Monday, 24 August 2015

The Perfume Society

If you aren't aware of them already, those of you that love fragrance should check out The Perfume Society. A must-read for all scent addicts, and a genuinely interesting read for those of you with just a passing interest, The Perfume Society has discovery boxes , award-winning online newsletters, and a fabulous Instagram.

Each box comes with scent strips, information on all the perfumes in the box and some added surprises.

You can buy the boxes as a one-off, buy a VIP membership for someone as a gift or just read their great articles like this one about the Top 10 fragrant Instagrammers to follow. :)


  1. Lovely post! This looks so exciting:) Josie xo

  2. Oh my god I NEED THIS! *jumps around excitedly* But they don't ship outside the UK :'(

  3. Nightmoth, check out Olfactif, Bergamot, Scent Trunk and Scent Bird. Those are better anyway because you get niche fragrances rather than designer schlepp like Versace that you can smell literally anywhere. I've been an Olfactif subscriber for almost 2 years. You get to smell and try well crafted boutique niche and independent perfumers' work that is oceans apart from hum-drum designer houses. You won't be disappointed. :)