Friday, 1 May 2015

Meet & Greet at the Clinique Great Skin Lab

I'm so excited and thrilled to announce that I am teaming up with Clinique in their Covent Garden Great Skin Lab to meet as many of you lovely readers as possible and talk all things skin and let's be honest, play for hours with Take The Day Off - in its various forms. ;)

The store will be kitted out with all of my favourite picks from Clinique and there will be some nice extras available for those of you making purchases on the day.

When: Wednesday 13th May
Time: 4pm - 9pm
Clinique Great Skin Lab
4A East Piazza
Royal Opera House Arcade
Covent Garden

Based on my experiences at previous events, we've tried to make this as accessible as possible for everyone - and give you as much notice as we can.
This is a non-ticketed event, there is no charge, and I wanted to make sure we spread the time out as much as possible to ensure you can get to the Lab either during the 'normal' working day or after work.

I'll be posting reminders nearer the time but I'm looking forward to seeing you there.

*This event is sponsored by Clinique.


  1. Ooooh sounds ace but am now an ex Londoner! Have lots of fun and don't slip on any creams!! X

  2. When can we expect your review of the new Clinique range? (The blue rejuvenating one, I forget the name!) xx

  3. If only I could go! Lucky Londoners! ha! Buenos Aires is just a bit far south and west!
    We'll be following through instagram :) Have fun!


  4. Damn - this is exactly what I need! Shame I live in North Wales where the experience I had yesterday of the Clinique counter was less than satisfactory & left me clinique-less. :-(

  5. If only I'm in London... Hope you all who can be there have lots of fun though! :)

  6. Hooray!! Love this great news. Just got some Clinique at Harvey Nick's this week -- the associate was extra lovely and sympathetic to my skin issues. I have recently been diagnosed with rosacea and picked up the Clinique mild toner Caroline recommends. Great find, my skin is much happier already. Thank you Lady Hirons, hope to see you Weds. xoxoxoxo

  7. Eeeee I can actually make that! I've never been to the Lab in my times visiting Covent Garden so that looks interesting too.


  8. Hi Caroline,
    Would you be able to do some more top five/ ten? I'd absolutely appreciate it!
    I'd love to know what your top moisturiser choices are - including affordable (I know they have to be a certain amount obvs.)
    I'd also like to know what your top SPF recommendations are, as I have absolutely NO idea what to buy for that. I don't wear that much makeup so I can't get it from there!
    Thanks, Amelia xx

  9. I know its irrational - but a small part of me genuinely started to weigh up the possibility of flying to the UK all the way from Australia for this. Hashtag TheHironsEffect.