Sunday, 28 September 2014

Sunday Instagram Catch-up

I know a lot of you don't use Instagram so I thought a catch-up would be good. I spend more time over on Instagam than I do any other form of social media. I love photography and there are SO many brilliant, inspirational accounts to follow. You really should check it out.

However, thinking primarily of my Mum, who doesn't do social media in any way, shape or form, here is what I've been up to...  :)

Stella McCartney's Green Carpet Challenge - blog post coming

Pummeling faces. Lovely.

Pretty standard day in the life of.....

Had an appt with Dr Barbara Sturm at the Dorchester to discuss her skincare line.

Tacos anyone?
Recoup and relax with these.....

Spoke at the M&S Beauty Conference. God help them.

Received some lovely personalised goodies from Soap & Glory

And Lush - this cracked me up.

Tatcha's beautiful travel kit arrived just in time for Paris Fashion Week

Celebrated Sali's book launch.

Celebrated Zoe's new beauty line with Ruth and the gang.

Photobombed literally every photo taken on the evening including this one of Zoe and Tyler. *wears flats in future*

And bumped into Nicky - a friend I have known for 29 years and literally never see. JOY.
Have a great week everyone.


  1. Are you using the bio efftect drops with the growth factors? I seem to recall you stating that no growth factor would come near your skin. What made you change your mind?
    Thank you for being my favorite blogger.

  2. Hi Caroline, I noticed the Bio Effect EGF serum in your pics, the last time you commented on this you seemed less than convinced of it's safety and possible contra-indications. Did you get any feedback from the company who makes it and do you think its having any noticeable effects to your skin ? I've seen it on QVC and it's a bit of an investment purchase so I'd be really interested to know your thoughts. Thank you!

  3. You were in all the videos as well for the Zoella's Beauty Launch. I kept saying go that's Caroline Hirons, oh that's Caroline Hirons, oh that's Caroline Hirons and then I got tired of saying that because you kept popping up in every video LOL

    1. OMG I KNOW. My daughter kept saying 'Mum you're there look. And there. And there.' The bonus and negative of being so bloody tall! :)

  4. Hi Caroline, love your blog and videos so much~ :) You are my go-to guru for all my beauty needs~

    Could you recommend a good hydrating mist and moisturiser, one that won't break the bank? I've got combination skin, with a resurgence of acne along the bottom half of my face at the moment and need something nice to put the oomph back in.

    Thank yoooou~~

  5. Caroline, I came across your blog through an Irish parenting forum. I'm 38 and until now my skincare was purchased as part of my weekly grocery shop, mostly from the own brand aisle. I literally read through your entire blog this weekend. I'm a lone parent so don't often have a lot of cash, but am determined to look after myself and make skincare a joyous event. Many thanks for helping me (and others) to do so in such a warm, witty and engaging manner.

  6. WHO IS YOUR DENTIST?i love your smile...are you a model?

  7. Caroline, what are your thoughts on derma rolling?

  8. I love your instagram! Especially your quotes pics, please please post more!

  9. You are beautiful, i like your smile a lot!