Friday, 27 June 2014


Oh Ireland. You sure know how to make a girl feel special.

This week I popped over to Dublin to train the brilliant staff in Space NK and while I was there I thought it would be fun to do a quick meet'n'greet later in the afternoon. Little did I know that literally hundreds of you would turn up and queue in the rain to talk to me about your blackheads. 

Thank you for coming - and thank you for the presents galore. Please don't buy me presents - spend your money on lovely skincare for yourself! However, I did receive goodies so some special mentions.....

Helen - for the cake and tea
Emer - for the scones 
Michelle - for the product - you shouldn't have!

And lovely Daisy and her Mum who travelled from Cork to see me. You're so beautiful Daisy.
Suzanne and Emily and baby Jamie who was an angel while his Mum queued for ages...
The girls from Wexford whose names I didn't get - I'm sorry!


PinkWink1 whose name I didn't get!

Photo - Caroline Egan @cazaegan - she has a great name! :)

Aisling - who I literally accused of nicking my phone. I'm nice like that. (She hadn't - obvs!) @aislingfarrell

Gorgeous Naomi who came from Belfast and barely got to speak to me! I crushed her with a mama boob hug instead. Next time I PROMISE.

Lovely Catherine - who was gorgeous and petite - showing how I am NOT *channels Big Bird*

The completely beautiful Laura who interviewed me for @loorakennedy 
Aideen who interviewed me for Dublin's 98FM

You can see the full interview with Aideen here:

And finally the wonderful team at Space NK in Grafton Street. Thank you for your help, for keeping order so brilliantly, for keeping me topped up with fizzy booze water and food - just everything. Thank you thank you.

Dublin you absolutely rock. And I'll be back. Soon.


  1. You're my hero. I am a bit OCD about my blackheads (my only skin flaw I'd say) and after 15 years it just seems like it's an endless battle (with many troops lost I might add). And you put it right: stop obsessing about it. I'm going to replay that bit every morning.
    Well, not really, but you know what I mean.

  2. glad you had a great time! x

  3. Ahhhh I didn't know!!! Come to Belfast!!! Sarah

  4. So thrilled to hear you''ll return to Dublin SOON and loved it. There are hundreds here who were probly red with rosacea we could not meet you- screaming inside 'Please do skin consultations here in Eire' with a wail of want.

    How about coming for a few full days in a row including a Saturday for non-Dubs!?!!! We'll give you tea by the truckload promise...! Im sure people would gladly pay you a fee....... PS Lots of interesting things here for your children to do....(twists yer arm further).

    Ps the store is awesome and

  5. Raging I missed you Caroline due to being out of the country. Thanks so much for your amazing posts ,love your blog. Come back to dublin soon pleeeeese!

  6. Just want to say thank-you, I was the completely star-struck auburn haired girl with the tall blonde haired guy keeping me company. Went home and put the balms and oils back into main rotation and upped the fish oils again and even in the few days its been - I can truly see the difference in my skin. Again sorry for being so awkward and odd, I really was completely star-struck and in my defence had been travelling since 8am to see you (buses from West-Cork to Dublin take the best part of 7hours sometimes.) x

  7. That's me! On your blog! *insert girlish squeal here* This has made my day!! Thanks (again) Caroline :) Aisling

  8. I LOVE your comment on blackheads! I'm obsessive with them :p So happy for space nk in Dublin, i'm going there next year for a student exchange with my uni! It's so cool because we don't have all these fabulous brands in Belgium! Have a nice day/evening, Caroline! x

  9. So excited to pay a visit to the new Space NK myself. Had great plans to go and see you there (and bring tea) but I'm on a week of nights and could not drag myself out of bed. Plus I was a bit confused as to the day of the week (a regular night duty complaint on my behalf) so there you go! I like the shoe analogy for having multiple products. Descriptive! Hope to see you in Dublin again

    Gemma xxxxx

  10. Great interview! Gaahhh can't wait to go home just to check out Space NK on Grafton St.!!!!! Ok, so can you get on to them to open in Barcelona, great, thanks. I'm just itching to become an entrepreneur...maybe I'll get in ahead and open my own place here and then invite/hire you to come and open it :D Ok brb, going to draw up a business plan.

    Claire x

  11. Great interview and yes I learnt even more, love the little nuggets of info I get from Ms H. I have to say the interviewer seemed a bit fixated on prices!