Saturday, 6 December 2014

November Favourites

Hi Everyone!

My November Favourites video is now live.

Included are:

Aveda Smooth Infusion Naturally Straight - great if you have hair that assumes your chosen look is 'windswept frizz who wants to have straight hair anyway?'. £21.50 available on

Clinique Deep Comfort Body Butter - quick absorbing, thick and lush without the grease. Simples. £25.00 available on 

Elemis Frangipani Monoi Body Cream - smells like holidays in the middle of winter. Perfect if you've always loved the smell but hate the faff of using the annoying body oil bottle. Fort know is easier to access. £24.00 available on

Kose Cell Radiance Moisturising Cream - lovely, light-yet-rich, absorbs brilliantly. Suitable for most skin types but particularly for the non-20 year olds of you out there. ;) £48.00 available on 

Clarins Skin Beauty Repair Concentrate - I think this is the product that I have been using for the longest period. Probably since around 1995/6? If you have skin that is temperamental this is to put it simply, a must-have. Flaring of spots, redness, wind burn, dehydration - pretty much anything. It's only 15ml but will last you for ages. One pump does all. Do it. £41.00 from 

Clarins Liquid Bronze Self Tanning - some people can really rock 'pale and interesting'. I am not one of those people. I need colour. On reflection, this is my most consistently used product. Every couple of days, pretty much all the time...End of. £19.00 available from 

Tom Ford Illuminating Primer - lovely, non-irritating, suitable for all skin tones - even darker ones. I use the non-spf version. £54.00 from

Charlotte Tilbury Red Carpet Red - I own a lot of red lipsticks. this one will be used to the bitter bullet end. £24.00 from

Delilah Tango, Stiletto and Vintage - My new favourite range. Smooth, creamy yet slightly matte finish. Sophisticated and reassuringly heavy packaging. Lush. £24.00 from 

YOUTH supplements by Beauty Works West - as I say in the video, I'm hesitant to recommend supplements purely because there are so many conflicting opinions, results and contra-indications, but for me, these are brilliant. Do your research, make informed choices. £64.00 from

Thanks for watching!

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  1. I always let out a little whoop! when I see you've posted. I know you're very busy but for the selfish of us out here that don't really trust anyone bar you when it comes to our skin please please please post a bit more often. X

  2. And yet another two additions to my ever growing Beauty Wishlist...

  3. I know you mentioned using rice on here, but what about ingredients from sake? I'm specifically talking about sk-ii. Have you ever tried their facial treatment essence or any other product? Just wondering :)
    Thanks for the video!!!

    1. Yes, would LOVE to hear Lady Caroline's input :)

      Julia - I have actually been investigating the same myself. But am partial to Missha Essence since it also has Niacinamide in it? (that is one ingredient that I know is Lady Hirons' approved :)

      It's fantastic that Japanese and Korean brands are making their way to our markets. They have some truly lovely stuff. I incorporated some of the products in my routine (I use a combination of French pharmacy brands/UK stuff and added hada labo hyaluronic lotion and vitamin C serum) and do you know, they work like a dream. What I think it's also great that you have great products (high tech, all natural etc) at all price points from cheap(ish) stuff like Hada labo to "handbag" brands like Kose above, Sulwhasoo, etc.

      Given some ingredients might be considered odd from our Western perspective, but that doesn't mean some of these things don't work.

  4. The clinique body butter sounds really nice and perfect for the dry skin in the winter! x

    Beauty Soup

  5. I absolutely love that Aveda product. Reminds me to get some more!

  6. As you've mentioned the Beauty Repair Concentrate several times, I decided to look up the ingredients and came across the Site That Shall Not Be Named. She's rated it as "poor" and says lavender oil is irritating. *dies* I have crazy sensitive skin and used lavender, neat for decades. Not only has it not irritated, it's done nothing but healing. Oy.

  7. The Body Butter sounds amazing!

  8. The Tom Ford primer is fab on my dark and dry skin - makes it all glowy in a nice non glitter ball way.