Sunday, 3 August 2014

The White Company Paper White Votive Candle (and Christmas preview)

Source - Quietude

A few weeks ago I gatecrashed attended The White Company Christmas Preview. To say it was the most spectacular Christmas display I've ever seen would be understating it - I'll post some pictures at the bottom of this post so that you can see I'm not, for once, hyperbolising.
This Paper White candle was in the gift bag and I am slightly in love with it. It's hyacinth, rose and lily with a woody undertone and if like me, you are a lover of white hyacinths, it's almost perfection.

The Votive Collection from The White Company are 90g in weight - they're slightly smaller than the standard candle size but much larger than a votive. I have no date for this candle's release but I will update as soon as I hear from them. Priced normally at £16.00 here.

And Christmas.....

HOW excited do I look?

An annex of white flowers and Christmas smells - my heaven

N.B. - In searching for a good hyacinth picture I came across Laura's blog - if you're looking for new blogs to follow - it's lovely. :)

N.N.B. - I didn't quite gatecrash - I did invite myself the day before :)


  1. I love the White Company! This looks fantastic!


  2. I've been loving the white company recently. They've got such lovely stuff.

  3. Ok I have to ask: what are those delicious doughnut looking things in the clear jar near the the photo with your excited triple self .....???
    Seriously its bothering me- does it have something to do with the cinnamon sticks!??!!!???!!??!?!?

  4. The White Company "Winter" candle is perfection.

  5. This looks so beautiful! The decor is just gorgeous and even though we're at the beginning of August, it's still giving me the festive cheer!!!
    Oh, and yes, I can see why you're so excited! :D

    xoxo, | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  6. I haven't seen the White Company before. I love the simple packaging and the heavy glass of the candle. Definitely looking these up.

  7. Caroline, was the preview held in a hotel or somewhere else "public"? I wanted to take a closer look at the interior ;)