Monday, 3 August 2015

The Emma Hardie Protect & Prime SPF30 Winners are.....

Over 11,000 of you entered the Emma Hardie on the blog alone - without the entries on twitter and Instagram.

The winners, chosen completely randomly by Rafflecopter are:

Lyndsey Holt - UK
Thiago - New Zealand
Nora Krueger - Canada

Congratulations you three! You have email incoming. :)

Thank you to everyone that entered.

Check twitter and Instagram for their winners this afternoon. :)


  1. Hi Caroline I just want to ask you for your advice I am really really confused I have finally been to see my gp about my acne I have suffered since my teens and I am now 35 she said it was moderate to server hormonal acne I read your cheat sheet so declined her offer of antibiotics so She prescribed retinoids 0.1% at night and azelaic acid for day i have started to see improvements but my skin is now oily flakey and very sensitive anything else in terms of cleansers and moisturisers sting any suggestions?? Also I have brought an acid toner like you recommend if it's not stinging too much should I use it am or pm thank you for taking the time to read this I really hope you have done ideas x

  2. Hi Caroline please can you give me some much needed advice I am 35 and have suffered from acne since my teens I have finally given up and gone to my GP she said I have moderate acne I declined antibiotics (having read your cheat sheet) so was prescribed retinoids for night and azelaic acid for day I am a month in and starting to see improvements but now my skin is oily flacky and very sensitive every thing in terms of cleansers and moisturiser and sunblock really sting/burn do you have any ideas what I could use also I have brought an acid toner I have not used it yet but will if it does not sting too much but should I use it am or pm was not sure with my prescription stuff thank you so much for taking the time to read this I hope you have some suggestions for me x