prime Renewing Pack 15ml
Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer SPF 15 5ml
Unite Beach Day 12ml
Delarom Orange Body Lotion 30ml

Available from while stocks last.

Michael Kors Liquitan Self Tanner - Hall of Fame

Every so often I try a product that stops me in my tracks and makes me take to the keyboard tout de suite.

I suppose if anyone was going to do a good fake tan Kors would be your man - but I genuinely didn't expect it to be that good. Shame on you Hirons.

I am currently testing as many self tans and SPF's as I possibly can for an upcoming YouTube video - and this one (with one other - coming later) is the one I've reapplied the most. The colour is immediate - it has a beautiful golden bronze guide colour and doesn't smell of biscuits. It washes clean off the hands and doesn't go patchy after use.

Ree has done some colour swatches if you want to see the product - I'm saving that for YouTube.

Safe to say I'm sorry I doubted you Mike. Welcome to my beauty cupboard. Forever.

Michael Kors Liquitan Self Tanner is available from and is £18.00 for 150ml.

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

The Experts. How to get ahead as a facialist - Ole Henriksen

Ole Henriksen opened his first clinic in LA in the early 70's. Since then he's gone on to build a huge empire including his own eponymous brand and has a huge following - including me.

I sat down with Ole and asked him for his top tips for any facialist/student aesthetician trying to build their experience/break into the industry.
I asked for five tips - being Ole he delivered - and then some!
  • have a passion - this is number one - always
  • find the best school that you can afford
  • apply yourself - aim to be the best
  • success in life is all about discipline 
  • read everything you can - books, magazines, blogs - everything related to the industry
  • aim to graduate with honours or distinction 
  • do your research and apply to the best spa or clinic in your area
  • go out and sell yourself

Trade test...
  • offer to audition if necessary (trade test)
  • plan well head of time
  • arrive 30 minutes early - for your trade test and for the job when you get it
  • set up your room the way you like it
  • show off your skills - this is no time to be shy
  • execute a beautiful, fluid treatment

When you get the job...
  • apply yourself wholeheartedly
  • be early, presentable and ready - every single day
  • make an impression and build a following

During treatments...
  • ask your client about their concerns
  • engage them
  • be brilliant at skin analysis
  • educate your client
  • treatments should be indulgent and pampering but effective.
  • split your treatments into 3 parts:
    opening - prep and skin analysis
    middle - cleansing/steam/extractions
    end - massage, soothe, pamper
  • do not hard sell
  • talk to them about their diet and lifestyle

  • call them in between visits to see how they are getting on and how their skin reacted to the treatment

Branch out on your own...
  • build a big following - you are there to serve your clients
  • always remember - Success is a gift
  • never go through the motions during your treatments
  • customize your treatments

And having so many of my own - I asked Ole for his pet peeves when it comes to treatments

  • noisy treatments - be organised - your client doesn't want to hear you clanging bottles all over the place
  • never leave your client unattended - so unprofessional
  • being too heavy-handed - you need your treatment to have fluid of movement
  • long fingernails - so uncomfortable for the client and so unhygienic
  • an unprepared, messy treatment room - no excuse
  • being unengaged - which brings us back to number one - show your passion to every client - and if you lose your passion, change jobs - it's not fair to people who pay good money for an expert treatment

The brilliant Ole Henriksen launches on QVC UK on Wednesday 4th June at 6pm for a full hour.
He has further shows through the week:
June 4th @11pm
June 5th @8pm
June 6th @ 9pm

Huge thanks to Ole for his help - and if you haven't seen him in action you must catch him on QVC - you won't be disappointed. 

Monday, 2 June 2014

The Limited Edition Neal's Yard Wild Rose Beauty Balm Giveaway Winners

I'm so sorry for the wait! The five winners are:

Sally A
Anna W
Lynn D

Congratulations Ladies and thank you to everyone who entered and to Neal's Yard for the very generous giveaway.

Please email info @ caroline hirons dot com with your full posting addresses and NY will send the prizes out to you. (I have your email addresses held privately so will be able to match you up)

Another Space NK drop-in.

My bad. I completely forgot. You can tell I'm still on meds can't you? I'm in Space NK in Brighton this Wednesday. It's not an 'official' PA - I'm training the brilliant team - but I seem to be asked a lot about Brighton so thought I'd mention it. We should be done by 2pm onwards if anyone fancies popping in.
Same tea rule applies. :)

See you there!

The never-ending virus and a new PA date.

So that little cold that I had a few weeks ago turned out to be a virus that clung on to me like a bad smell. I'm STILL on antibiotics and barely had the energy for my day job the last couple of weeks so the blogging took a little (big) back seat. Sorry. I'll make it up to you. Honest guv.

Starting with a new date for a Personal Appearance - in Dublin. I bloody love Dublin.

On Wednesday 25th June I'll be in the brand spanking new Space NK in Grafton Street, Dublin between the hours of 3pm and 5pm. It's a drop-in session so no tickets necessary, just bring yourself and if you're passing somewhere that does good tea, bring us a cuppa? I'll give you the money when I see you. Ta muchly. :)

See you in the land of my great-grandparents soon!