Sunday, 4 October 2015


Reunion with my favourite Lady. 
So this week is a long one, sorry. Get a cup of tea. It's beauty-tastic at the end.

Zoe and Alfie as waxworks - a reunion with Ruth, my current reading selection and a huge drawer sort-through of my moisturisers.

Next week I have a couple of PAs, a Little Big Town gig and I'm going to try and spy behind the scenes at QVC again. :)

Have a great week everyone.


  1. Ooof you've motivated me to get up and clean.

    And try out that Una Brennan night cream.

    And finally donate a big pile of clothes to Women's Aid. It's been sitting in my car boot for two weeks. They're gonna smell now. Shit.

  2. I worked 6 days as a nurse at a well known children's hospital each day being 12.5 hours long not including travel and having a little me time this morning watching your video with a large coffee is just what I needed to get me going today to do the big shop!! Love you Caroline!!!

  3. Hello! Thank you for your vid! (LOVE your nails, btw!)
    Quick question re the Paula's choice retinol... I just started this one (actually it's my first retinol too). How often would you recommend using to begin with? (I have scarily sensitive skin.)
    Thanks so much.

  4. This week I worked 6 days as a nurse in a well known children's hospital in London each shift being 12.6 hours not including travel but watching you with a large coffee s morning has given me the get up and go to do the big shop when all I want to do is lounge in my PJ's! Love you!

  5. Just watching your week makes me feel tired! By the way, the George Clooney waxwork was nowhere near gorgeous enough but I agree that Morgan Freeman was scarily good! Love the vlogs - looking forward to the next one.

  6. Hello, quick question if possible. The Zelens SPF, would it be suitable for oily skin because I have annoying melasma and need constant protection under make up but struggle to find one that doesn't make me really shiny after about an hour?

    1. Personally I wouldn't recommend it for oily skin - its very rich. I have combo skin prone to clogged pores but this clogged my pores like never before. It definitely made me look shiny / oily and gave me clogged pores (closed comedones) which I could not remove on my own. They were very large and my skin was noticeably bumpy for weeks until I went to my esthetician who had to use a lancet to extract them.

  7. Thanks for a lovely video, I really enjoy to see what you're up to every week. I have a request for a post. You've mentioned that ppl spend to much on their moisturisers and should spend more on a serum. But I also think you have mentioned a couple of creams that you use basically as serum. So I was wondering if you could expand on that, on creams that you find have very active ingredients and could perhaps replace the serum step, at least a couple of days a week. Some nights, I can't be bothered doing the whole thing...

  8. Hi Caroline

    I've only just discovered your blog and I have to say I love it. I've spent a lot of time going over old blog posts to try and figure out what to do with my skin but I was wondering if you could
    give me some advice?

    I have very oily/dry combo skin and I have terrible hormonal acne on my jawline and neck and forehead. I'm currently pregnant and in my previous 2 pregnancies my skin became clear for the first time ever but not this time. I also have old pregnancy melasma and scarring from picking (sorry)
    I currently use the Liz Earle cleanser, toner and light moisturiser along with Estée lauder advance night repair and eucerin hyaluron filler night cream and eye cream (worried about wrinkles along with my acne now too) I also use ren clear calm mask once a week.
    Since reading back through your blog I have decided to try the following:

    EH cleansing balm - is this ok to use morning and night?
    P50 toner
    Hydraluron from boots
    Fish oil supplement (if I'm allowed to take while pregnant)

    Please could you recommend a day and night cream and mask for me? I'm willing to spend the money to get it right this time. I would be so grateful for a reply

    Many thanks

  9. Hi caroline, loving the blogs. I use retin a nightly but, despite using it for years now and using oils alongside it, I still get dry patches and I worry I will give myself premature lines from the dryness. What do you recommend to compliment the retin a?

  10. I loved this weeks vlog! Ruth is also one of my favourites and baby A is just gorgeous. (I hope you got some baby snuggles!)
    Your moisture skincare run through is perfect timing as the weather is turning on us and I have found my skin quite dehydrated. Happy to go scour the Internet and find some deals on a much needed moisture boost.
    Have a good week, Caroline!

  11. You know what I felt like death when I got up today, I have RA and felt like I'd been kicked the crap out of all night long. So a hot shower, coffee (lots of), drugs (ditto), & your video on my phone while I did my skincare routine & I was feeling so much better. I really enjoy seeing all the things you get up to during a week & eagerly look forward to your uploads as well as the blog posts. Thanks for making my morning better :) x

  12. Yay for the Chanel creams! I used to use the Hydra Beauty Gel Creme but then switched to other stuff... however that smell is GORGEOUS so you mentioning it just gave me an excuse to go get another pot. Yum.
    Thanks for the moisturisers overview, I'm in need of a new one (KS Goatmilk cream running out nooo), so I might get the Nude as well... or the Bed Time Beauty Boost! Aaaargh why can't I just get everything.
    I'm also really curious about what you think of Clinique's new "Smart" creams range...

    Love that you use Aesop oils, the Damascus Rose one is amazeballs. And I've just run out after nearly 2 years!

    You know I'm sitting here at my laptop with my nose right up against the screen trying to identify every product in the video LOL