Thursday, 31 July 2014

July Favourites with Ruthie

Where has the year gone? It's JULY!!! Well, actually August tomorrow. WHAT?

Good LORD.

Full steam ahead with July Skincare Favourites on my channel.....(I literally love my Miranda impression face - caught accidentally LOL) - you may want to fetch yourself a large cup of tea. It's LONG.

AND our Makeup Favourites....which is short! YAY!


*regains decorum, calms down, acts cool*


  1. Loved your july skincare video! And my favourite bit: Ruth's cat!!! What a cutie. I totally love you Caroline, but can you keep your videos short and to the point? I found myself skipping sections just to avoid all the time that is not particularly useful info (yes, the cat was useful info for an overload of cuteness dose!)

    1. Nope. Soz. I like to ramble all around the houses AND make the point. It's not me to not chat.

    2. Second that :)

  2. You & Ruth together literally are my favourite on Youtube - informative and fun, you two just work together..

    Loved Dexters cameo appearances!!

  3. Hi Caroline! Loved the video :) Question about how to incorporate Vichy and hydraluron into my current routine!

    I suffered from adult acne about 4 years ago and that's things calming down now (still get cysts here and there but changing contraception is helping) I tried everything from budget to expensive and at the time I worked for the brand who do the 3 step you detest tried everything there too... Big mistake! 3 steps forward and 33 steps back skincare wise.

    La Roche Posey effeclar duo was good but just nurturing my skin and not stripping it seams to work best. Right now I do change it up with high end products and I incorporate acid toning and cleaning balms. My favs right now serum wise are Estee Lauder Perfectionist for day and Advance night repair at night, obvs.

    Could I use the Vichy night detox over it? And where does the hydraluron fit in? At the moment moisturiser wise I use origins at night and Dr murad vit C for day and a this works eye cream.

    I'm 29 in a few months and am starting to see signs of aging.

    Hope you respond!

    Much love,

    Sara x

  4. Can you post a list of products, I didn't get the names of them all. Thanks!

  5. I always have fun watching the two of you together. Great video and favourites. Unfortunately the button to follow u on bloglovin is not working on my ipad. Will try again later from the laptop. Love your recommendation. Xx

  6. you two are hilarious! please keep making videos together, it's so much fun to watch :)

    weeell, since alcohol is a highly irritating ingredient and most sunscreens do include it I'm all in for the hype about SPF without alcohol, sorry to disappoint Ruth :P

  7. I was so chuffed to see not one but 2 videos with you both in today. You're the best duo going on You tube and I really enjoy your videos, chattiness and all. Love the skincare & make up videos/blog posts. Can we say obsessed!!

  8. Loved the videos! Informative and entertaining :)

  9. Loved the videos! Informative and entertaining :)

  10. Great post ladies! I have to say the pup stole the show! What a cutie!

  11. Fave thing ever when I see you two together in my subscription box!

  12. Entertaining & great tips. It did inspire me to change my routine.