Thursday, 28 August 2014

My Little Paris comes to the UK *does the Can-can*

Last week I visited the offices of My Little Paris - in Paris. Obvs. Luckily for us they are launching in the UK in September so a few of us went over to meet the founders and spend the day with them. My Little Paris is so much more than your bog standard beauty box - enough already *yawns* - they are a website, newsletters, magazines - think Time Out with a Parisian beauty/fashion/lifestyle twist. 

The offices give the best impression of what to expect.....

Rufus. Can you imagine? This is what she looks like on an 'off-duty' day. Cow.

The boxes contain everything from sets of brushes to scarves, full size beauty products, sunglasses, purses - it literally changes every month. There are no teeny sachet samples of moisturisers or nail polishes in colours that didn't sell here.

That's the view. I know. I hate them too.

Literally the office of my dreams.

Different themes every month

I'm just gonna leave this here LOL

My Little Box launches officially in September. If I was their rival 'bog standard' beauty boxes I would be very, very worried.

You can sign up and see more information here:

* We were all guests of MLP for the day - this is not a sponsored post. Just sharing the love.


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  3. Me and beauty boxes ended our relationships a few years ago, but I've recently rediscovered some and realised they can be great. I'm looking forward to seeing what this one brings!

  4. Dear Caroline, having clicked on the link to the website you have provided at the bottom of your blogpost, I have found their website in French. But on the right hand side there is a choice "In English" under Editions tab. Once in the English version of, I have been able to subscribe to My Little Box for a reduced £13.95 total per month including delivery to my office address. Normally £11 + £3.95p+p. This is my first ever monthly box subscription. Thank you for highlighting it! Lots of love. Julia xx

  5. I've stopped my subscriptions to other beauty boxes precisely because the sample sizes were so pitiful and the colour choices for the cosmetics were so questionable. I'm quite excited to give My Little Box a go. Thanks!

  6. Their offices look like what dreams are made of!

  7. The main site now links to which has info on UK only subscriptions.

    Looks like a good one. Sadly, still too many items I wouldn't be able to use due to sensitivities.

  8. Wow, those offices look amazing! looks like you had a very nice day...

  9. I would love for this to come to the states! Super jealous!

  10. the offices of My Little Paris are so beautiful and cute

  11. "Does the Can-Can" reminds me of you dancing in Lily Pebbles Vlog.
    Thanks for the pictures and the information. Going to sit here grumpily because we will not get it here in Germany.

  12. Looks amazing on that side of the Channel! I think I would much rather have the original French box though. However, since I can't, I'm going to wait two or three months and see what the general consensus is on the U.K. offering.