Thursday, 21 May 2015

L.A. - brace yourself

So I'm off to L.A. on Monday. I'll be at Generation Beauty with Pixi Beauty next weekend - the 30th and 31st. If you plan on going and see me there - please do say hello! I'll post specific stand and meet-up details next week closer to the time.

In the meantime, there are two serious topics that I need your help with.

Burgers and Beauty.

Where to eat?
Where to shop?

I have the usual list including Fred Segal etc - but would love to hear your tips. I have an empty suitcase ready to go.

Also: prepare to be blitzed on my Instagram. And I may well Periscope for the first time - especially when I get to my Kate Somerville facial. *SQUEALS*


  1. As fast food burgers go - In-n-Out are the best around here. Their fries are also awesome.
    Hope you have a great time in LA.

    1. I third the In-n-Out burger! I have one every time I visit San Francisco.

  2. I am going to Florida this summer and need the same advice! Can't wait for the Instagram and periscope moments

    1. Make sure you go to sephora in the florida mall. Bath and body works are all-over the place and have amazing deals. So many places to eat, bahama breeze, Tony Romans, hash house if you want quick fried food friendlys is good.

    2. It depends on what part of Florida you're going to and what you enjoy, but I'm from Orlando and there's so much to do there! I would recommend going to international drive. You can go to City walk at universal studios. Texas de Brazil which is the best steakhouse in FL, the premium and prime outlets, the Florida mall of course (if you have little ones take them to the disney store it's incredible), Private island ice cream for the best nitrogen ice cream, pleasure island, disney boardwalk. I would recommend asking other locals as well because there's so much! If you're into beaches I would say to go to Melbourne, Daytona and Clearwater. Hope you have a fun trip! :)

    3. I'm going to Orlando this summer. I'm so excited, it's my first time visiting the states. I seriously cannot wait to visit a Sephora store. Eeek! Finally can get my paws on some Kate Somerville!

    4. Nadia- could you possibly recommend an authentic bbq restaurant in Orlando? It's one of my 'must do' things x

    5. @Caroline, I'm not too sure what you mean by BBQ but if you're looking for a good steak or grilled food in general I would highly recommend Charley's steakhouse. Everything there is absolutely amazing. Don't be afraid to ask the locals as well! They know the good spots to eat that aren't chain restaurants.

    6. Thank you, my list is getting longer by the minute :-))

  3. This is awesome!!! I really hope I can make it and finally get to meet you!
    You should stroll through Rodeo Drive! The restaurant right next to Tiffany's is great for breakfast! (Breakfast at Tiffany's) :) :) :)

  4. OMG. I hate that expression but you've changed my life and I can't believe you'll only be a few hours away! You have to go to the Detox Market. Beautiful skincare! I buy my MV and May Lindstrom there because of you, plus lots of other amazing goodies. Hopefully I can come say hi❤️

  5. OMG! I hate that expression but you've changed my life and I can't believe you'll be so close! You have to go to the Detox Market. Beautiful skincare. I buy all my MV and May Lindstrom there because of you, plus lots of other goodies! Hopefully I can come say hi. Have fun!

  6. Any chance you'll be in NY any time soon? Have a great trip!

  7. Oh my gosh, my guru will be nearby? I can't stand it. Head to the coast and find any mexican food on the beach - margaritas and guacamole. I hope you have a wonderful time!

  8. Welcome! This is so exciting. You don't say which part of LA you'll be in but here are some options:

    Beauty: The Detox Market in West Hollywood is great for all the organic makeup and skincare. They've got everything! ( Fred Segal Beauty in Santa Monica also has a lot - and a lot more - than the Hollywood one.

    I've written all my Santa Monica favourites to do here and if you love burgers, Burger Lounge there or in Brentwood is so, so good.

    BrentMart in Brentwood is really good for high-end shopping and makeup (there's a SpaceNK). Abbot Kinney in Venice is also good for unique shopping and really, really good dining. Not so much for beauty products there. But there is a Toms store and cafe which is worth a visit since Toms is based in LA.

