Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Vichy Normaderm Night Detox - review

Following on from the last post, I also gave my female tester in her late 20's the Vichy Normaderm Night Detox to trial.

What is it?

The blurb
'Those with oily, blemish prone skin suffer from an over production of sebum during the night. By morning, the skin can feel dirty and dull with additional blemishes. New Normaderm Night Detox targets the skin overnight by helping to control the production of sebum while purifying the skin.

Upon awakening:
  • Sebum production is controlled
  • Imperfections appear reduced
  • Pores tightened
  • Radiant complexion
  • Even skin texture
  • Skin feels clean & fresh
Powerful formula yet kind to the skin. The texture is light and non greasy leaving the skin with a clean fresh sensation.'
The reality:
A night cream aimed at those with a lot of spots/acne.

What's in it? (Kudos to Boots.com for actually bothering to list the ingredients)

What's good about it?
From my tester: 'The Vichy Night Detox is amazing! My skin is almost clear. I've been doing your routine and just using this at bedtime and I can't believe the results.'
It's also a great price point. 

What's not good about it?
This isn't the 'cleanest' product on the market if you are someone who wants natural/organic etc. However, in my experience, once someone has suffered from sustained, incredibly annoying breakouts/spots/acne, you stop caring what's in it (for the most part) and just want something that works. Still, at least on this occasion you can actually look at the ingredients and make the choice for yourself. Also: using the word 'Detox' in your product name is at best risky, at worst an untruth - but that's not for me to concern myself with...

Vichy Night Detox is priced around £15.00 (but always on offer somewhere) and available from Boots.com.


  1. I bought this last year and really loved it, I have blemish prone skin and although it didn't get rid of them it certainly helped how my skin felt.


  2. I will try this one :) Sounds great! Thank you!

  3. Hi Caroline!

    I have followed your blog the past couple of years religiously and have finally took the (scary) step of coming off my antibiotics and pill for my skin, as my skin is still very much problematic and I want to do this myself once and for all!

    I currently use the Clinique Cleansing Balm to remove my makeup in the evening, but could you recommend a PM and an AM cleanser for acne prone skin please?? I have been using (probably to your horror) the Garnier Pure Active gel wash and I really don't think it is doing me any favours.

    I also use the Clarins Exfoliating Toner after cleansing, but could you recommend a good serum and moisturiser for us blemish-prone folk too?

    Would appreciate your advice SO much, I am at my whitehead's wits end.


    1. Also, I'm 24 and I mainly experience bad breakouts on my forehead and chin (typical t-zone girl), would you say aim for products for combination to oily skin?

    2. Wow, Katy. I've been following a year now and feel like my story is similar. I came off antibiotics 5 months ago and pill 3 months ago in a bid to battle the spots. I still have spots (different spots) but there is light at the end of the tunnel.

      Katy, I'm writing to you because (just) in my experience even with that step, skincare alone isn't the answer. What I still haven't done is fully follow Caroline's advice about diet - I am sure she is right that there is still too much sugar in mine. It's the last thing left and the hardest for me. So I just wanted to urge you to look at diet too. (I already take lots of good fish oils every day btw)

      I did switch up my skin care following a consultation and her recommendations were lovely (Ole Henriksen truth serum, if you're interested, was the serum recommended for me when I asked, I like it, but it's no spot buster.)

      P.s. just been and bought the normaderm reviewed above - skincare alone may not be the answer but the hope is still there!!!

      Thank you Caroline, hope you don't mind me butting in. Reading other comments makes me feel less alone, in a way

    3. Yeah definitely I agree with you with the diet, I'm attempting to change that and drink lots of water, I'm just very wary on what to use in my skincare routine in terms of cleansers and moisturiser. I always reach for the obvious 'spot/blemish' ranges and feel like they can't be doing too much other than drying my skin out!

      I've found the Clinique Cleansing Balm great at removing my makeup, but I want something for the second cleanse and in the morning. And I go through high street moisturisers like they're going out of fashion, I haven't found 'the one' yet that doesn't break me out further.

      Definitely up for giving that serum a go though thank you :) and Caroline if you have any suggestions for us in terms of products that would be fan-bloody-tastic.

      I was tempted to try out the Clinique 3-step acne solutions but haven't seen too many encouraging reviews!

