Tuesday, 5 May 2015

New Month, New Skpye Opportunity and last month's winner!

Hi Everyone!

The winner of last month's Skype appointment is Cristina Anton Marcilla from Poland. Congratulations Cristina! You have email. :)

To enter this month simply apply below as usual. Open worldwide, and you can enter as many times as you want to (once a day limit).

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  1. My skin desperately needs you

  2. I definitely just commented but it didn't show up so I'm going to try again.. I need your help, I've been spotty for 14 years :(

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  4. Hi Caroline.
    Well my skin has changed recently as it used to be fairly hassle free and I am struggling to adjust. It is now more sensitive, acne prone (still trying to find the trigger) and oily and dry depending on the products used. I just cant seem to get it right to control it. I also like to use products suitable for vegans so this is another hurdle as so many great products aren't. It's not nice to have confidence issues with your skin, so would like any advice offered at all. Many thanks, Hollie x

  5. Morning Caroline, hope youre well. I wanted to thank you for helping me to cut through all the marketing BS out there and really start to understand WHY and WHAT products actually do for the skin. It's so hard as a consumer to get real information. So I thank you wholeheartedly for the work you do here educating and personally I thank you for igniting my passion for skin. I'm now mid way through training to be a beauty therapist (whilst working f/t and family) but it's the best thing I've ever done and I owe it to you. I want to be able to learn, train and understand in order to offer sensible, effective skin treatment and advice and it was starting reading your blog 4 years ago that completely nailed this as the career for me. So thank you, more than you'll ever know.
    I wish you ever single success and the best in everything.
    Ashley Rothwell x