Friday, 27 June 2014

The Experts. Marie Reynolds

The lovely Marie Reynolds is one of the best facialists in the world. Without question. Amazing hands, amazing knowledge and spooky intuition. No really - spooky - she literally reads your face - and body. Marie has taken a lot of advanced courses - what she doesn't know isn't worth knowing. I'm thrilled she offered to share her knowledge with my readers. Her advice is SO worth reading...
  • One always has to have the belief that they can achieve exceedingly, abundantly all they can think and imagine. That in itself is a powerful tool, once that is in place everything else will become clear. 
  • Knowledge is power but only if you use that knowledge as part of your work ethic. Many therapists enter training courses and get spoon fed information expecting them to learn the technique or trade instantly. This is something as a therapist you have to apply. An example is when I teach my Advanced Consultation classes, therapists think that coming on a two day intense course will automatically give them the experience I have gained over 25 years . A tutor can only give the student the seeds, it is up to the student to water and nurture, to allow fruition this means adapt in practice at all times.
  • Think outside the box, getting back to the spoon feeding analogy, how many times have you gone into a treatment room and you can literally map out each step the therapist does? Look at the client as a whole. Watch the body language from the moment they walk in, how they hold themselves, how they speak? Is it fast? Are they nervous? Look at lifestyle diet etc - this all makes up the character before you. Your clients are not a 2D description on a consultation card, they are living beings that have changes in emotions, thought patterns, posture and environments.. take this into consideration.
  • Never give the client a consultation card to fill in. The client will only tell you what they want you to hear. Many skip through ticking off things without any thought. Sitting with the client builds trust and also allows you to properly consult, building a relationship to find out things your client may not otherwise put down on a card. 
  • Always research and read up on as much as possible in your chosen field. The fact that clients have the internet at their fingertips mean they can be pretty educated in this field themselves, always have faith in yourself and if you don't know the answer then find out for next time.
  • Learn about cosmetic ingredients in skin care and understand why certain ingredients are not great to use, you have to back up your what you advise. Learn about your own tools, especially when advising your clients home care for specific skin conditions, think about what you need to be using the moment you consult and don't look as retailing as a chore it is an important part and an extension of the professional treatment so the client can back up and boost at home.
  • Have confidence in what you do and also with your clients. Clients know when a therapist is nervous which will affect the outcome of the treatment. This comes with lack of experience, have faith in yourself. The training you have undergone and your knowledge is your testament so put it into practice.
  • Learn as much as you can, go on as many training courses as possible and look at how you can adapt and integrate to the ultimate experience for your client. If you have had nutrition training make sure you integrate it within your after care - don't wait for someone to book in for nutrition advice! Be an all rounder, have the triple threat!
  • You never get a second chance at a first impression, something my father has always told me. Make sure the environment you work in is clean, comforting and professional. Dont forget some clients may have had a gift certificate bought for them and may feel anxious about coming into the salon environment so always be ready to greet them with a smile, make them feel at ease and ALWAYS ask what their perception of the treatment is. Some clients have no idea what they are expecting and some have a completely different perception of what their skin care needs are also. I used to work in a salon years ago where a colleague had a client who believed if she had an acneic facial then she would not get acne, my colleague was too frightened to query the client and did what she was booked in for. Where is the sense in that? You are the professional and it is your role to educate and treat accordingly.
  • Be passionate in your chosen profession, in whatever you do apply yourself 100%. There are many individuals that can have the same profession as you but they are not you.. they will never have your touch, intuitive nature, your personality or they way you apply yourself in your treatment. So believe in yourself and your work.
  • Have professional ethics - now some like to use the terminology that I am a celebrity facialist, I believe every one of my clients are celebrities - treat people how you wish to be treated. Trust and believe in the products and tools you use and don't deviate if a product is the latest fad but is riddled with nasties, stick to your principals as a professional therapist. What may seem great opportunities at the time may tarnish your principals.. remember all that glitters is not gold, stay true to your own ethics.

Finally: paddle your own canoe, although it is so important to keep up with industry, don't get swept away with what other therapists or facialists are doing, focus on you and your practice. All the time you are worrying about others your energies are not being applied where it matters.

Massive, massive thanks to Marie. For more information on Marie including her treatments now available at Fortnum & Mason - have a look here:


  1. great post! x

  2. I wish I lived in London! It's so hard to find a good facialist...

  3. So happy to read this here Caz! Marie is one of my most favourite people in the whole world! X

  4. Great advice for building professionalism in any career really - applies to my teaching career just as well as beauty therapy. A very inspirational article. Thank you Marie, thank you Caroline! Xx

  5. I was in F&M over the weekend and had decided that for my birthday I was going to treat myself to a treatment and then I read this - it's a sign! It's great to hear her tell salons to throw away the cards because I do often feel they are a complete waste of time. Such great advice applicable to so many other fields.