Friday, 23 January 2015

Indeed Labs - Fillume

As mentioned earlier this week, coming next Monday is the latest release from Indeed Labs - Fillume.

What is it?
A moisturiser that claims to:
  • restore the look of facial contours
  • plump the appearance of furrow lines and laughter lines
  • improve the tone and texture of the skin

What's in it?

The blimph says:

'5 Key Actives' *eyebrow*
  • LINEFILL: A natural active from the seeds of sesame that works to restore lost facial volume leaving skin plumper and restoring the look of facial contours.
  • ReGENESEA: Contains a special aqueous extract to help to redistribute subcutaneous fat, significantly improving skin smoothness, wrinkle density and wrinkle volume.
  • Sym 3D: Stimulates fat cells to correct and bring volume to the skin through a unique dual mode action, resulting in added plumpness.
  • Hyalufix: Creates hyaluronic acid, a high level hydrating substance that works to erase shadows, increase skin volume, improve radiance and diminish signs of wrinkles.
  • PatcH20: A molecular network of natural biopolymers with a high concentration of moisturising complex glycerin, it provides immediate and long-lasting hydration through a molecular mesh that creates a protective film over the skin’s surface to reduce water evaporation. 

What does that mean?
Using a lot of different trademarked names for things is nothing new to the industry. I could mix up a batch of 'Hironsflex' out of glycerin and hyaluronic acid, trademark it and call it a 'key active'. It's still glycerin and hyaluronic acid.
And please don't get me started on things that allegedly shift 'fat' around or stimulate fat cells. It doesn't work on cellulite creams and as my mate Sali Hughes says, if it did, would we not apply this miracle potion to premature babies in high dependency units to beef them up a tad? Hogwash.

Possible allergy/acne triggers?
It contains silicones, alcohol and glycols if you are concerned about those. The texture however, is not silicone heavy and there is certainly no alcohol 'burn' on application.

What's not in it?
It's fragrance-free for those with problems with fragrance - either synthetic or essential oil based.
Mineral oil

Who is it for?
Aimed at all skin types, it is targeting people with 'loss of facial contours' - it's hard to say what age that would come in at as it could depend on your lifestyle as much as your genetics and age. I.e. if you smoke, your face is going to look 'saggy' before that of a non-smoker, even possibly in your 20's - so go by your own lifestyle as well as your age.

How do you use it?
Apply a 'pea' sized amount am and pm. I needed a bit more than a pea. More a broad bean. :)

What's good/not so good about it?
Having said all of that, this is a lovely moisturiser that works brilliantly on top of very active serums. For 25 quid, it easily stands up against hydrating/plumping moisturisers with a much higher price tag, without the added costs for packaging and fancy boxes.
I would have liked a 50ml size though, even if that put the price up a bit.

I really like this cream - and I enjoy using Indeed Labs products, I just hope they keep it simple and don't start going down the 'too many claims/trademarked' names road - that would be a great shame and possibly distract from what is in essence, a great, affordable, range that for the most part, does what it says on the box.

Fillume is available from from Monday 26th January and is £24.99 for 30ml.


  1. I get on really well with Hydraluron (thank you for that!), is this something that's worth a try or is it only likely to differentiate itself by the facial contour effect?

  2. When I hear "volumising moisturiser" I think, "Why would I want a bloated face?"

  3. This urea business ... what's up with that?

  4. I wonder how you would pronounce the name of this? ^ ^
    I apologise if that is a silly question! ^ - ^

  5. I'd buy Hironsflex! :) Young women don't understand what "loss of facial contours" means, it's something you only really "get" when you notice what's happened to the face in the mirror, esp. around the jawline.

  6. Sounds great, I got on incredibly well with their pepta bright. I had quite bad acne scarring that has almost all gone!!

  7. It sounds good. I rather have a nice moisturizer that does what it says to put over active serums.

  8. As s rule I love Indeed Labs, but I was a bit sceptical when reading those trademark names, they can feel a bit gimmicky. I have the hydraluron moisturising jelly - is there really much difference between the two?

  9. I hate trying to find a moisturiser in the colder months that suits my combo and spot prone face. Anything a bit rich just sits on the skin and anything for oiler skins is just not enough so I was interested in Fillume as I do rate Indeed Labs products. Only used this once so far and my skin feels LOVELY! Looking forwards to seeing if this get a perm place on my skincare shelf.