Saturday, 18 April 2015

Jo Malone White Lilac & Rhubarb Charity Candle

Charity projects always put me in two minds: is the money reaching the end target? Are the brand doing it purely to satisfy their CSR demands? 
So when something like this comes through, it puts my sometimes-too-cynical mind at ease.

When you purchase this new candle from Jo Malone they will donate the full retail price (less VAT) to a number of charities including the Whitworth Art Gallery in Manchester, St Mungo's Broadway in Bristol, the Kirkdale Country Garden, Rotunda Limited in Liverpool, Redhall Walled Garden, Scottish Association for Mental Health and Thrive - the Society for Horticultural Therapy in Battersea.

Working with community charities across the UK and the USA, through the sales of items such as this, Jo Malone supports their work with adults living with mental health issues and the fourth Jo Malone charity garden will open this June in Bristol. With the help of homeless charity St Mungo’s Broadway, it enables homeless clients to gain horticultural qualifications that could lead to long-term employment. 

The candle itself smells exactly like you would expect, soft fruit mixed with the white lilac. I am breaking my Limited Edition rule and already burning into it on my desk.

White Lilac and Rhubarb Scented Candle is available for £42.00 in all Jo Malone stockists including (although it is not showing on there as yet)


  1. Hi Caroline can you do a cheat sheet on retinol, really need some advice

    Thank you ! xx

  2. This is lovely really worthwhile. Can I just say the Fairy advert bar across the bottom of your page for the last three days is severely annoying it keeps getting in the way of your wonderful post as you scroll through sorry hate to moan.

  3. White Lilac and Rhubarb...yummy scents! And knowing that the full price goes to a charity that enables long-term job opportunities makes it even better.

    Mrs Hirons you are quoted in the article above. Just thought of letting you know. Much love.

  5. Jo Malone's products look amazing!!

  6. Did you make a donation Caroline?

    1. Outside of putting it on a space where it will be seen by a quarter of a million people? No. I doubt the beauty editors of the long lead press and daily papers 'made a donation' either. I make regular charitable donations - I just choose not to harp on about them.

  7. You go girl. Just by advertising the product you are raising awareness which in turn will lead people to buy the candle and raising money for great charities!

    Some people need to stop hiding behind anonymous and pipe down.

    Great post, I'm popping to my local store tomorrow to pick up 2!!