Saturday, 28 February 2015

The Month in Skincare - February

WHERE IS THE TIME GOING? Although I don't mind winter getting a move on - I NEED some warmth!
This was a varied month for me skincare-wise. I tried a lot of different products, some of it budget, some of it embargoed, some of it new to me - and I revisited some old friends... A few of my favourites are below with a one-liner about each picture. Please do feel free to leave any Q's in the comments! I'm having a catch-up tomorrow! :)

Deep Tissue Repair by Kate Somerville - I'll probably be buried with this.

Dennis Gross Pads - brilliant

Oh God the Starfish! :(

One of Tata Harper's many brilliant cleansers.

Luna - lived up to all the hype.

Some days you need to pull out the old faithful products. Step forward Emma and Estee.

This was my travel pack - and the day my phone camera decided that focusing was an optional extra. .. GGRRRR

Some people decant and travel light. I am not one of those people.

The Sleeping Mask is supremely hydrating and amazing over Deep Tissue Repair.

OSKIA Micro Exfoliating Balm - lush every single time...

This Works 'no wrinkles wonder essence' is a take on the Far East 'essence/lotion' stage at half the price of most of its competition.

Cowshed Toners are worth investigating. Very good and not at all £££.

I'm saving that Tata serum for a bigger review. And that's my favourite of her cleansers...amazing on combo skin or for a morning pick-me-up cleanse on any skin.

The embargoed products on the right and Pixi's utterly brilliant eye makeup remover on the left...

Tatcha's Gold Camellia Beauty Oil is divine on tired skin that needs a lift...

Ultrabland. When something is the exact opposite of its name.... Love it.

Physiological Cleansing Gel didn't make me want to scratch my face off - a first for a product of that type...

We discovered that Champney's are bringing back that brilliant cleansing balm...

One of my favourite routines of the month. Great affordable cleanser, brilliant exfoliating toner and hydration through the roof from Vichy.

Una Brennan's Super Facialist Night Creams are a bargain for the price and quality.

My backstage kit for London Fashion Week. Those 4 products can work miracles in 2 minutes. Literally.

Organic Surge prove that organic doesn't have to mean 'extortionate'.

Vita Liberata's Peptide Mist - what feels like a gallon of water for your skin in one pump. In a good way....

All of the above could come to a Desert Island with me and I would be quite happy. And my beloved and discontinued Clarins Extra Comfort.

How to do a shower in the morning with 2 products and a cup of tea. *done*


  1. Hello Caroline, I wondered if you could please tell me if Lierac Radiance Toner is qualified as a good exfoliating toner? Itis also alcohol free. Thank you, you're the best :)

  2. Thanks for these reviews, Caroline, love them!
    Quick question if I can: I really enjoy using Vichy Normaderm Night Detox but feel it's a serum rather than a night cream... Can you recommend a night cream or oil for the oil slickers like me? (Also in the market for a day cream if there are any standouts!)
    Thanks again

    1. I can recommend the Clarins Hydraquench Cream and the Blue Orchid Oil :) i have combo skin and every moisturiser seems to break me out, this cream hasnt it isn't heavy at all but is soo hydrating as is the oil. x

    2. Oh thanks so much! I'm so scared of moisturiser, I've been cheating on the routine a bit (well, a lot). Will definitely check these out, thanks!

  3. Hey

    I need to buy a new exfoliating toner... I was thinking of either getting the ren one from M&S. I can still use my hydrating toner spray on top.

    Also can you pretty pretty please tell the pixi people to stock more pixi glow... Its always sold out :( *cry*

    1. The Ren exfoliating toner is amazing. Caroline reccommened it to me and I am onto my third bottle!

  4. Nevermind... Its in stock today. So so Sorry :o

  5. Might be a stupid question: how many drops of Luna do you use per night on a normally-sized face? Do we want grip or slip?
    Love your blog/youtube/instagram/errything

  6. On the nights when we see only one balm or cleanser (which looks like most nights), do you do a double cleanse with the same thing? Just curious.

    Also, what is the Estee Lauder product you find so reliable and comforting?

  7. Hi Caroline, recommendations on an exfoliating toner for someone using prescription retinoids for acne? Have been using Peter Thomas Roth glycolic acid toner and worried it's a bit too strong.