    In Beverly Hills, Beverly Blvd south of Wilshire has great food (Urth Cafe, Burger Lounge! Lette Macroons) and is around the corner from Rodeo Drive. Worth going to the Beverly Wilshire and sitting in the lounge for brunch or a cocktail. On beverly blvd there's a beauty store across from Williams Sonoma (sorry forget the name) and it's so old school beverly hills but it has a lot of different things - some really unique because high-end clients ask for things to be stocked. So always worth a peak.

    You should get a Spanish Latte from Urth Caffe. It'll change your life.

    If you need any other rec's let me know. I love, love, love the crazy LA and am @alexthegirl on Twitter.

  9. That's awesome!
    For burgers:
    In-n-Out is indeed delicious, the only fast food I go to (everything is fresh from the day).
    I also like Umami Burger, and they have quite a few locations across town. I recommend the Cali Burger and the Truffle Burger, but any of them will be delicious.
    Hope you have a great time! :D

  10. In-N-Out for sure! All fresh, no freezing, no additives or preservatives, fries are cut from a REAL POTATOE in front of your eyes ;) Their milkshakes are to die for! And it's cheap and only available on the west coast.

    1. Actually we have several now in Texas, but they aren't as good.

  11. Kate Somerville facial!! *faints with jealousy*

    Have a wonderful time and dont forget, its only $50 to check in an extra suitcase. 😆

  12. In-n-out is a nice alternative to McDonnald's, but if you want to take burgers to the next level go to The Counter downtown. And, since you're there, why not follow with a drink at The Standard's rooftop bar nearby.

  13. The Counter is really good, there is one in Santa Monica. In & Out as well as Fatburger are good, too. Then if you want a beer to go with your burger, there is Father's Office in Culver City, off of Venice but it's always packed. Good luck and have fun in our sunny city! So watch it rain...

  14. I am still waiting for Android to bring out the Periscope app dammit! Hubby just gave me the weirdest look when I mentioned you periscoping from your facial!! Anyway have a fabulous trip and I hope you're fully healed now. Ooh 'lightbulb moment', any chance of a You Tube video of your 'in flight' skincare routine sometime?!

  15. Try the dry-aged beef burger at Larry's Venice Beach. Amazing! Umami (several locations) is also very good.

  16. Hope you have a great time! Father's office has delicious burgers. :)

  17. Duke's Malibu is a beautiful restaurant right on the Malibu beach, and the food is amazing. I also love Tommy's chili cheese fries when you are feeling indulgent, and Señor Fish has great fish tacos. The Los Angeles Farmer's Market has anything you could possibly want-korean, NY deli, barbecue-they have it all. The Grove shopping mall is spectacular, and conveniently connected to the LA Farmer's Market. Have so much fun!!

  18. Hi!

    That's so exciting that you are returning to our beautiful lala land! I'm sure that you will have a jam packed week and it looks like some of the other LA gals have posted great ideas but I will still chime in:

    In-N-Out - Hollywood location isn't as good as it used to be but its still fun to go to.
    Umami Burger - So good!!! In Hollywood area there is a location on Hollywood Blvd., one on Cahuenga and another at The Grove on Fairfax,
    Five Guys Burgers - it's a national chain similar to In-N-Out but much more fresh and yummy!
    The Counter - Santa Monica
    The Golden State - on Fairfax
    25 Degrees in The Roosevelt Hotel - Hollywood Blvd. Great if you decide on a late night bar hopping binge LOL