    4. Would really recommend a deep clay cleansing mask! (Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay £10 - Amazon) is fab, it is so powerful, always on the best sellers list on Amazon! It is great value for money, and lasts ages, it makes the skin red with the amount of blood flow it stimulates, (that goes away within half an hour max). I use it with Apple Cider Vinegar, it is so effective at really deep cleansing the skin (twice a week for my quite oily skin), and lightly exfoliates if you use with ACV. Don't let it get too hard and have to crack it off with a chisel though, that is impossible to get off and very very drying.

      Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel is fab, it is gentle and has pumpkin enzymes to lightly exfoliate and it is non foaming! Superdrug Hot Cloth Cleanser is also brill, don't use the muslin! Stick to flannels, it is so lovely! Would recommend benzoyl peroxide (not straight to 10% its irritating and pointless), and a 2% salicylic acid toner (Paulas Choice do one for £7 #BARGAIN). Any light retinols (Retinol Reface Indeed Labs/La Roche Possay/Philosophy/RoC) all do great ones that aren't irritating at all! Try a peeling gel to lightly exfoliate, if you are sensitive to acids, they are fantastic (You can find some at cult beauty or cure natural aqua peeling gel is a fab buy!). Use light facial oils (Sunday Riley Juno, boots botanics, sanctuary, l'oreal, B at superdrug, or even pure oils like rosehip or maracuja (great for acne scars, rich in omegas and anti inflammatory's)) and Dr Spot by Soap and Glory is a great on the spot treatment with actives and naturals (£8 - Boots).

      Keep the skin moisturised and hydrated and keep a routine, cleanse twice a day and gently exfoliate! Witch hazel, rosewater, tea tree and aloe vera are great naturals for acneic oily skin, pop to Holland and Barrett and pick up any Urban Veda toner (£9) and decant it into a spritz bottle, they are great value for money and have no unnecessary chemicals, smell great, hydrate, refresh and sooth, urban veda = JOB WELL DONE!

      Try and keep a great diet, no crappy chemicals, smoking, alcohol, sugar, drugs, additives ect, try stay off red meat, and no bum cream, wipes, alcoholic toner..eew, toothpaste or weird old wives tales. Try a toner tab from Lush with hot water, great for cleaning out pores and soothing. Don't make the skin too dry, or too oily, keep it clean and don't touch, scratch, itch or pick unnecessarily.

      I use all these myself, and my skin may be different from yours, these all work for me, and I am acne free! But I'm only 16 so they may not work for you. But I hope I can help! Sorry if my advice is wrong, you don't have to follow it, but it does help me a lot, and my skin is clear! But again, I'd let someone confirm my advice before following it!

      Sohail xo

    5. Try alkaline nutrition, it helped my acne so much. I am not in my early 30s and have tried literally everything. The only thing that really works is changind my nutrition.
      Even though I use products that help superbly WHEN I break out (thanks Bravura London), the nutrition really makes all the difference!


    6. Hello,just wanted to say if u have hormonal acne like I do(due to polycystic disorder ) ,u might want to try dmi, search it online. It's a phytonutrient found in broccoli and other greens,it is a estrogen "helper" ,it did wonders to me +it to cheap! I bought the dmi plus from nature's way from amazon .
      I hadn't had a period in 6 months (I have pcos),and dmi brought it back within a week!!
      However not sleeping well and anxiety always breaks me out.
      I also swear by frezyderm ac -norm series ,but it's a Greek product, might need to be sent from Greece to u guys.they use mimics of antibiotics in their creams +aha, salicylic acid and more ,each product had different active ingredients. Hope u all find a cure ,took me over 10 years to find mine!!

  4. How does it compare to the Effaclar Duo+? The Vichy has Salycylic Acid further down the ingredients list, but does that make a difference?

  5. Hm I usually come here for your opinion Caroline. I appreciate testers because the products are meant for their skin but what is your opinion of the ingredientlist etc.?

    1. I agree - one testers opinion, whilst nice to know, is not Lady Hirons. I'd like know The Boss' opinions! (Please)

  6. I'm relatively new et studying your skin care philosophy. You have already sold me on a few points. I am double cleansing in the evenings now! What is your take on alcohol? Wouldn't that be catastrophic on the lipid skin barrier? Worse than the detergent cleansing agents (e.g. foams)?