  8. Are you using the La Roche Posay physio gel with a flannel? Like you would with a balm cleanser?
    Really think you've been on fire with all your social media in the past couple of months,I'm enjoying it so much! Is there a cheat sheet for truly combination skin in the works? Oil slick t-zone and desert dry cheeks-am multiple product buying and I'm starting to get dizzy. Youre the bestest!

  9. What do you think about the Resist toner from Paula's Choice?

  10. Since becoming pregnant my skin has changed from oily/combo to dehydrated and sensitive. My ren clearcalm clay cleanser makes my skin feel tight, could you reccommend a different cleanser for me please and any advice on milia around my cheekbones/eyes?

  11. I have discovered so many fab products thanks to your suggestions, Caroline! You are amazing! However, the Ultimelt cleanser did not agree with my skin at all; it made my eyes sting and felt like it was burning my face off! My fault for not checking the ingredients as it has orange oil in which I always react to :-(

  12. Completely unrelated to your post but would you consider a post about men's face care? My other half is fastidious about his skin care however he is quite stuck in quite an antiquated and harsh facial wash, grainy scrub and men only moisturiser routine. He'd happily change if given a regime and new product suggestions for his pretty "normal" skin type by someone "qualified" as he puts it ��. Thanks for any help x Colette

  13. Hi Caroline loving your work and I've booked an appointment with Dr Bunting! I just wondered if you've tried/what you think of skincerity's night mask?

  14. Loving your work Mrs H!
    Two quickies, can the PGT and the clinique MCL be used as daily acid toners? Is there is one you would recommend over the other? I have fairly normal skin, maybe a tad dry at the moment but want to get on the acid toning love train!

  15. Do you like the hydraluron jelly? I have been using it for 2 weeks now and not sure if I should continue. I believe it's meant to be a moisturiser but it's not hydrating enough on its own for my cheeks. I can fix that by adding two drops of oil on top, but my bigger problem is that it makes my nose shiny, especially the tip. It's not oily, it's just shiny. I love the gel texture but can't really deal with the shine. I have the serum as well as got on a boots offer, but I haven't tried that yet.

    1. Hi Anonymous,
      Hydraluron is not a moisturiser, it goes under the moisturiser, retaining water. It needs something water based on top, not an oil. Caroline reviewed on August 2012, under "Hall of Fame". Hydraluron jelly was reviewed in one of her videos. MCM.

    2. With respect, I don't think you read my comment properly. I wasn't asking about the hydraluron serum, reviewed in 2012. I was asking about the moisture jelly, which even Indeed Labs call a moisturiser. Thanks for the tip about the video though.

    3. Dear Anon, Hydraluron jelly review is in Skincare Favourites July 2014 and Caroline put something on top, even in summer. Only trying to help. Best wishes. MCM.

  16. This month I purchased the Una Brennan cleansing oil, the S&G balm cleanser, the Vichy serum and the BioEssence face mask, after seeing the original posts. I'm very easily lead. :-)

  17. Would love to hear your thoughts on the estee lauder micro essence

  18. Hi Caroline! You are just wonderful!

    I will try and keep it short and sweet:

    Are Differin and Pai oil suitable for 21yr old, acne scarred skin?
    Any great Aesop facial skincare products apart form Control?

    Michaela XX

  19. Hi Caroline
    Just to say thank you so much for your posts, pictures and advice. You have helped me to accept my skin and to make it the best it's red, sensitive little self can be..( thanks to the skin cancer, 3 times arghhh). I'm learning how to tell what works, the body shop, vitamin e and chamomile, hydralaurons and mild Clinique toner and what doesn't, that will be anything with rose essential oil or Elemis and Clinique redness solutions cleanser!. Thanks again and much love. Ps Kelly at Westwood cross body shop is lovely and we had a great chat about you!! Xx

  20. I am really interested in the Estee Lauder Micro Essence. I have been using the SK-II facial treatment essence (what are your thoughts on this product) & was actually wanting to purchase the Micro Essence. What's good/bad about it? Would you recommend it? It'd be lovely if you did an All About Essence blog post! I don't think I've read about anything 'essence' on your blog.

    1. Id like your thoughts on SK II treatment essence too. I must say I saw not one speck of improvement..

  21. Hello,
    I was just wondering, were you using the Caudalie Grape Water for the second tone stage? Also, could you do more in depth reviews for the Estee Lauder Micro Essence and This Works No Wrinkles Wonder Essence, please?

