Monday, 2 March 2015

Jo Malone Rock the Ages

It's hard to think of a fragrance house that churns out newness as much as Jo Malone. Whether permanent additions to the core range or Limited Editions, as in this case, they are certainly playing well to the consumer that wants more more more...

Rock the Ages focuses on key periods of British history including Tudor, Victorian, Georgian, Edwardian and Modern Britain.

Rose & Amber - the Tudor fragrance, is the standout for me. Yes, I'm nothing if not predictable. 

It's warm, heavy and sexy yet not overbearing. The only sadness is that it won't be around forever. All the more reason to go check them out while you can.

The Rock the Ages Collection is £42.00 for 30ml from and as I mentioned, strictly limited. Bah humbug. Or more appropriately, off with their heads.


  1. Caroline, do you not think JM is severely overpriced for what it is? I got a body lotion and two travel candles for 80 pounds... I kind of regret the purchase now!

    1. Honestly no. For me personally I love the candles and fragrances. And body lotions. Not so much the bath oils though. Not my thing. Xx

  2. Did you listen to Jo Malone on Desert Island discs? I thought she was really inspirational. She's dyslexic and she's fought breast cancer - amongst other difficulties. I'd recommend a listen on iplayer if you didn't hear it as it explains how she built up her company. I know she's sold the Jo Malone brand (Estee Lauder?) I'm not sure if she still has creative input. I can't really justify buying these as I just bought a bottle of Private Collection tuberose Gardenia in John Lewis's 10% off offer. It got me when I was weak!

  3. what a brilliant idea for a collection! i really want the peony and blush suede cologne because it's just beautiful as is everything from this brand!
    i also second listening to jo on desert island discs - really, really interesting

    ellie xo

  4. Caroline, have you already drawn the winner of the February skype consultation??? Please answer!

  5. I'm liking the bottles reflecting the period they represent. Now to check out the scent!