Monday, 7 July 2014

Bloglovin and the mystery of the disappearing blog...

Those lovely people that used to follow me on Bloglovin - over 20,000 of you (cries) - may now find that you're not following me anymore. Bloglovin had my blog registered twice - once under and once under I asked them to amalgamate my accounts last week and they just went ahead and deleted the BeautyMouth feed in its entirety. 


So: if you would like to follow me on Bloglovin please look here: PLEASE DON'T DELETE ME AGAIN BLOGLOVIN

That's all! Thank you!


  1. Thank godness I follow you on CH.COM! Couldn't bear the thought of losing your blog!

  2. That's not nice! Hopefully everyone can find you again.

  3. I started following your CH account when you swapped it over and I'm still getting your feed. I'm sure others will notice you aren't in theirs!

  4. The little 'subscribe' box on the right signed me up with Blogger, praise be! I really dislike BlogLovin subscriptions, because they just send you one email every few days with links to all the blogs you follow, and I'd have to open the email to even figure out what those are. Whereas with Blogger I can get an email for every post on here! Because I'm that obsessed =P

  5. haha as it seems I was following the "right" on! :P

  6. It's happened to me before too! x

  7. How rubbish!


  8. Awww noooo... that sucks! Shall share this post for you so others can see :)

  9. Hi,

    This is Linda Kristoffersson, the support person at Bloglovin who handled this issue. I sincerely apologize for the mixup. Your followers have now been restored. They have gotten your posts during this time, it was simply a matter of the number not being updated properly.

    Again, I am very sorry.

    Best regards,
    Linda Kristoffersson, Bloglovin'