Friday, 1 August 2014

Lancome City Miracle CC Cream - not so much of a miracle

I was specifically asked about this on Monday so used it the last couple of days - both on my face and trialed on my hand (both tests I always do) and I am considerably and surprisingly underwhelmed. I usually love Lancome products - but this kind of misses the mark for me.

Firstly, it feels and behaves much more like a BB than a CC. It's tinted for a start - and has quite a heavy feel when it's on, although it doesn't provide a lot of coverage.
It smells beautiful - and strongly of the spf content (which I personally love) - but it's not moisturising at all on my skin. I haven't done anything different, I'm using the same routine for this testing to give some degree of stability (as much as you can when not testing officially via a lab etc!) and this feels like I would need a moisturiser on top of it, not underneath it.

It's called a Complexion Beautifier but I see much more beautifying from something like the Pixi Primer which is £7 cheaper.

The website says 'Perfects like a foundation. Beautifies like an illuminator. Hydrates like a moisturiser. With SPF 50 to help protect the skin.' - I have to disagree with all but the SPF part. Sorry Lancome. 
Don't worry. I'm sure Mother - the Lancome Crack Addict, will adore it!

Please let me know if you have had an altogether different experience - I'm all for fairness.

Suitable for:

Covering blemishes? No.
Evening out skin tone? Not particularly.
Hydrating/prepping the skin for use under makeup? No. I would need an extra layer of moisture.
Wearing alone without makeup? Yes, if you are having a no-makeup-day, but only if you are wearing a lot of moisturiser.
Heavy on top of moisturiser? No. If anything it's too drying.
Makes you look better than before you used it? If you are wearing a lot of moisturiser, as before.

Lancome's City Miracle CC Cream is £27.00 and available at all Lancome stockists.


  1. I'm so disappointed that it doesn't really seem to do anything. I've only tried one CC Cream so far - Clinique's Moisture Surge and that worked really well for my skin :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

    1. I have tried the Clinique CC cream as well. I loved that one! It's really hydrating & actually does what it claims. The biggest issue I have w/so many of the CC creams out there, is not enough moisture! So far, Clinique's has been top in my book. I'd love to know if anyone has any other suggestions. Clearly I'll be avoiding the Lancôme one:)

  2. Thats why i love you Caroline ! Your honesty ! I know when you recommend a product its going to be great ! Xxxxxxxxx

    1. Thanks Mabel. I don't like being negative to be honest - but I'd been asked so many times about it...

  3. Caroline could please review the Trish McEvoy products I absolutely loving her bb cream and beauty booster moistuizer

  4. Hey
    Can i know what's the difference between cc cream and BB cream