  22. Hi Caroline! Thank you for all the work and effort that you put in, you have been so active on Instagram and on the blog!!

    If I may ask a question, I have been having some small red under-the-skin kind of spots on my cheeks. I don't let my phone touch my cheeks when taking calls and I change my pillowcase regularly, so I'm quite clueless how these spots came about. How should I prevent new ones and treat existing ones? I follow your way of skincare routine religiously btw (oil cleanse with flannel, acid tone, hydrating tone, serum, moisturiser)

  23. I was so excited to try luna but unfortunately it gives me large cysts :(
    Good genes is wonderful though!

  24. I am absolutely dying for a substitute for the Aesop control gel you mention in your cheat sheet about calming down angry spots! I live in the states and its not available (even online sadly). I have three awful, angry, painful welt like spots right now, and nothing is working! Thank you so much!

  25. Can you recommend a brand I can start with? I know you like a large rotation, but just for someone young looking to start off with a nice regular routine, I could do with a few good recommendations, as it is rather overwhelming to choose what products to use.

  26. Can you recommend a moisturiser to use after using Differin at night please?! I've tried cetaphil, oilatum, clinique moisture surge and Superfacialist neroli night cream. None seem to be agreeing with my dry, flaky & dehydrated skin! x

  27. Wow - that's hella lotta products! The only one I have / use out of the pics is the p50 - but I'm happy with the other products I'm using so its all good. Was just wondering if its ok to use a different creme / serum etc every other day? I have some full size products & samples that I enjoy using - one day a balm cleanser & deep massage, next day a gentle face wash with clarisonic 😉, some days an oil serum other days more of a light watery serum. But is this good/stimulating/beneficial for the skin? I'm guessing that the"actives" in any skin product are only active on the skins surface for a short while - maybe even minutes before they are broken down by the body. So I guess what I'm asking is, is it good to keep the skin stimulated with a switch in product? ( this seems to be working ok for me as my skin has no real issues at the moment).

  28. Hi Caroline!

    Do you have a recommendation for a facial oil? I have normal to slightly dry skin. I get the odd pimple now and then but nothing major since I've had a good acid toning routine in place. I use FAB / Clarins gentle / Clinique mild on rotation.
    My skin has responded really wel to TBS vitamin E serum in oil. Maybe something along a similar vein?
    And what sunday riley oil should I go for the next time I cross the pond to the UK?


  29. Hi Caroline,

    Could you do an FAQs on silicones this month? I'm so confused about whether they're good or bad and if they're good (or at least not bad), what function they're actually playing.

    I noticed you got a lot of grief over the Bioessence sleeping mask for the silicone content. Similarly, Zelens eye cream which you (and everyone) raves about is loaded with it.

    This leads me to think that maybe I'm confused ....

    Thank you!!

  30. Hi Caroline
    Was just wondering if you have any experience with the 'Oz Naturals' products. Superb reviews on Amazon but can't find any mentions on here?

  31. Hey Caroline,
    I'd really appreciate your opinion and advice on my current routine - is there anything you'd add or replace ?

    20, combination sensitive (quite the oily t-zone), no spots/acne etc.

    Daytime : cleanse obv, Clinique Moisture surge + La Roche-Posay Anthelios dry-touch gel cream SPF 30 (when leaving home)

    Nighttime : Alpha-H balancing aloe vera cleanser / Body Shop Vitamin E cleanser and the new oily cleanser form Body Shop you recommended a couple of week ago (2-3 times a week - the Clarisonic thing), FAB radiance pads (about 2 times a week), Kiehl's midnight recovery serum (about 4-5 times a week), Clinique Moisture Surge on top, Kiehl's midnight recovery eyecream, on random spots Effaclar Duo+, once a week Kiehl's Epidermal Re-Texturizing Micro-Dermabrasion

    Could you please recommend a serum that's not as heavy as my current one & sinks in nicely ? AND I'm struggling to find some really lightweight, gel-like SPF for daily use - I get shiny quite quickly. Any ideas ?

    SORRY if this is long - and should you find the time to jot down a quick answer - THANK YOU :)


    1. Not Caroline, obvs, but LRP does an "Extreme Fluid" version of the Anthelios that is aimed at oily skin, so that may work for you. Benefit's new Dream Screen fluid facial sunscreen is a similar texture - it's billed as 'silky-matte' finish and that's accurate.