    We have so many delicious restaurants but some of my favorites right now are:
    Republique - La Brea
    Animal - Fairfax
    Gjelina - Abbot Kinney/Venice
    K-Zo - Culver City ***amazing sushi for anyone who hasn't discovered yet
    SugarFish - La Brea but no reservations so you might have to wait a long time
    Petty Cash Taquieria - Beverly Blvd
    Petit Trois - Highland
    Loteria Grill - Hollywood Blvd. My friend Jimmy owns these restaurants and they are out of this world
    La Cabana - Rose Ave/Lincoln Blvd - if you want old school Mexican with over a 100 tequilas to choose from
    LaLas - Melrose - Super delish & affordable Argentine
    Los Balcones - Vine/Hollywood - AMAZING Peruvian food that's the real deal and not just for show
    Papa Beards Cream Puffs - You absolutely can't leave LA without trying one!!! Hollywood & Highland
    I think London has so many of the same stores we do but I guess you can't leave LA without visiting:
    Nordstroms (at the Grove best selection), Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf's
    The Grove - on every tourist visit
    3rd Street Promenade - Santa Monica
    Urban Outfitters - 3rd Street Promenade
    American Eagle
    Brandi Melville - the big one on 3rd Street Promenade
    Montana St.
    3rd Street between Fairfax & La Cienega
    Santa Monica - Main Street/Abbot Kinney - pop into Planet Blue

    Sephora at 3rd Street Promenade is the largest and the one at Hollywood/Highland is pretty decent size too.
    Scent Bar on Beverly Blvd - so good!
    Violet Grey - Melrose Place ***and it's fun to visit the shi-shi boutiques around it
    Larchmont Beauty - Hancock Park, Larchmont Blvd *** lots of great cafes and boutiques in these few blocks too
    I'm a diehard Kate Somerville fan but also check out Kinara Spa's products
    Make Up Forever on Robertson
    Mac Pro Store
    Wilshire Beauty Supply - huge and great beauty supply store on Wilshire/Cloverdale *** and just up the street from Five Guys Burgers :)
    Koreatown - you really need to check out what's going on in Korean Beauty. There is a conglomeration of shops in a plaza on Western Blvd 8th-9th street (Polla A La Brasa is across the street and it's phenominal if you like chicken)
    Also in Koreatown at Olympic Blvd and Western is another large plaza with lots of places
    Also over in the Japanese section of gorgeous little stores at Olympic and Sawtelle (West Los Angeles) you will find all sorts of amazing beauty treasures
    Mitsuwa Marketplace - Centinela Blvd is another treasure for both beauty and food

    Of course you are going to KS but if you have any spare time and don't mind going a la fresco then you need to experience another of our hidden treasures which is a korean bathhouse named Olympic Spa ( I've been going for about 10 years now and as much as I love a posh spa, this is the one that delivers results. Simply fantastic!

    Remember Runyan Canyon too if you have time for a fun mini-hike with amazing views of the city :)

    Enjoy a fantastic trip and feel free to email me at if you need any other tips.


  19. Burger: FatBurger
    Beauty: Nigel's & Naime's

  20. Burger: FatBurger
    Beauty: Nigel's & Naime's

  21. Try the Apple Pan ( Get the hickory burger and slice of apple pie. So, so good! Thanks for all your tremendous advice. It has changed my skin. So fun that you will be in my neck of the woods!

  22. OMG someone from home!! I'm trapped in Los Angeles for reasons I cannot disclose here. Cannot wait to hear a familiar accent for once amongst all the loud American accents! xo Sara

  23. Hi Caroline, I'm at Orange County. The event ticket is so expensive!!! Please do a meetup at a more accessible place if you can!! I'll be thrill to meet you!! X

  24. I've got food recs a plenty! You HAVE to go to Huckleberry in Santa Monica- best brunch & bakery ever!! Amazing local food producers & freshly baked breads & pastries! Also Gjelina for fantastic pizza & wine on Abbot Kinney/ Venice. Enjoy! Wish I was back there!! Xxx

  25. I've got food recs a plenty! You HAVE to go to Huckleberry in Santa Monica- best brunch & bakery ever!! Amazing local food producers & freshly baked breads & pastries! Also Gjelina for fantastic pizza & wine on Abbot Kinney/ Venice. Enjoy! Wish I was back there!! Also lookout for pretzel croissants! *drools* they are magnificent! Xxx

  26. If your going to be in the Glendale or Burbank area then I definitely recommend going to Granville Cafe, its amazing!!!!!