Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Delilah Cosmetics - GORGE.

 Even after all my years in the industry I still love it when I see something new and think 'PHWOARRR'. That's exactly what I did with Delilah.

The brainchild of 3 friends, Delilah is a British born and led brand that launched onto the scene fairly quietly this summer. It's also, like Charlotte Tilbury (for me anyway), a brand that literally makes you think you need every piece. I wish I was joking. I cherry picked the two that I've used religiously since I got them - although more will undoubtedly make their way on to this blog before long (esp the loose powder).

This, dear readers is Stiletto Cream Lipstick and to show you the true representation of the colours on their website - always a bugbear of mine - this is one I papped at home with no filter:

The colours are exquisite and they hold, the textures are beautiful and the packaging is reassuringly heavy. Rose gold is used throughout the range to great effect.

And this little wonder has replaced the aforementioned Tilbury Retoucher as my grab'n'go concealer. Perfect consistency for me, I use this all around the eye area, sides of nose, around the mouth to redefine lip line when out and about.. pretty much everywhere.

The only downside is the lack of availability in stores. Delilah is available in selected spas and online at - and I suspect that is their choice - but someone, somewhere more readily available needs to pull their finger out and take this brand on. It's a travesty. *becomes a beauty buyer*

Prices start around £20. The lippies and the pencil concealers are both £24. Love.


  1. Pretty, pretty, pretty lipsticks.

  2. Omg this brand looks amazing!!

    Leonie ♥ IkonikBeauty

  3. Great... more Things to put on my wishlist ;) Looks so lovely.


  4. Cute lipstick

    ♥ ♥

  5. SO INTO IT. Want the retracting brow pencil and the bronzer ASAP.

  6. That has Jorden (me being Jorden, not the other one) Pink written all over it...

  7. Hi Caroline! I have a question for you, hope you can answer it : When we use a BHA or AHA, does we have to see the skin "getting of " our face as a sign that it´s really working?

  8. Hi Caroline! Just discovered your blog - WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE ?!!! I have very quick question - and if you've blogged on it before then I'm sorry and please direct me to that post! I'm off to L.A in a week and plan on investing hard in some skincare. What should I look out for that you can't get in the U.K or is ruinously expensive here? Any hero products that I should target?

  9. Loving the lipsticks, colours are gorgeous. Off to their website now! Thanks for the heads up on this range.