      If you're in North America, you could also look for Neutrogena sunscreen. They do some fabulous mattifying ones.

    2. I totally forgot to check back if anyone has commented on my post - but better later than never, right ?
      Anyway, thank you for responding, will check the stuff you've recommended ! :)

  32. I bought the Cowshed Chamomile Toner after seeing it on your Instagram feed...and it's lovely. I'm off for a spritz right now...

  33. Hi Caroline! My first comment didn't seem to post, but apologies if this is coming up twice now.

    I would really love a review of the PC Resist BHA, and maybe a comparison post in general re SALICYLIC toners i.e. strength, other added ingredients and what not.

    And a question unrelated to your post if you have time: can you use niacinamide and vit c together? I'm thinking maybe a toner with niacinamide and then a vit c serum, or perhaps vit c serum then a moisturiser with niacinaminde in.

    I want to make the most of those two ingredients for brightening and red marks but I've read a few things which suggest they cannot be used together, so I'd appreciate your input if you've got time!

    Thank you for all your posts, and saving our faces! xx

    1. I would also love a review of the PC Resist BHA and a comparison between salicylic toners

  34. Starfish cream no good? Or why the sad face? :/
    Looking in to retinols, La Roche or Indeed Labs?

  35. Hi Caroline!

    THANK YOU so much for everything you do. My skin loves you!! ( and me too )

    I have a lot of questions, but will try to do it quick / simple :

    1) I have dry skin, occasional breakouts ( though it is more often I have them, than I do not have them ) and some old acne scars, mostly on my cheeks. My current routine is focusing on things gentle, a good massage every evening ( REN cleansing balm ), first aid radiance pads and moisture. My question is: is it possible to do more to prevent breakouts? And could I do more to focus on my scars whilst not forgetting my current breakouts?

    2) I am 25 years old. Is it too early to start using retinol on some fine lines that are starting to occur? I do already massage them gently every evening ..

    xxx o

  36. Love these skincare pics thanks. What Estée Lauder moisturiser is featured in your pic. At the moment am using the EL replenishing comfort moisturiser with is lovely but £'s. I also have the this works no more wrinkles midnight moisture which it is similar too am I wasting my money by spending £100 on a moisturiser or is the EL more superior on a 40ish year, dry skin. Thanks again :)

  37. Hi Caroline,
    Can I use Luna oil then Decleor mandarin night balm top of it?
    Many thanks

  38. Thank you for keeping the blog updated so regularly. Loving the skincare pics - do you use the products in the order shown. If so I notice the luna is the last in the routine. Does this mean I can use it on top of moisturiser. I only ask as I am waiting for it to be released in the uk & I'll be making a purchase & would like to know correct usage. Thanks

  39. Hi Caroline,
    Thank you SO much for all your hard work, time and advice. Since discovering your blog, not only do I have much better skin, I’ve also learnt to ditch ‘the wrong products’ (Oh, I so wish I had discovered the flannel love before I got a Clarisonic #wastofmoney)

    Please could you advise where I should add Tata Harper Replenishing Nutrient Complex to my routine.

    Clinique TTDO, Pixi GT, Hydraluron Serum, Kate Somerville Goat Milk. (AM & PM)

    I’m 36, dehydrated skin, no other skin issues

    Thank you x x x

  40. Hi Caroline,

    I am 23 yo, oily skin, very congested, a lot of blackheads in my nose and cheeks, but very sensitive, easily dehydrated. My acne now is more or less under control, but I have many small bumps in all my face that have been for always since I can remember.Also, I have many marks from past acne.


    Clinique TTDO Cleansing balm (I am not sure if I should be using it here, any alternatives?)
    Hydraphase UV intense legere from La Roche Posay


    Clinique TTDO Cleansing balm (although I rarely wear make up)
    Apivita cleanser for combination /oily skin (it is foaming so I want to replace it, could you suggest something, please?
    Biopure gel (it is some sort of gel moisturizer, I know I shouldnt use it but the Hydraphase legere from LRP wasn,t doing much and this seems to do something keeping my face from looking so "dirty", plus it has all kinds of parabens...why me?)

