Saturday, 3 October 2015

Bobbi Brown Extra Balm Rinse

Keeping with the cleanser theme, I am also enjoying this surprisingly thick balm from the Brown that is Bobbi. I have the tube version and am already convinced that it will be a permanent fixture in my travel bag. I'm investing in the tub purely because we all know how enamoured I am with a big fat pot of cleanser.

What is it?
'This conditioning cleanser with a uniquely rich feel removes all traces of makeup and impurities quickly and completely. Leaves skin with a smooth, cushiony finish, and feeling instantly refreshed (thanks to its bright citrus scent).'
A thick, luxurious balm cleanser for the rest of us. :)

Who is it for?
All skin types but particularly suited to those with a drier or dehydrated skin.

What’s in it?
Glycerin, Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil, Limonene, Polyglyceryl-10 Behenate/Eicosadioate, Glyceryl Behenate/Eicosadioate, Polyglyceryl-3 Beeswax, PEG-10 Sunflower Glycerides, Glyceryl Stearate SE, Citrus Aurantium Dulcis (Orange) Oil, Polydecene, Beta Carotene, Potassium Stearate, Benzyl Alcohol, Linalool, Anise Alcohol, Citronellol, Aminomethyl Propanediol

Possibly acne/allergy/troubling for some ingredients?
essential oil

Natural? Organic? Man made? Vegan?
Bit of both. And contains beeswax, so not vegan.

Tested on animals/sold in China?

What's not in it?
mineral oil
synthetic fragrance

How do you use it?
A number of ways. As a mask on particularly dry skin or as a cleanser. Whether you use it as a first or second cleanse in the evening, or a morning cleanse, this absolutely needs a face cloth to remove. There's no splashing here.

What’s good about it?
I like the consistency. It cleanses very well, removes makeup well and is a great massage cleanser. It gives good grip and very little slip. :) The glycerin and olive oil are a good, softening, removal team.

What’s not so good about it?
It's possibly too thick for really oily/acne skins, but the lack of shea butter and mineral oil means I wouldn't rule it out entirely.

Where to use in your routine?
As above, AM or PM and first or second cleanse.

Similar products?
Emma Hardie, Alpha-H, Elemis, Suti, Balance Me, OSKIA and REN all make similar products.

Sizes available?
50ml - £20.00
200ml - £45.00

*I am asked after nearly every post why I mention China and the answer is thus: in its simplest form, animal testing is banned in the EU and has been for years, but the Chinese authorities 'reserve the right' to test any product sold in China on animals to ensure safety for the Chinese people. It's outdated and unnecessary and a lot of brands are working behind the scenes to change their minds. So whilst a brand may be against testing, the wider thinking is that if they sell in China, they are endorsing testing 'where required by law'. That's why I mention China.


  1. Hmm, was leaning toward Body Shop Camomile cleansing balm, but I love how Bobbi's stuff feels and smells. I've tried neither, and want a cleansing balm that doesn't sting the eyes, can be used am or pm, and doesn't smell like rose. Don't ask me why- love the smell of Diptyque's balm but I don't love the rose smell all over my face. Weird I know.

    1. I personally wouldn't use TBS as a morning cleanse, it's a really effective make up removal but because I have combination skin it can be quite heavy even as a second cleanse... It doesn't stink my eyes and is a much cheaper option than BB of course!

    2. I 💗💗💗💗the camomile balm and oil cleansers (balm mostly). Currently using the Clinique Take the Day Off and think Body Shop one is actually better particularly with mascara!

  2. I have very dry skin so this sounds perfect for me!

    Lauren x |

  3. Hi Caroline!
    I have it and I love it too! I have super sensitive and dehydrated skin and this balm is really comfortable and effective. But because of the strong lemon scent, I can't use it on my eyes, it's too irritating, and it's clearly stated on the packaging "keep entirely clear of eye area". So I need a first cleanse for the eyes before using that balm.
    I also just wanted to say Hi from French Canada. I always spend quality time on your blog or watching your videos.

  4. I love this cleanser! I love how the glass pot looks and always complained that I couldn't take it with me when travelling. I tried the tube one and had a bit of trouble squeezing it out sometimes but I liked having the option so I used to keep it in the bathroom and use it after a shower so that it was a bit softer and easier to get out!

  5. Hi Caroline! I am so glad that you mentioned this cleansing balm. It is my favorite and have been using it for years!

  6. I want to samather this all OVER my face !!! As a beauty therapist with keen interest in skin - I love your your tube channel and now read your blog (a1st for me to this blog world )
    love your content 💋❤️ Thank you girl xx