Tuesday, 15 July 2014

The Return of The Clinic


Just a gentle reminder of what I look like in case you've been missing me.

So here's the thing: I know my blogging has dropped off the edge of the cliff. I won't bore you with excuses (EVEN THOUGH THEY ARE REALLY VALID OBVIOUSLY) - suffice to say I do not blog full time. I have a day job. Actually it's more like a 60 hours a week kinda deal but I digress and NO-ONE WANTS TO HEAR ALL THAT HIRONS.
I love the day job - and I love my gorgeous, clearly very intelligent readers - so to apologise for not being quite so inyerface as I would like to have been - and to make up for the fact that I am not doing skin consultations at the moment - I am reintroducing the Clinic. I miss talking skin with you all and let's face it - that's why most of you are here. *waves to the odd Duran Duran, Bond or Chili Peppers fan*

So tomorrow evening (Wednesday 16th) at 7pm I will open the Clinic. Seeing as we nearly broke the blog last time I did one, going forward it will take a slightly different format.

  • It won't be answered on a first come, first serve basis.
  • I will only publish questions that I am answering. That way they can be seen and read by everyone.
  • I will try and answer as many diverse questions as possible. They will pop up on the blog as I am answering them.
  • I will leave the comments open until I have answered at least 25 questions. Then I'll need to make more tea.
  • I am also spending all of this evening replying to your comments over the last few weeks.
  • The Clinic won't be the same evening every week but I will give you at least 24 hours notice so you know when it is happening.
  • PLEASE do not try and get your questions in now - I am only publishing ones sent from 7pm onwards tomorrow evening.

I hope this goes some way to making up for my lack of interaction and I look forward to speaking to you all much more regularly! :) 

I know waiting for me to blog can sometimes feel as long as waiting for Man Utd to win a game. *runs from Carmen*


  1. Hirons, you are a brave, brave woman. Sod the tea - you're going to need a vodka once this lot are done with you! xx

  2. I take offence. Chilli Peppers fans are not, in way, shape or form, odd.
    But otherwise I can't wait for The Clinic again.

    1. LOL! I meant 'the odd person or two' - not ODD! I'm obsessed!

    2. I know! I was just being difficult...
      Hope you are well C!

  3. Tried to tweet you but not sure it worked! Just wanted to say thank you so much for the neals yard wild rose beauty balm i won! It arrive today and my 49 year old skin is very, very grateful - I love your blog and the chilli peppers! Andrea

  4. Yay! Awesome! *happy skin dance*

  5. Tried to tweet you but not sure it worked - just wanted to thank you for the neals yard wild rose beauty balm I won - it arrived today and my 49 year old skin is very, very grateful! Love your blog and the chilli peppers! Andrea

  6. Oh, Caroline (what a fabulous name you have by the way), of COURSE opening the clinic again will make up for everything a thousand times over. The labels on this post had me awkwardly giggling at my computer screen. Can't wait to here more from you, hope you are doing well!! xx

  7. Super excited for tomorrow. Any news on when the dr Lens interview will upload to YouTube?

  8. I LOVE that pic!! Made me crack my face mask..! :-D

  9. Love you Caroline Hirons!
    You make me laugh on IG, you make me laugh on your YT videos, but also you learn me how to love my skin, how to treat her well, you make me do millions of beauty wish lists, and you help me in my comprehension of English!
    A lot of kisses from a French Fan!

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  11. I AM EXCITE. 🎅💸😍😱

  12. Thanks for generously offering your expertise to blog readers! I have excellent skin, in my 20s, and do most of the things you advise: double cleanse with balm, flannel, acid (i'm still a firm believer in staying out of the sun though). BUT i sleep on my face! "People" say that will cause wrinkle worse than smoking. Does your experience confirm this Ms. Hirons?

  13. Fiona in Paris16 July 2014 at 06:19

    Great news, I've a serious CH addiction but my glowing skin isn't complaining!

  14. Aww yeah. Time to figure out the time difference.

  15. You're lovely for doing this, Caroline! I'm not sure I'll be around intent this evening, and actually have no urgent questions, as my skin looks lovely thanks to you, so better leave the space for other people, who have more pressing concerns. I will definitely read all your answers, though, as I'm always curious...
    Also looking forward to that SPF video, though we will be traveling on holiday, so not sure when exactly I'll be able to watch.

  16. Only 7 hours and 16 mins until we are blessed with more wise words from the skin guru. All hail Hirons.

  17. Hi Caroline, what are your views on the new body shop 'Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet'

  18. Hi Caroline,

    I have a question about MASKS and I think that it would be a quick one to answer :-) It is in two parts ...

    1. At what stage in a nighttime routine would a mask go? ...

    Cleanse 1
    Cleanse 2
    ... -> ? MASK ? ...
    Exfoliating Toner
    Hydrating Toner
    Eye cream

    OR - after the Exfoliating Toner? Or, somewhere else entirely?

    2. Does the answer depend on the type of mask - I mean, would cleansing/hydrating/radiance masks each go in at the same stage in the routine?

    Thanks - LOVE your blog+videos - you are just fantastic!!

  19. So sorry if this is a duplicate. I'm not sure if my question went through.

    Hi Caroline,

    I was wondering/hoping you might be able to help me out. I have perioral dermatitis. Everything I have tried does not make it better, some things make it worse. I'm 30, normal to dry skin, no smoking or drinking, some caffeine, decent diet with some chocolate incidents. No acne and very few and far between spots. My only issue is my PD and it's driving me nuts! It's been aroun for over 2 years now. My skin care regimen is Caroline-approved. Makeup removed with cleansing balm and washcloth, gentle (no sulfates) cleanser. Acid tone (salicylic, glycolic or lactic - sometimes all in one). I skip the hydrating tone as it tends to irritate (though it's always alcoholic free and gentle/hydrating). Serums/oils and a variety of moisturizers depending on that day's need.

    Your input would be so amazingly helpful! I have yet to try any steroidal creams because of warnings it can make it worse.

    Thanks so much in advance if you answer my question.

    1. Hi. I had the same thing last year and used a little of Clarins SOS concentrate around that area each night instead of my standard facial oil. Worked a treat for me! Might not be enough for you but I thought it was worth mentioning. Doc just gave me an emollient cream which I didn't even bother trying!

    2. Thank you!! I will look into it right away! :)

  20. Do you recommend your routine for teenagers? If so, what affordable versions of the cleansers, toners and moisturisers would you advise? It's a minefield out there, and I don't want to buy her anything too harsh for her skin but also don't want her to spend years messing around trying to find the perfect routine, best to start her on the right foot! But one she can afford to maintain.
    I've only just discovered your routine and it's working great for me, only wish I'd heard of you sooner!

  21. Lady,

    The amount of stress while trying to sync my time with LND time... (I'm Central EU, so you can imagine the hardship, Yeezus Kanye help me)


    Hello Caroline, and thank you for your generous offer. A true Leo!

    I'll be 26 in August, and I was wondering could you tell me which investment skincare pieces should I turn to? I am getting *very* serious about my face. V E R Y.

    Obsessively yours,


  22. Caroline, I love Chili Peppers & Duran Duran! You & I are the same age & that music was as good back then as it is now! My 24 year old daughter has an autograph from the drummer of the Chili Peppers from 2008. A girlfriend of hers is related & they all got to meet face to face! My daughter was thrilled! We used to dance to Chili Peppers with her since she was 2! Haha;) I'm so thrilled your bringing the clinic back! Looking forward to it:)

  23. Hi

    Sorry may be a silly question but I am new to the blog! Where do we look to find out when the next clinic is?