Monday, 2 June 2014

Another Space NK drop-in.

My bad. I completely forgot. You can tell I'm still on meds can't you? I'm in Space NK in Brighton this Wednesday. It's not an 'official' PA - I'm training the brilliant team - but I seem to be asked a lot about Brighton so thought I'd mention it. We should be done by 2pm onwards if anyone fancies popping in.
Same tea rule applies. :)

See you there!


  1. Oh Caroline! such a shame I'm not there, but if you are in Bristol, please let us know! You'll have me there waiting for you be it raining, snowing or thundering! :)

  2. The northern ladies need you to look at our northern faces! (that means come to the north please ha ha)

  3. Noooooooooo! If I only new! I so would be there. ~.~'

  4. How bloody annoying, I've only just seen this! Been hoping you'd come to Brighton for ages as well :(