Saturday, 14 March 2015

The BEST things about working in the Beauty Industry.

Yesterday was fun - but there's obviously a reason we all keep doing what we do - so below are the best things about working in retail - especially beauty retail...

The customers who become friends
Regular customers that you have known for years are always a joy. You experience people getting married, babies being born, and their children growing up before your eyes. Lovely.

The customers that are genuinely helped by your advice and expertise.
It's wonderful when people's lives are changed by something you have recommended/advised. People feeling empowered because they learned how to make the most of their features with makeup, brides that you have prepped on their entire journey, helping people find the right gift for a loved one - and people who say you have changed their life because you listened to them, made them feel welcome and comfortable, and fixed their skin. All of the above.

The knowledge you gain
Constant on the job experience, constant self-improvement (for those who want it), constant availability of training - from people who have done it before and experts in their field.

The workmates that become friends for life - and in some cases Godparents to your children
People who work together always have that thing in common - especially that shared camaraderie of what retail life is like. Obviously you're not always going to get on with everyone you work with, but when you do, you really do.

The Girls
Lady. The generic name for most of the fabulous girls I've worked with. Still saved in my phone as Lady XX or XXX Lady or just 'Lady'.
And you know when you both know which 'Lady' you're talking about? That.

The Boys
When you hear a male makeup artist in full drag tell a woman that he can't make her look like the model in the picture because 'honey ain't no surgeon got them skills', it makes the day go so much quicker....

The Shop Floor
Never have I laughed as much as I have on the shop floor. Never. When it's quiet, when it's busy, just funny, funny, hysterical times. People be cray yo. Nothing is funnier than trying not to laugh when you know it's inappropriate.

The Product
Most people don't end up in the beauty industry by accident, there is usually passion involved. Whether it's skincare or makeup - most of us are still genuinely in love with the product - especially....

The New Product
Seeing new products before everyone else is still as exciting as it always was. The only thing more exciting than NEW product is...

Free Product 
Aka gratis, aka allocation, aka the freebies. The rumours are true. Work in the right place and the product is free-flowing. It's not why we do it, well, none of my FB crew anyway, but no-one's gonna lie and say they don't love the freebies. When you're as obsessed as the most obsessed of us, you still spend your own hard-earned money, but still: GRATIS.

I think I need to open my own shop.


  1. I need you to open your own shop. Stat.

  2. *faints* Lady Hirons own shop (even in jest) x

  3. Carola Svedberg14 March 2015 at 20:15

    You find the best GIF¨s ever ! Loves your advice and my skin thanks you for it <3

  4. I second need a shop AND a bus tour to it, for those of us, UP NORTH!

  5. I have NEVER written a comment exept this one and one on Ruth Crilly's blog. I'm a mother of four and about to become a grandmother (my daughter is 23, my three boys 15, 12 and 5). Everybody says I don't look like 43....I obviously have you to thank for the skincare side of things and a laugh every now and then because of your blog. Thanks for that...seriously. You're great. German women should know more about you too!!!


  7. Can I come and live in your shop?

  8. Open that shop!!! and please ship to Belgium :) You recommend so many gorgeous products, but so few we can buy here :(

  9. your shop; gotta write a resume .

  10. Can I come and work in your shop?

  11. Yes.. The ultimate beauty shop. You know you want to x

  12. You would need doormen for your shop the queue would be never ending!

  13. Excellent gif usage! x

  14. You open your shop and I will come work for it..provided all of the perks listed above still stand :-)
    I go to Sephora regularly, and there's always one particular woman that I work with to try new stuff and get suggestions. It feels like a girly date and she's working. I love that feeling.

  15. I would make a trip from Australia to London again in a heartbeat if there was such a shop. This is coming from the woman who made the same trip in her thirties with her best friend to see our fave teenage band in concert in London, so you know I will! 😉

  16. Had no idea "gratis" was a word that existed in English, and I'm a student of English. I did know it was a Danish word though because I'm a native speaker of Danish. Learn something everyday.
    BTW, if you open your own shop I WILL fly over there and pitch a tent outside your door. You have been warned.

  17. Same here Karima. I was like what? Thinking 'gratis' only existed as a swedish word.

  18. Gratis is also a Spanish word! :D

  19. I cry myself to sleep every night because of my POD. I've changed my diet, gotten rid of ALL SLS containing products, went on antibiotics that worked tremendously but then made it worse in the end, Started taking probiotics, the list is endless. I don't know what to do anymore. I know I sound dramatic and all, it just has me so depressed. Any information would help

  20. There were never perks of freebies in my job, but it still was rewarding, Thanks to That Customer. Thank you Caroline for this post.

  21. This is making me want to go back to it. If only it paid enough to cover childcare :(

  22. I work on a beauty counter and I literally nodded to everything you wrote lol - love how you keep it real with the regular beauty girls ❤️ Ps if you're opening a shop - I want a job lol xx