Wednesday, 13 May 2015

This evening! Clinique Great Skin Lab Meet & Greet

Hi Everyone!

Just a reminder that my Meet & Greet at Clinique's Great Skin Lab is this evening between 4pm and 9pm at their beautiful Great Skin Lab in Covent Garden.

I'll be there to answer all your skincare questions and more for 5 hours. Five hours of pores, doors, Take the Day Off and more!

Hope to see you there!

Clinique Great Skin Lab
4A East Piazza
Royal Opera House Arcade
Covent Garden

*This event is sponsored by Clinique.


  1. Wish I lived in London, or at least in the UK......

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  3. We cannot wait to meet you eeek! x

  4. Come to New York, New Jersey or Philadelphia! PLEASE.

  5. Dear Caroline,

    Just want to tell you that last night I had a dream about you. You were running a marathon, and we were cheering you on. We gave you bottles on Clinique mild clarifying toners like people give water bottles to the athlete ??!!!

    I also bought that toner yesterday, and love it!

    1. You just made me laugh (and I've now been caught sneaking a peek at Caroline's blog in case the CBB big reveal has been posted)

  6. Hi Caroline, just wanted to say thank you so much for doing this. It was lovely to meet you!! And thank you for teaching me the correct pronunciation of Antipodes lol. I'm really grateful for all the advice you gave me and hope to meet you again in the future!!

  7. Hi Caroline, thank you so much for your time this evening. It was refreshing speaking to someone so honest :) hopefully I can get this acne under control asap. Madi :)