    I am thinking of buying Paula's choice 2% BHA liquid solution for using it in the afternoons, would you recommend it?

    Thank you so much!

    1. I forgot to say that I use Dermalogica Daily microfoliant twice a week.

  41. Hello!!

    I have SUPER sensitive skin that reacts to pretty much everything (even the FAB toner pads and wash clothes). Is there anything I can do to help strengthen my skin and make it less sensitive? I can't even use a wash cloth or a cotton pad on my skin with it getting irritated, and while I think I may have found I can use the Tatcha exfoliating powder and be okay, I would like my skin to be stronger than that. Also, along the same line, is there a way to know when my skin is reacting to too much sugar versus to a product? I had a flair up the other week when I was eating poorly but also trying a few new products, and I couldn't figure out which was which without stopping everything and doing it all one by one. Is there anything telling about a sugar flair up versus a sensitive to product flair up that I would know the difference? Thank you for your time and wisdom as always!

  42. Hi!
    Going for yes/no-answer type questions: Should I use a hydrating toner after the Clinique mild clarifying lotion? And is it okay to use my aha-gel (8% Paulas Choice) every other day or so when using the Clinique MCL or is that to much exfoliating?
    Love from Sweden! /Anna

  43. Hi Caroline,

    Love your blog and instagram - hilarious and spot on.

    Do you have any advice for fading acne scarring? I'm about to turn 30, just seeing off the tail end of acne on my chin now (le sigh), but it's a scarred mess from 15 years of cysts. Otherwise a super duper pale, combination type person.

    Currently EH balm / REN balm, REN clarifying toner, S5 serum for blemish prone skin, an oil, and the Organic Surge night cream you recently tried (love OS!)

    Hope you've recovered from your food poisoning :(


  44. Caroline,
    This may be a stupid question, but are there any serums with SPF in them? I feel some days a serum is all I need...
    Another hydration question: have you heard / tried Avene Hydrance Optimale UV Light SPF 20? I thought it may be a good moisturiser for the summer when the sun comes out for oily skins like mine.

  45. Hi Caroline, could you do a more thorough review on the vichy serum and the clinique clarifying lotion? also, would the clinique lotion be remotely comparable to other still affordable exfoliating toners you rave about?

    What do you think would be a good serum or likewise treatment on the affordable side to fade stubborn acne scars and generally even out skin tone?

    Thank you so much.

  46. What type of serum/oil would you recommend for someone in their 20's with normal skin?

  47. Hi Caroline,

    I've read that you've used Neal's Yard Wild Rose Beauty Balm for over a year, yet they recommend only four months of usage. It sounds like your opinion differs from theirs. I'd appreciate an answer. I just bought my first jar, and it's the anniversary edition. I won't be able to use it all within their allotted time frame, since it's a plentiful amount.


    Another American Admirer

  48. Hi Caroline
    firstly, LOVE your blog!! I have been reading your words of beauty wisdom for a few years now and this is my first Q for you. For past few months I've focused more on my skin routine and am now more consistent. Emma Hardie Moringa Balm and Alpha H liquid Gold are my old favourite staples so happy to say I WAS having a great run with my skin and it was looking fab most days ;) A few weeks ago I had facial and was advised my skin was dehydrated... bought some "Hydra Tri-Action Aqua Droplet Sleeping Beauty Mask" to address that and it has resulted in breakout - silly me, a week later - tried again and same result. I have been told a few times that my skin is dehydrated but anything rich breaks me out, any ideas?

  49. Hi Caroline, I'm using EGF Bio Effect in the evenings(with nothing else as recommended) and am generally happy with the results but occasionally (TOTM) my skin can look a bit dehydrated in the morning. Can you recommend a hydrating moisteriser that would be suitable to apply on top or would this affect how the serum works? Love your blog, thank you for sharing your huge font of knowledge ;)

  50. Caroline - could you tell me what was in the photo for your travel must haves? I can't quite tell what all the products are...Thank you so much

  51. Hi Caroline,
    I am sorting a bag of products to take away on holiday to Brighton in a few weeks and would like for a little advice on face masks and how often to use them.
    Love to really relax and pamper myself while away and my bag of beauty products is almost as big as the one for my clothes :)
    The masks I have are Hydraloron Moisture Boosting, all of the Glamglow ones, Aveda Dry Remedy, Trilogy Radiance, Oromovizca Deep Cleansing and Aveda Intensely Hydrating.
    Could I use two masks ( a deep cleansing followed by a hydrating ) twice a week?
    I am 55 and my skin is in pretty good condition ( much better since I discovered your blog )
    Love reading the blog and watching the videos and have now got a fair range of products and like to mix up my routines.
    I was a bagaholic but now you have made me a beautyproductolic :)
    Thanks a lot,

