Thursday, 1 January 2015

Clinic - Pregnancy and all its baggage

Hi everyone! 

As I have a little time (work won't get fully going until next week) and it is my most-requested topic recently, I'm going to hold a clinic tomorrow - Friday - for all things pregnancy related. Skin, breakouts, dryness, what products you can use/not use and pretty much anything else you want to ask. 

Safe to say I have a 'tad' experience in the area. *is bankrupted by having four children*

Let's go for 4.30pm so that the Americans are awake and I can watch The Sound of Music. (I'm not even joking)

As usual, I'll publish questions that I'm asked the most, think will be the most helpful and will do as many as I can.

Please remember to post your questions tomorrow under the Clinic post - not below! :)

See you tomorrow!


  1. How long do you keep the clinic open for? As I'll be at work till 5.30. Either way will look forward to read your answers to people's questions. Xx

  2. Comment as your name when you get a chance and I'll try and get to it. But it's always closed within an hour normally due to the influx. :) xx

  3. Oh, that was my fav film when I was a girl. Used to torture my mom every time it was showing. Had an LP of songs from the movie, which eventually broke cause I played it so much. I still loooove it!!!!

  4. Woop...this is such exciting news!! Am 30 weeks pregnant, have been in hospital for the last week and now have an incredibly dry, flaky and sore face. Can't wait to read the clinic. Will be the highlight of my hospital day along with the tea trolley. Thank you for doing this and happy new year Lady Hirons x

  5. Wow! Sounds great! But where exactly do we leave our questions? Can't seem to find 'clinic'.....