Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Public Service Announcement - Pixi launch on QVC UK

Courtesy Matthew Carasella

This just in: tomorrow evening (Wednesday) at 8pm, during Alison Young's Beauty Night in, Pixi are launching on QVC UK.

Tune in to see what delights await you dear reader.

In the meantime, we can neither confirm or deny rumours that one or both of these women will be present.

Look how professional we are.

One thing's for sure. This week's vlog will be interesting. :)

*Pixi are one of my business clients. But they're on here because I want you to know about the availability on QVC, not because they pay for special treatment on the blog. I don't do that. As you know.


  1. Then hopefully I'll FINALLY be able to have a bottle of the lovely toner shipped to Denmark :)

  2. My husband laughs at me watching qvc beauty. I find it v relaxing! Will make him watch with me CE soir!

  3. I never watch QVC Live, but I did today. It was lovely seeing you on air.

  4. Any Americans out there who bought the Glow Tonic at Target? My skin is in awful shape, so it's going to have it's work cut out for it.

    Caroline, any interest in hosting an open post in about a month for us to comment on it?

  5. Hi Caroline - just wondering, as you have insider insight on the brand - what's up with the strong fragrance in this toner? Is it really necessary? Lovely product otherwise, but all that fragrance just seems odd given all the consumer awareness/knowledge nowadays.