    1. I know this is an old question, but as a lover of masks, I often use them in tandem. 'Glamglow Supermud' for a deep clean, followed by 'Glamglow Thirstymud' to hydrate. Or 'Filorga Scrub & Mask' to clean & mildly exfoliate, followed by 'Filorga Meso Mask' to nourish, hydrate & help brighten and tighten. I find that for me these masks give me optimum results when used together like this. JMHO

  52. I checked and couldn't find a review on the Kate Somerville Deep Tissue Repair. May we please get your thoughts- target skin type, type of results to hope for, length of time before results... Thank you!!!!

  53. Dearest Caroline,

    I tried the Aveda exfoliating toner. I bought it without looking at the ingredients list. After two uses my eczema started to flare up. I turned the bottle around and there staring me in the face was "alcohol denat." I was shocked! Is this just in US recipes or is there alcohol denat in yours too?

    1. What about Shiseido Ultimune? You said good things about it in previous posts/videos but alcohol denat is also high up on the list. Do you think it's still ok? If so, can you explain why? I'm curious!

  54. I am loving Luna!! But also recently got the Deep Tissue Repair and the Somerville Line Release eye cream. The latter has me breaking out in whiteheads and I suspect it's the former that has my neck and sides of my face covered in about 10 enormous, painful cysts. Either that or Hydraluron (I'm currently omitting both in the hopes of clearing up). It's really bad. And sore. I've usually got pretty trouble-free skin as far as blemishes go. And funnily, I normally use Charlotte's Magic Cream, which you, Caroline, find too much. Isn't skin a funny thing?

    1. Definitely the Deep Tissue Repair that's causing the problems. I am an absolute mess at the moment - have had to cancel social engagements to avoid being seen. I have the gigantic,painful and awful cysts of a badly-afflicted teenager - and I'm a 50 year old woman with normally oily but wrinkle free and trouble free skin. This is grim, grim, grim.

  55. Hi Caroline,
    absolutely love the blog, I usen't to be too bothered about skincare at all but you have made me realise just how important it is and I now find it interesting, I was just wondering what you think of the philosophy skincare products? Thank you :)

  56. Dear Caroline,
    I'd really appreciate your advice on my current routine - is there anything you'd add or replace ?
    I'm 32 years old with combo/acne prone skin have some pores :(
    Daytime : cleanse paula choice /sometimes oskia renaissance gel,Rodial hyaluronic toner OR SK2 treatment clear lotion with Sk2 FTE,skinceuticals CE ferulic and now I'm using sk2 essential power essence(bcoz finished my CE ferulic) &SPF (when leaving home)...

    Night time : EH balm cleanser& second cleanse with paula choice cleanser then Peter Thomas Roth retinol fusion pm,sometimes I only use NUDE pro genius oil,AND Denis gross pads about 2 times a week
    Ooofff AND after spending this much my skin is just OK I have pores + unevenness/occasional hormonal breakouts with WHITE HEADS :( I don't know what is missing 😔ANY idea that I'm going in the right direction OR ----
    Could you please recommend me any other serum+moisturiser for morning & evening ?And also Would love to hear your thoughts on sk2 products

    SORRY if this is too long but only you can HELP me
    Love from Dubai❤️

    1. Recommend anti aging Serum + moisturiser and treatments:)

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  58. Is it bad that I can't take my eyes off your lamp base? Can you please let me know where you got it? xx Thank you xx

  59. Hi Caroline! Firstly love love love your blog ❤️ Just wandered I've been lucky enough to get a £50 gift card for John Lewis and was looking forward to spending it on some nice face care Any suggestions where to start? I think you said spend most money on a serum? Everything I use at the moment is from your budget skin care video :) I'm 22, a student and I have dry skin. Thanks Caroline! You're the best x

  60. Oh, Alpha-H Liquid Laser...

  61. Can you please go in depth in explaining how you use the Body Shop product LFW backstage?