Saturday, 22 August 2015

The Cult Beauty Box - Reveal No.2!

I'm SO excited for you all to see this box. The second sneaky peek into the skincare gloriousness is...

Skin Owl Eye+ 

The eagle-eyed amongst you will recognise this from my Instagram - this a relatively new find for me, but one that I've loved over the summer. It instantaneously de-puffs the area and is ridiculously soothing.

Tomorrow: THE PRICE REVEAL and number of full sizes. :)


Sign up for the wait list here:


  1. My apologies Caroline, but DEAR GOD!! I NEED this box!!!
    Can you tell us when is going to be available (this coming week. Please make it this coming week!!)

    Again. My apologies Caroline, but I'm like a four year old, the night before Christmas.....

  2. Omg, this will come just in time when I need a new eye cream!! Fingers crossed I'm going to get this box, and it's not going to be released when I'm in school (last box was released on my exam day)
    Your fan from California ;)