Monday, 28 September 2015

Bloody LOVE Autumn!

It suddenly occurred to me this weekend that I was back in 'the zone'. And by that, I mean that I was actually out of the funk that had been suffocating me in recent weeks and getting things DONE. I only managed a blog post on average every other day in September, whereas in August, it was literally twice as busy on here.

I don't know whether it was linked to the children going back to school, my PA going back to Uni (how rude), the end of the summer, or all three, but I didn't know whether I was coming or going for a few weeks there.

I started feeling better towards the end of last week, culminating in a three day clear-out at home.

This all got me thinking about how much I love the change of seasons - I tend to do this a few times a year - and in particular, what I love about autumn....
  • Weekends. My weekends are now family time only. I'm not panicking about blogging or social media anymore. I spent a little too much time this year being 'around' the kids but not 'present' if you know what I mean. I say that, but they have better social lives than us anyway - and are frequently out with their mates - which means I become a taxi service most Saturdays and leaves...
  • Sundays - I love Sundays all year round, but autumn and winter have their own unique 'feel'. I hanker down in the kitchen with my telly and literally potter all day. Clean/cook/do the washing/iron/read/sort - all day. Lovely. The house smells of Dettol and roast chicken. Which is much nicer than it sounds. you'll have to trust me.
  • A definite distinction between day and evening. During the summer months I would frequently catch myself sitting at the computer at 10pm. 'It's still light', I figured. No. Now I'm aiming to be done by 6pm. It's not easy, but I need the break from social and emails, even if it's for a few hours.
  • Stew and Roasts. As busy as everyone is, Sundays tend to be the day for family meals. Massive stews and huge roasts are my forte. And they take ages, which means I get to spend loads of time in the kitchen...
  • Cook books. New ones are always released at this time of year, and I buy them all. I very rarely actually use them, but I love reading them.
  • Telly - Strictly, Downton, Bond and Darling Buds of May. Ok that last one is not new, just my Sunday guilty pleasure.
  • Country music. As the weather gets colder, the country playlist gets updated and played on a loop. Poor Mr Hirons.
  • More gigs - that aren't festivals. With the exception of the C2C festival in March, I've outgrown festivals. If they're outdoors, it's usually raining, and frankly, the toilets are enough to keep me away for the rest of my born days. All festival toilets should be torched. And don't get me started on 'glamping'. No. Just no. Everyone starts properly touring in the Autumn and it's far more civilised for my snobby old arse.
  • Skincare switchouts! If you're changing your coats, you need to change your skincare. Obviously there will be more on that on the blog this month, in the meantime read this to keep you going
  • Clothing clear-outs. Everything that I didn't wear last autumn, or wore out over the summer, goes. I'm not sentimental about clothes. I have my wedding dress, Max's christening outfit - and that's it. Everything else is new (ish). Really old things make me itchy. One of my phobias. EEWWW.
    Over the last few days I have sorted out my wardrobe and half of the Mr's wardrobe - don't tell him that though - filling four black bin bags for charity.
  • New clothes! Jeans and jumpers and coats and macs and socks and SCARVES. Lush.
  • I also started the sorting of my makeup and skincare in my bedroom - if you saw this video with Sali Hughes you'll know that was no mean feat. I've kept to my one in, one out, policy and now have a lot of product/clothing and bedding for Give and Makeup. A lot. And to those of you asking what I do with all of the product in particular, it all gets given away to Refuge. I never do blog sales.
  • The kids room. If my children want anything new for Christmas they have to have a massive sort through of everything that can be given to charity by October/November. We've worked like maniacs for 25 years to make sure our children have more than we did, and they do, in abundance, but they are being raised knowing that there are plenty of children in need. If you want something, you have to work for it, and until you can work, mindful service for others is what we expect. (When did this turn into a parenting ramble?) I digress. Ava also had a huge sort and their room is now ready for autumn. Safe to say Ava is her mother's child. That child loves a black bin bag and some cleaning sprays. Thanks be to Jeebus.
  • Bedtime. Cosy, clean, bedding, fresh pyjamas, a mug of tea (or three) and a good book. It's a miracle I ever leave the room to be honest.
  • New books. I have a stockpile of new books to get through. And I cannot bloody wait.
What have I forgotten about?


  1. I too love Autumn, I fling open the door and breathe in that smell, yes Autumn has a smell! Love being cosy inside with huge slipper socks and my brushed cotton pjs (sexy I know!)

    Best of all Winter follows Autumn which means my favourite time of year..Christmas! 🎄🎅🏼

  2. Can't agree with you more, in Autumn the pressure is off for a while, I don't have to get into a swimsuit or bikini for so many months. The school rush has been and gone and I'm coasting it. I am leisurely buying Christmas presents. I am looking forward to the stodgy food that I love and as above getting into my jim jams. Love you Queen Hirons, dont change xxx

  3. As much as I love summer, I get excited every time the seasons change. I really need to get my clean outs done.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  4. Country walks! And of course the pub stop at the end of one...

