Sunday, 18 October 2015


This was a weird week. I wasn't feeling great for some of it so hopefully that's going to sod off this coming week. 
Thank you, as always, for watching and see you next week!

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  1. You lead a very privileged life and yet you still complain. That makes me sad. Hair done, concerts, shopping in expensive stores, a box of serums that cost enough to feed a family for months. Enjoy your life but honestly the moaning is just abit much.

    1. Applepie. If you think I am unaware of my privilege you do not know me at all. People complain when they don't feel well. I don't understand why you watch. You've complained before. Also: you think all this just fell into my lap? I work my arse off. I've been working for 31 years. And I don't judge others. YOUR moaning is just a bit much.

    2. Well Well how rude!! Caroline you have changed my life you make me smile every week with your vlogs.. Don't ever stop! Someone who loves Dettol like me is my biggest fan ­čśś. Love you Hirons (Lady) xxxx

    3. I came here specifically to leave you a message Caroline after watching your video yesterday morning while getting ready (my guilty or not ;) morning pleasure). I read the first comment as I scrolled down and was absolutely gobsmacked!!! How utterly rude.
      I was actually coming to tell you how much I admire you and how much I enjoy your vlogs because in them we not only get a peek into the fabulous things you get to do for your job but also because we get a peek into your very normal everyday family life. You are an absolute inspiration to any woman who wants to both work and raise a family & you show us all that it is totally possible if not totally knackering, but you do it, you own it!! Whether it's the 'big shop', a serum stash, a cleaning spree or you getting your hair done for an event, I totally enjoy immersing myself in a snippet of your life.
      You work so damn hard yet you still make time for us, the readers who do take the time to get to know you & for that I for one am very grateful.

  2. Hi Caroline,

    I love your blog and I know you can't possibly answer everyone. I am 54 and was a California beach bunny long ago. I take great care of my skin and my face looks good. What gives me away is my d├ęcolletage. Any miracle products?

  3. Another fab vlog .. these are fast becoming part of my weekend treats along with proper marmalade on toast, a lie in and Sunday afternoon films .. things I start looking forward to at about 8am on a Monday !

    I'm with you Amy's shoes are fascinating not spooky .. its reminder to us all how fragile life is and how it can be whipped away when you aren't planning on it so make the most of it !

    Really really hoping these are going to be here to stay and not a limited edition xx

  4. Nasty comment from someone who's applepie I will never taste! Never mind, ignore. My first post, but been following forever - the Fab Four: Ruth, Anna, Lilly and of course the wonderful and indefatigable Hirons! Such a hoot the four of you are. Love the vlogs the most. A sneak peak into others' lives that always seems to be much more interesting, charming, fascinating than our own. But, I know the real truth....a bit of ooomph, lots of hard work, and put on a good face! Love you all from Canada!

  5. Love you, Caroline. Love your great sense of humor and thanks for all, xxx

  6. Anyone who makes me smile in these depressing times has my you have mine Mrs.Hirons.
    As for moaning, every single one of us thinks differently about everything= even if it is an agreement....
    To cut a long ramble short (I'm good at rambling!) =If we don't like what we are reading or listening to we can use the OFF button ?!