Friday, 15 August 2014

A word on comments

I've had to make comments sign-in only on here because the amount of spam at the moment is literally insane.

I have left it to 'open ID' rather than 'Google account only' to try and make it as easy as possible - I hope it doesn't put you off commenting - I love reading them, but there are only so many penile enlargement offers one can take.


  1. Hey Caroline. Thanks for all your make up advice but lately I'm having a crazy time with my skin and I was hoping you could MAYBE answer if you have time even though it's not clinic time?

    I've switched completely to your recommended routine but I've broken out TERRIBLY. I've never had these deep, painful cystic spots in my entire life, 27 years, and now I have 3-4 actives at a time.

    The culprit may be either A) the shea butter present in so many cleasing balms, and b) rosehip oil, maybe?

    I use rosehip oil neat and was wondering if I should try any other oils as a beauty oil. I saw that you recommend the Ole one but that one's first ingredient is rosehip! Additionally, I use the REN clay cleanser after cleansing balm but I might not be getting the shea butter from the balm off as completely as I could even though I hot-flannel at least 2-3 going overs.

    I'm not sure what to do. They're super painful and I have no idea where to begin changing my routine. Here's my full routine in case it helps:

    Skin type: dehydrated but oily, spot prone, Asian


    Ole Henriksen Cleansing Gel/Balm thing w/ flannels
    Pixi Glow Tonic
    Oz Naturals Hydraluronic Serum
    Rosehip oil (just 2-3 drops)
    REN Vita-Mineral Daily Supplement Moisturising Cream

    Coconut oil (I got rid of another heavy balm I had but still breaking out)
    First Aid Beauty toning wipes
    Estee Lauder ANR
    Rosehip oil (also a few drops)
    REN v-cense moisturizer

    The v-cense is starting to get super oily on me in the summer too. I'm just so lost as to what to do about this, the oil cleanse, the beauty oil step! Help!

    1. Hi, I hope you don't mind me replying, though I'm obviously not Caroline. The one time I tried to take off my eye make up with coconut oil I got an almost immediate reaction all around my eyes... Was quite entertaining, actually, because it was so quick. I also had quite a bad reaction to EL ANR (the old one, though, I dare not try the new one).

    2. Hi, hope you don't mind me putting my two cents in, I've had terrible breakouts before because I didn't realise I don't get on well at all with glycolic, so maybe the glow tonic and first aid are too much for you? I switched to a BHA exfoliant instead to get rid of the breakouts and found it made a huge difference. And I must say that I've read on acne forums that coconut oil can cause cystic breakouts in some, and I've purposefully avoided it because I'm now terrified! I use the body shop's chamomile cleansing oil to remove makeup at night and followed by their creamy tea tree face wash (I noticed you're not following your coconut oil with a second, lighter cleanse?) and it's the first combination I've ever found that keeps thing nice and clear. I know how it feels to be frustrated with a routine that you think should be doing you good but actually puts you 2 steps backwards! Hope your skin gets better soon. x

    3. I too got the same reaction when first completely switching out routine. My advise would be to either go back to your original routine (only products you know work for you) and add a new recommended one every week or so. Or you could cut out something and see how your skin reacts.
      My skin reacts badly to glycolic (as do many others) so i would recommend cutting that out first.
      Also, take a look at ingredients lists as my skin reacts badly to some oils (almond oil- found in a lot of balm cleansers). So stick to one for morning/night to see how your skin likes/dislikes it.
      Hope this helped and sorry for butting in

  2. Oh Caroline - you really know how to get right to a girl's heart - "sod off spam." Boy do I love you! Ha! You're hilarious.

  3. Ok so I just spat my tea everywhere. Well I dont know Caroline, just how many penile enlargememts can you take! (My gutter mind skipped right over the word offers)

  4. my comment never showed up anyway.......

  5. Hello,

    Any accutane users out there? I've been looking for quality skincare to use on my face for hydration and nourishment. Any comments I see are for cetaphil or cera ve, maybe it's just me but I don't usually equate drugstore skincare to being quality..
    Of course, besides a serum, I wouldn't pay over $100 for products so no super expensive products please :)
    Any and all comments are appreciated!

  6. I am super interested in a career in the beauty/scincare industry, but have 0 ideas as to where to start. i am 19 years old. How did you get into your job? What qualifications did you get? etc.
    Thanks for your time and your wonderfully informative (& entertaining) blog.

  7. Had to come out of lurk-mode to add to this discussion. I've had migraines since my periods began. In my 20s they became more frequent. And by my 30s, I was having so many and such severe ones, I had to take cyclomorph sometimes. The pain and sickness was that intense, and I'd be washed out after. Migraines usually stopped while I was pregnant but started again as soon as my babies were born. What has completely changed things for me though, was being put on high blood pressure meds. About 4years ago, i was diagnosed with unexplained HighBP and since I started the meds, I go for months without needing the triptans. When I get one around my period, paracetamol and rest do the trick now.