Friday, 3 October 2014

David Kirsch's Perfect Shopping List

Regular readers will know that the brilliant David Kirsch is one of my clients. Next Monday David starts a new programme for Women's Health called 'Tone Every Zone'. 28 days of advice and blog posts on Women's Health US online.

I thought I'd mention it because to get everyone kick-started properly, David has compiled the perfect shopping list that I thought might prove useful as a checklist for your weekly shop....

Note the above list does not include Kettle Chips. Or wine. Nice try. *puts crisps back on shelf*

For more info on Tone Every Zone:

For more info on


  1. This is great I will definitely check out his posts, also no chocolate i see...

  2. It's 21:47 on a Friday night and I now have a craving for pink grapefruit :)

  3. A few months ago the boyf and I had to radically change our diet for health reasons and I am pleased to say it's been going really well. We've totally transformed our health and energy levels. And I'm even more pleased to see that most of the food we ate are on that list. Hoorah!

  4. *eats bag of chips while reading blog post* oops haha :(