Friday, 5 June 2015

Well that went well... the L.A. Diaries Part One

The first brew in LA. Home made - obvs.

So I've been back from my L.A. trip for three days and am still in a jetlag haze. It's worse than when I travelled to the Far East. Ugh. 
Anyway....onwards and upwards. To say I carried back a lot of product is an understatement, my luggage weighed over 100kg. I couldn't quite believe it myself and looked rather sheepishly at the check-in lady when she said in the nicest, non-judgemental Cali accent 'Wow. You've been busy! You must be strong! Hey fellas, can you give me a hand with this lady's bags?' 
Oh the shame. Dear reader the shame. 

Our only Target time. Had I known we wouldn't get time to go back, I'd have done more damage.

Just as well I only managed one trip to Target eh? *covers eyes* 

I have a ton of posts to write, plus a week's worth of vlogging to edit. It'll be up asap but based on my current sleep/coma/wide awake at 4am schedule, I'm not putting any times on anything - they'll be ready when they're ready!

Red, swollen, itchy, puffy, sandpaper face. All good now though...

Apologies for the lack of posts this last week - I had every plan to keep up the daily blogging (If any of you noticed I had, until last week, blogged every day this year, a miracle for me!) and then last Saturday I had a horrible allergic reaction - source sadly still unknown* - and literally took to my bed dosed up on antihistamines. When I say 'dosed', I mean 'doped'. Hello Benadryl!
That was Saturday/Sunday, I flew out Monday, landed Tuesday and have been in said sleep/coma/wide awake situation since.

So thank you for your patience, regular service will resume imminently - as will a shedload of YouTube action. First I just have to be able to remain awake for more than 3 hours at a time.

*I'm all good now thank you - and yes I am dealing with the worsening allergy situation.


  1. Hello Caroline. I'll be interested to see what you brought back. When I came back from holiday in San Francisco 20 years ago my luggage was 70lbs overweight! Mainly 2nd hand books and magazines! Not a good start to my flight!

  2. Good to have you back! I hope you don't mind me asking, did you stay in a hotel or did you rent a place? I might be going on holiday to LA later this year, so any suggestions would be welcome. Hope your allergic reaction gets better soon :) x

  3. Hurrah! You're back :) really looking forward to seeing all the goodies you've brought back with you and it sounds like there's quite a few...

  4. Get back to normal then blog! You've been missed but great things come to those who wait! X

  5. Hello!!!! Welcome Back!!! We have missed you a lot!! Get well, sleep a lot, and then, Missus, it is time to start telling us all about your fab trip and all the goodies you brought back!!!!

  6. Get yourself feeling human again .welcome back cant wait to hear all about your travels !!!!

  7. Glad you are feeling better... Looking forward to see all the goodies you got from your travels. 😊

  8. Welcome back Caroline, hope you are fully recovered soon! Could you recommend a skincare brand that would be suited to myself, who has recently qualified as a facial therapist and starting my own business very soon?! Would love a recommendation from you :) x

  9. Glad to see something from you but look after yourself and take your time we won't mind (: x

  10. You have been missed. Very excited to see posts/videos about your purchases.
    Get better soon x

  11. I totally noticed you've blogged every day this year!!! I've been checking every day to see when you returned! *blushes*
    Glad you're all better. Ive been travelling to Peru 3x a year since I was a child (family) and have always found that getting out and about in the sun helps with jet lag. Though sometimes nothing beats giving in to bed. Haha.
    Welcome home :) 🏡 x

  12. I'm so, so happy you're back and can't wait for your uploads! Feel better :)

  13. Welcome home! I did the same when I was in your neck of the woods last year! I brought home a suitcase full of Emma Hardie and Bioderma and Barry M nail polish! And of course a bit of tea... Hope you had a lovely trip and got your fill of Target, or as we elegant ladies refer to it, " Tar- jchay" (said w snooty French-like accent!). Anyway good to have you back in the blogmousphere.

  14. Glad to have you back, we missed you! I'm hoping for some advice, I'm getting married in 4 months and if my skin could look half as radiant and clear as yours does I would be over the moon! I'm 24 with combination skin that gets easily congested, always dehydrated and prone to breakouts. It always looks dull and I get pigmentation after a breakout that lasts months. I'm not sure what im doing wrong!?

    Cleanser: Ceramic slip, elemental herbology harmonising cleansing oil, Emma hardie balm
    Toners: pixi glow, Liz Earle spritz
    Serums: Estée Lauder advanced night repair, good genes (3 x per week)
    Oils: Clarins blue orchid, Artemis
    Moisturisers: Zelens z matrix (am) Emma hardie rejuvenating night cream (pm)
    Treatments: skinceuticals 1% retinol (2x per week), omorovicza deep cleansing mask, bioessence sleeping mask

    Please help!! (Sorry for long post!)

  15. Ahh the bliss of coming home to your own bed! I would love a post/review on what you bought at Target! (and what you would have if you went back).

  16. Oh dear, changing allergies are such a pain! I sympathise *hugs*. Hope you are feeling good and have your energy back tout de suite!

  17. Great to see you back! You still look great, even when exhausted (I guess all that great skincare pays off!).

  18. Hello, as a fellow Unknown Allergy sufferer, I feel your pain. I'd be really interested to read how you deal with calming your skin, other than taking anti histamines. Paring everything right back is presumably the best way to go, but any insight into super comfortable lotions or potions would be much appreciated x

  19. So, the allergy was in London? Because I had awful hives the entire time.