  5. As an avid reader I wod love to hear what is on your to read list.

  6. All the above. And cracking out the woollies. I'm browsing for cashmere jumpers at the moment, feeling the need for soft snuggly stuff next to my skin.

    Also desperate for a recommendation for a skin protectant for use after moisturiser. I'm using jurlique calendula anti redness moisturiser shizz (can't remember exact name) which is keeping skin happy at the moment but feel like I'll need to step it up a bit in the near future. If anyone has any ideas/recs they'll be gratefully received.

  7. We are coming into Spring here in Australia, and while I despise the middle of summer, spring is lovely. I literally lolled about the cookbooks, I have shelves upon shelves of them, I love reading them, but rarely actually cook anything from them.
    The Beauty Bloss

  8. Love reading your blog Caroline. Got me cracking up while drinking my tea this morning LOL. The weather was so lovely last few days I'm lapping it up-I'm not one that enjoys Autumn unfortunately. I think I'm the minority. The looming darker and shorter days just make me depressed. When people say to me 'yay can't wait for Autumn' I think: weirdo LOLOL

  9. Great post! Love all these things as well! Change of seasons is amazing!

    Besides, I am really looking forward to that skincare update! Finally, it is the season
    we can focus on something other than sunscreen!

  10. Sorry, but I'm a real summer girl.... And thus Autumn is my most dreaded, hated season. I still can't accept that it won't be warm till next April (being optimistic), that I won't wear short clothes and sandals or sit outside....... That said, we've also had a massive clear out and given away tons of clothes and shoes to charity. Good idea about the Pre-Xmas clear out for the kids. I also constantly try to teach them that others are not so fortunate, but I will gladly add the pre-holiday season thing ;)
    And I'm looking forward to season-change skin advice, as my skin already feels pretty dry, even though I've amped up the HA and the oils.

  11. I bloody love YOU! Thank you for sharing your thoughts, your time, your KNOWLEDGE -that have changed my skin for good, finally- and for being YOU. It's always a pleasure to read you.

  12. Autumn is my favourite time of the year....although I love all the other seasons as well. I love the heat of summer (it can never get hot enough for me!), but start to get bored of it, then during Winter I love the cold and the snow (if we get snow), but again I get bored of it and start looking forward to Spring. :) My skin likes me more in the colder months though, I have oily skin and that is extreme during the warmer months so Winter is perfect for me!

  13. Fabulous, you say it so well!!! couldn't agree more!

  14. I love Autumn too. I especially love burning candles in the colder months. Right now it's Yankee Candle's Fireside Treats; it smells like marshmallows roasting over a camp fire.

  15. Love love love autumn !!! I can swap all my perfumes over for all those delicious woody/oudh/spicy scents that are my favourites... dig out all the lovely incensey ( is that a word !?) candles , slather my face and person in gorgeous oils and best of all put my lily white legs away in their opaque tights for another 6 months !

    Ahh bonfires ...cashmere gloves ....conkers and dinners that stick to your ribs .. what's not to love :-)

  16. I LOVE autumn too, oh and you forgot to mention candles! where are the candles on cold cosy evenings?! Already got my scarves out, can't wait. xx

  17. This is my favourite post to date. I totally agree with every single point you made -especially Sundays having a different feeling during this time of year. I adore the crisp blue sky days as well!

    Emily x

  18. Yes yes and yes!!! I adore Autumn most of all the seasons & for many of the reasons you so enthusiastically put!! I do like the clear out idea and I can see a roll of black bags accompanying me to the bedrooms in the very near future. I also have a bunch of books on my kindle that I'm dying to get my teeth into, if only I am awake enough come bedtime!! I also think it's time to add some new facial oils into the mix for the colder months.

  19. I love Autumn. Having lived in the Caribbean for many years it was great to have the seasons instead of two boring ones, wet and dry. I love the coziness, the clothes, like you say scarves, the heavier colognes, etc etc. Winter for me is also magical.

  20. Glad I'm not the only one who hoards cook books but scarcely uses them! Glad you're back in the zone.

    Amy x

  21. Glad to hear your back in the zone!! Autumn/Winter is my favorite time too...all the scarves, sweaters, boots and cold!! Except it's only cold from maybe November to March (if we are lucky and the gods are smiling on us) here in Florida. Yes the girl with the beaches and sun is whining. It's been raining since about mid June, and won't stop til November. Maybe.

  22. I love Autumn too!! I also love that you're into country music like us!!! :D xo

  23. I bloody love Autumn too (as much as I complain about being cold). Also love the fact that someone else appreciates country music as much as us!! :D xx

  24. Brilliant post, thanks Caroline - there is soooo much to look forward to! Could you share your country music playlist too please?

  25. I used to watch The Darling Buds of May all the time! Unfortunately, it's no longer being broadcast by our local PBS station (in Canada) so I'm going to have to try to find it on DVD or something.