Saturday, 7 June 2014

Michael Kors Liquitan Self Tanner - Hall of Fame

Every so often I try a product that stops me in my tracks and makes me take to the keyboard tout de suite.

I suppose if anyone was going to do a good fake tan Kors would be your man - but I genuinely didn't expect it to be that good. Shame on you Hirons.

I am currently testing as many self tans and SPF's as I possibly can for an upcoming YouTube video - and this one (with one other - coming later) is the one I've reapplied the most. The colour is immediate - it has a beautiful golden bronze guide colour and doesn't smell of biscuits. It washes clean off the hands and doesn't go patchy after use.

Ree has done some colour swatches if you want to see the product - I'm saving that for YouTube.

Safe to say I'm sorry I doubted you Mike. Welcome to my beauty cupboard. Forever.

Michael Kors Liquitan Self Tanner is available from and is £18.00 for 150ml.


  1. this sounds amazing! Great price too x

  2. I thought self tan is bad for your skin?

  3. Looks lovely love the packaging
    L x

  4. When is your tan video coming please. Need to buy some but waiting for your suggestions first!!!!

  5. Caroline, your product has a blue lid but the ones available online seems to all have the white lid.
    Is there a difference with the product itself or is it just new packaging?

    1. It's not blue it's just the packaging in the light! :)

    2. Great and thanks for the reply :)

  6. It DOESN'T smell of biscuits?! Errr... add to basket.

  7. Caroline, where in your regiment do you use a self tanner? Morning, night? Before moisturizer, instead of? I never quite got it straight when I've used it. I always feel that my toner sabotages my self tanner and takes it right off.