Tuesday, 28 October 2014

New appearance date with IOMA

A couple of weeks ago I had a skin consultation that was the best I've ever had. And it was done with a machine. 

Please excuse the rather Dr Who graphic but that is the IOMA Sphere - and it's capabilities for reading the skin are brilliant.
It perfectly detected what I already knew about my skin (some dehydration, prone to random breakouts), whilst reassuring me in other areas such as deeper wrinkles, redness and the big one for me, sun damage (minimal).

If you fancy having a go yourself IOMA have recently launched into Boots in both Westfield (White City) and Manchester Market St.

I am popping along to the Manchester branch next Thursday evening to meet some of you fellow skin obsessives so do please come along!

The first 10 people to arrive will receive the skin consultation from the Sphere (they're lengthy, hence the limit on numbers) plus a free gift and the rest of us can hang out and discuss all things skin.

I'm there between 5pm - 7pm. Hope to see some of you there! :)

Thursday 6th November
IOMA counter
32 Market Street

M1 1PL


  1. Sounds amazing! Wish I was in Manchester. Have fun.

    Ting | www.thetingthing.com

  2. Caroline, PLEASE PLEASE, come to Glasgow!

  3. Very futuristic. Too bad Manchester is way to far to go.

  4. Hi Caroline!

    I do read and follow you for quite a long time now but I haven't made any comment. First of all thank you for the lovely videos and for educating people in skincare - and help others to become skincare addicts cough me cough. Anyway I've been following your tips and look at product ingredients and doing my research before I buy anything. Today I came across the ioma skincare diagnostic machine at boots and decided to give it a go to find out that my skin is extremely in good condition! Very hydrated and with very low UV damage, there's a comprehensive list of stuff they analyze but even the lady was amazed by the results, apparently I was the first person to have such nice results and moisture levels, I don't have very problematic skin - never had - but until few years ago I was not even applying moisturiser in a regular basis... So, let me stop rambling and Thanking you for educating me in taking care of my skin properly! It is thanking to your tips that I have a consistent skincare routine and I've been helping friends to get one too!

    Thank you Caroline!


  5. i had one of these done at westfield.. personally i think its kind of a big way of getting u to buy their products.. i mean she did mine when i still had makeup on how can it have been accurate

    1. The machine sees below the surface - I had makeup on too. :)

  6. Gosh I hope Westfield brings this to Westfield Australia, that would be wonderful!

  7. Caroline, what'd your recommendation for finding a good place for a skin consultation? My local Boots used to offer a great and free service, but they closed it down and I don't know where else to look for a service like this.

  8. Dear Caroline, I have been a follower of your blog for a while now and am grateful that you share those tips with us.
    I am heartbroken to find out that you do not do the consultations anymore. I am absolutely desperate for an advice from you on wrinkles.
    I am non smoking 29yo female and I have a pretty decent routine with my cleansing and moisturising. Thanks to you that is.
    My massive concern now is the fact that I seem ti have quite few lines around my mouth, lips and eyes. I have heard about retinol and read about it on your blog but am not sure how to get to grips with it. Which product to chose now and how to tackle it for starters. My skin is not prone to breakouts. A bit on dry side but fine otherwise.
    Would you please advise me?
    I know it is a long shot but I figured that it won't hurt to ask you.
    Thank you
    Kind reagrds

  9. Will you be around before 5pm?! I can't get anyone to look after my 6 month old daughter and I so wanted to see you!! My skin has gone crazy since being pregnant and having her and I need help!