Friday, 20 November 2015

La Mer Facial Winners

The Winners of the La Mer facial experiences are:

Urban Retreat, Harrods - Marlene Joergensen
The five regional winners are:
Lynne O'Neill
Christine Griffiths
Siona McKay

You have email Ladies! Congratulations!

Thank you again La Mer. 


  1. Dear Miss Hirons,
    I think I may have won the main prize, but I didn't realise until I checked your blog. (Not many share my name - Marlene Stenschke Joergensen here) I checked your blog AFTER I had cleared out my junk mail of the day, so I'm terrified I might have actually deleted something VERY IMPORTANT without even knowing :( I feel epically daft! May I ask you to re-send the e-mail?

  2. Hi there
    I believe I am a regional winner but no sign of an e mail as yet

    1. I got mine yesterday afternoon! Hopefully you got yours too :D

  3. Hello,
    I received an email saying I am a winner and will have a luxury facial at Harrods but on your list it says I am a regional winner and I thought that was winning a facial at a flagship store, like Howells in Cardiff? So sorry about the confusion. Also, thank you so much for this opportunity. I am so grateful to be selected as a winner.