Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Sunday Riley Giveaway Winner

The winner of the Sunday Riley prize is....*drumroll*

..........LAURA W.

I have already emailed the winner so if you are called Laura W, check your inbox. If you haven't received an email but you are called Laura, over 5000 people entered the giveaway, it's highly possible there are more than one of you. Sorry!

Thank you to everyone who entered. 


  1. Well done Laura W!

    I want to love Sunday Riley after reading Caroline's blog (my skincare bible!) and others, but I don't seem to get on with the brand. Good genes seems to bring me out in spots - nasty red lumpy ones - any time I use it. Ceramic Slip is sometimes lovely (just what my oily skin needs) but sometimes it leaves me immediately with red burning patches on my face. This happened last night and like a complete idiot I decided to push on with an acid toner - BIG mistake. Large red peeling blotchy patches today. Nice!

    Anyone else had problems with Sunday Riley or is it just me? I've been really wanting to try one of the oils, but am a bit nervous now...

    1. I didnt get on with Good Genes either unfortunately. Exact same issues you described above. I tried Artemis but it is too thick and heavy for me. Waiting for Luna now.

    2. I had a similar reaction to Good Genes. I've been suspicious that lactic acid doesn't agree with me for a while though. No obvious negative effects from Ceramic Slip but it just didn't feel quite right on my combination skin and I had no desire to continue use. The Artemis and Luna Oils on the other hand - absolute bliss.

    3. I have the Isi oil and it's lovely but the start over eye cream burns my skin!

  2. Congratulations Laura W, enjoy.

  3. Lucky Laura well done enjoy from well jel! Lol

  4. Hahaha, love that you used Hunter Pence for this!!