    AKA. The Rolls Royce of Acid Toning.

    They told me:
    'Due to our prescription based methodology, we don't allow our clinics to sell online. However, please find below a list of our top clinics, where you could either visit, have a complimentary on the phone or online consultation, or simply contact them and order your chosen products.'

    They are all in London, you lucky, lucky people, the land of Liberty, as we like to call it, but there is also one in Winchester, the land of...the land of... I'll come back to that. There is one in Rugby, and one in Royal Leamington Spa, which are both very close to each other. (My nearest is Rugby...but I don't need it I am a 16 year old boy, not that men can't use it.)

     EF Medispa Chelsea



    0207 368 7676

    193 Kings Road, Chelsea, SW3 5ED

     EF Medispa St John’s Wood



    0207 449 0888

    St John’s Wood High Street, NW8 7NL

     EF Medispa Kensington



    0207 937 5554

    29 Kensington Church Street, W8 4LL

     Zen Spa



    0207 229 8686

    32-34 Notting Hill Gate, London W11 3HX

     Beauty M



    @ Goges

    0207 228 3451

    The Parade, 129 St John’s Hill SW11 1TG

    @ The Seed

    789 Fulham Road, London SW6 5H5

     Your Skin @ the Evolution Clinic



    01926 809937

    34 St Thomas Street, Winchester, SO23 9HJ

     Meadow Clinic



    Rugby Clinic

    01788 877040

    11 Regent Street, Rugby, CV12 2PE

    Leamington Clinic


    7 Clarendon Place, Leamington Spa, CV32 5QL

    Good luck ladies! (and men!) Let's get a toning, if you can't get to one of these spas then first you need to get a phonin'.

    Sohail xo PS. Love you Caroline!

  8. I use this and I quite like it, I think I prefer the la roche posay effaclar duo though.


  9. I agree with Emily, I much preferred the La Roche Posay Effeclar Duo +. I persevered with this for ages, expecting it to one day suddenly transform my skin but there seemed to be little effects. It depends entirely on your skin however. Mine is very hormonal so that may have acted as a barrier for the Night Detox.

    She's So Lucy

    1. Hello,just wanted to say that since u have hormonal acne like I do ,u might want to try dmi, search it online. It's a phytonutrient found in broccoli and other greens,it is a estrogen "helper" ,it did wonders to me +it to cheap! I bought the dmi plus from nature's way from amazon .
      I hadn't had a period in 6 months (I have pcos),and dmi brought it back within a week!!

  10. Hello Carloline, Love your blog/Vlogs

    I am someone who has cystic acne and have just a treatment called hyfracation (Bascially zapped my spots ) and they have told me I will need to start using 'Non Comdegenic' products, Can you recomend some products , I am struggling to find a toner, I am currectly using the 'Pixi' Glow tonic, but will have to stop using this.

    I would love some advice on how would to deal with controlling my acne ( mainly on my chin and somtimes forehead) and also trying to use anti ageing products ? Finding the right balance , as my cheeks are normal, my chin is extremely oily and my forehead is very de hydrated c

  11. Does anyone know where I can get this in the States? I checked Sephora and Ulta, and it doesn't come up in the Normaderm line. My skin creates an insane amount of sebum, to the point where my skin is sticky. I would love to try this!

  12. Hi all- I've been advised to try the St Roche effeclar cleanser with a cloth and the Effeclar K cream during the day and Pierre Rene collagen at night. Has anyone tried this? I've been given samples to try for 14 days. Can anyone recommend a good suncream for (hormonal) blemish prone skin and also something to assist my blemished back? I'm so glad I found this blog. It's reassuring to know I'm not alone! Kathryn

  13. Hi all- I've been advised to try the St Roche effeclar cleanser with a cloth and the Effeclar K cream during the day and Pierre Rene collagen at night. Has anyone tried this? I've been given samples to try for 14 days. Can anyone recommend a good suncream for (hormonal) blemish prone skin and also something to assist my blemished back? I'm so glad I found this blog. It's reassuring to know I'm not alone!

  14. How would you go about using this? I've been squishing it between my serum and moisturizer. Or should I be using it alone?

  15. Do you think this could be used o people with normal skin?

  16. Anyone knows the percentage of calicylic acid in this cream? And is it unsafe to use during pregnancy?
    Thanks :)