Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Anne Semonin Atelier - Paris

About 12 years ago I had a two hour facial with Ewa Berkmann for Anne Semonin in Claridges. It was my second Anne Semonin facial at the time, and it was brilliant. No faff, thorough and intense.
When I mentioned in a video a while back that the Anne Semonin facial was the 'best I have ever had' - they got in touch and invited me to Paris - to meet with Ewa again. I nearly got whiplash again such was the speed that I replied.

The Atelier in Rue des Petits Champs is the original home of the Anne Semonin brand opening over 30 years ago.
I had the cryotherapy treatments for both face and body - and they did not disappoint.

If you are in Paris/travelling to Paris and are partial to a great treatment, I highly recommend you investigate the treatments available at Anne Semonin.

And if you're lucky enough to catch Ewa there, say hello from me. :)


  1. I am betting a facial in a Paris spa is way beyond the means of 90 percent of your readers.

    1. Not perhaps the thousands of readers that actually live there.

    2. @applepie Does that mean that those who might be interested should not have the information? I'm new to Caroline's blog, but so far, it seems as if there's a little something here for everyone. If one post is of no interest, the next one might just be the very thing you're looking for!

  2. Lovely piece. You're a genuinely good person Caroline. Thank you and god bless you and yours. Sweet dreams xxx

  3. Do you suggest the Beauty Globes for personal use?

  4. My Dear Husband keeps saying he wants to take me to Paris for our 25th Anniversary. Well it's come and gone. If he ever does manage to produce this holiday any time before our 26th, I think I will try to book a facial. I've never had a proper facial, only ones I've regretted after. Thanks for sharing this info with us. You really are the best!

  5. think the cliff house hotel in Waterford use this brand. Had never heard of it before. Might book me one soon now I know you rate it!

  6. I am planning a trip to Paris at the end of the year. How far in advance does one need to book a facial with Ewa? Thank you.

  7. Whoop whoop. This'll take the sting out of my back and forth to Paris next week if I can get myself an appointment!

  8. Hi Caroline,
    I am living in Paris until Christmas.
    I have oily combination acne-prone skin, which in the last 12 months has become very unclear -- uneven texture, lots of little uncoloured bumps all over, and cystic acne on my left cheek. I have seen 2 dermatologists. The most recent one prescribed 3 glycolic acid peels spaced two weeks apart (30%, 50%, then 70% concentration), which I did in July/August. They were quite expensive -- about 125 Canadian dollars each -- and I saw little to no results, except for a bit of brightness to the skin. That's nice if you already have nice skin and want to improve it even more, but for me it did not clear up my skin at all and obviously that's what I'm interested in. That dermatologist also prescribed suing a basic cleanser and moisturizer (she refused to recommend anything, so when I told her I had been using La Roche Posay Effaclar for both because the Clinique systems just don't work for me, she said "that's fine") with Finacea in the morning and Stieva-A (a retina-a prescription) at night. I may be seeing minor results, but honestly I have been seeing her since January and my skin still looks awful. The only thing that has been done well since last January by these doctors is being diagnosed with acne rosacea, which makes sense due to my skin type + rosacea runs in my family (my mom and grandmother have it, I am part Irish, etc.).
    What should I do? I feel very upset and hopeless about the situation. Nothing is working, and I am about to graduate and enter a very professional/corporate environment -- no one around me has these skin troubles. I don't wear makeup (just mascara, eyebrows, lipstick) and so that's not the problem. Plus, I have loads of skin allergies -- I have had severe allergic reactions to Chanel concealer, Dior moisturizer and bronzer that I bought for a high school graduation party years ago, putting olive oil on my hands to help with their severe dryness during harsh Canadian winters caused a two-week long severe allergic reaction, etc. These types of allergies and sensitivities make it difficult for me to try out products, because in addition to the already bad look of my skin I am worried I will have an allergic reaction.
    Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. I am studying abroad until Christmas, and when I return home I will be visiting 3 new dermatologists to see what they have to say. But in the meantime, I don't want to just sit and wait for results anymore that just aren't coming.
    Thanks again,